Crazy, Stupid Ishq ( twinj, ravni, yuhi, ragia ) Episode 16


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Raghav is taking rest as he isn’t well and sia places the wet cloth on his forehead
Sia falls asleep later on and Raghav wakes up to find sia sleeping peacefully and smiles
Raghav’s pov :
Pushpa though it’s just been an while after we met but the way u r taking care of me it seems like we know each other since centuries
The way u r , ur smile everything invites me in
I feel so relaxed when u are with me
Oh freak no raghav what’s wrong with u.. u love saloni..yes its only her u love
He gets up and walks away
Sia gets up at once as she hears someone yelling
She runs to the boxing practice room to find raghav already there practising and kabir giving her an death glare
K : may I know where had u been ?
S : sir I was with raghav
K : so what is he doing here
S : sorry sir I was too tired and ie may be I fell asleep
Extremely sorry sir
K : enough !!!
U seem to be not serious regarding the championship
I want u to win at any cost
S : yes sir
K : now go and practice

Sia takes her boxing gloves and stares at raghav giving him an angry look
Sia’s pov
Couldn’t he just wake me up as he was leaving
I gave up my practice as he wasn’t well so that I could take care of him and he , agh he just never cares
She goes and starts hitting the punching harder
K : good going sia
Harder much harder .. u can do it
Looking at kabir praising sia raghav too starts hitting punching bag more intensely
Now both are in the ring for an match
Both come forward and greet each other
Sia starts hitting him while raghav defends himself
Kabir leaves as he has some urgent work
Now raghav starts hitting her while sia defends herself but all at once she stamps the lays of her sports shoes and is about to fall but raghav holds her in arms
They are very close their nose rubbing each others
Romantic tune from humse hai life plays
They come to their senses and raghav drops her down
S : ouch!!! y did u even hold me when u had to drop me down
R : my wish . He leaves leaving sia puzzled

Raj reaches home and everyone welcome him
Raj feels very delighted
He asks avni to come in but she resists
Raj comes to her and holds her hand
They both walk in and avni keeps staring at raj lovingly and both leave hands
Ra : if I am here before u all its just because of avni , she saved me
My bestie
A : namaste aunty ( joining her hands )
Raj’s mom : namaste beta .thank u so much avni beta for saving my raj
A : no aunty .. raj saved my life by risking his.. I should be thankful to u all
Ra : even u saved mine
Raj’s mom : ok fine u both saved each others . Now don’t argue
A : so now let me leave
Ra : y this soon
Raj’s sis coughs in a teasing manner
Ra : I mean to say .. u r our guest right
So come in .. at least have something and then leave
A : no its ok .. I’ll come some other day
Ra : ok then fine I won’t speak to u
A : Raj!!
Ra : wt?
Raj’s mom : raj is right avni beta
Stay for some time
A : ok then I’ll stay for some time
Raj gets happy and shouts
Ra : yes
Everyone keep staring at him
Ra : I mean to say ..yes then come in please
Avni gives him an death glare
Raj holds her hand and runs towards his room
They both get into his room
Ra : so this is my room
A : wow this is so beautiful
Ra : u liked it
A : I loved it .. I wish this was my room
Ra : even I wish the same (lost in her)
A : wt ? (Surprised)
Raj gets into his senses
Ra : I mean to say this is urs as well
A : wt ?
Ra : a aaa I mean to say is that we are besties
A : so ?
Ra : ie y jo tera hai vo mera hai aur jo mera hai vo tera.. ya that’s what I meant
A : oh I get it now
Raj gives an sign of relief
Avni’s pov:
When he said me that it was mine as well I felt so happy within in a belief that somewhere even he loves me
unlucky me . I can’t even express my feelings in a fear of losing him
Raj’s pov :
I wish I could tell u that I am so crazy for u .. I love u more than myself
I am scared if I tell u about it then I would lose u forever
It would be the end of mine
Both throw an fake smile on each other
Soch na sake plays

Uv buys something and cashier asks for the payment
He puts his hand into his pocket only to go find his wallet gone missing
Mahi comes to the cashier and pays his bill
Uv : thanks I’ll pay u back later
M : it’s ok I don’t want. . U helped me many a times and I couldn’t even tell u thanks in a right manner
Take this as a return gift
Uv : but
Mahi cuts him short
M : friends? ( she forwards her hand )
Uv hand shakes with hers
Uv : friends (smiling)
Both share an sweet smile
M : so let’s celebrate
Tomorrow let’s go out for some movie
Deal ?
Uv : deal
M : ok then bye
Uv : bye
Both walk in opposite direction and smile to themselves
ishq bulava plays

Twinj get back to the hill top and leave to their houses in their respective vehicles
They both reach to their rooms and smile recalling their moments together
Twinkle gets an call from kunj
T : hi kunj ? Y did u call me ?
K : get ready in 20 minutes , I’ll pick u up
T : where are we going?
K : surprise .. just get ready
T : ok then
She cuts the call and kisses her phone
Twinkle wears an pink frock and matching accessories
She looks stunning as always
She praises herself looking at the mirror and passes an flying kiss
Kuch to hua hai plays
Kunj calls her
k : come down I am already here
T : coming
Twinkle comes to the hall and is about to leave but leela comes to her
L : Twinkle putter kahan jaa rahi Ho?
T : maa am going out with my friends
L : ok then come back soon
T : ok maa love u.. bye
Twinkle gives a peck on her cheeks and leaves
Leela smiles
Kunj is waiting for Twinkle
He is wearing a white shirt with is open upto his chest and black trousers, black shoes and looks absolutely hot
Finally his eyes fall on her coming towards him
He is lost in her
Twinkle comes close to his ears and whispers
T : it’s ok I know I am looking beautiful
Now shall we leave
Kunj comes to his senses
K : sure my love
Twinkle blushes
Kunj opens the door for her

Credit to: Sanam

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