Crazy, Stupid Ishq ( twinj, ravni, yuhi, ragia ) Episode 15


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Ragia are practicing hard for the competition
Kabir is also in
Raghav feels dizzy while hitting the punching bag and it hits him back and he falls down
S : Raghav g! !!!
She is about to go to him but is stopped by Kabir
K : let him be u do ur practice
S : sir but
K : I said leave
Sia goes to the punching bag but her concentration is on Raghav
Kabir stops the punching bag
K : wt r u doing Sia? Concentrate
Raghav is still lying on the floor unconscious and his lips are bleeding
S : sorry sir but I can’t let Raghav like that
She goes to him and sprinkles water on his face
He gains a bit of consciousness
She helps him get up and makes him sit on an chair
Sia cups his face
S : r u fine ?
Raghav looks at her in surprise as she had cupped his face
He nods in an yes
And Sia awkwardly takes her hand back
K : now if u both are done with drama then get back to practice
Raghav gets angry but Sia calms him down by holding his hand
Ragia start their practice again
Raghav feels dizzy again but Sia runs to him and Holds him and makes him sit and offers him an glass of water
Sia checks his temperature and finds that he has fever
S : sir Raghav g has fever
K : so ?
S :he can’t practice. He needs rest
K : doesn’t matter he should know how important this competition is
S : it can never be important than his life
Raghav is touched by her words and stares her lovingly
Jo tu mera humdard plays
Sia takes him from there
Kabir stares at them angrily as they leave
Sia takes him to the rest room and makes him lie down
She dips the cloth in cold water and places it on his forehead
Raghav stares at her tensed face lovingly
Tumse hi from jab we met plays

Mahi is lost in uv’s thoughts
He hitting the guys badly to save her
All of sudden she bumps into someone and falls but the person holds her in arms
He is none other than uv ..She stares at him lovingly
Baat ban gayi plays
Uv lifts her up and leaves her
She is still lost in him and uv snaps hos finger b4 her eyes
Uv : can’t u see and walk ?
M : ah vo actually. .. yes even u cd have seen
Uv : u r just impossible! !!
He leaves and Mahi stares at him lovingly as he leaves
Mahi’s pov
Wts wrong with me ? Y do I keep thinking about of him ?
She recalls their first meet
Fb is shown
Mahi with her friends at food counter
Mahi goes to have an ice cream
She collides with an person and her cone ice cream falls down
his face is shown He is none other than uv
Uv : sorry actually
B4 he could speak anything more Mahi takes his cone ice cream and pins it to his nose
They both stare at each other angrily and leave
Fb ends
Since then I always had fights with him
I never wished to see his face
Then y do I feel good now when he is around …am I ?
Is this love plays and Mahi smiles to herself

Raj is sleeping. . Avni comes to him and wakes him up
Ra : bus 5 more min
A : no get up
Ra : Avni plZ
Avni gets an glass of water and splashes it on his face
Raj gets up at once but feels pain as his hand is hurt
Avni caresses his hand and raj looks at her lovingly
Ra : I love u
A : wt?
Ra :I love u yr the way u take care of me
U r such an bestie
Avni smiles but is hurt inside
Avni’s pov
I wish u wd say me I love u but not as an friend
Raj I love u so much … I wish my love was not one sided
Raj’s pov
Avni I love u so much yr but am scared that I might lose u if I tell this to u .. u might be hurt after getting to know this
I wish my love wasn’t one sided
Avni makes him walk with his hand wrapped around her neck and her hand around his waist
Saiyara plays
They both come towards avni’s car
Avni makes him sit in front and comes close to him as she makes him wear the seat belt
They both share an eye lock
Raabta plays
She goes to the drivers seat and starts d the car and both leave

@hill top
Kunj goes to his car to drive home but twinkle stops him
T : chalo let’s have an ride in my pulser
K : but
T : I know u r very disturbed with wt happened
Just forget that , I know u will never ditch me
This is all mystery man’s plan
She holds his hand
T : I promise I will never doubt on ur character
No matter wt happens I will always be with u
Kunj smiles
Twinkle sits on her pulser and Kunj sits behind
She rides it .. cool breeze flows by them and they enjoy the ride
T : Kunj u know wt, u r the 1st person to sit on back of my pulser .. nor have I ever let that uv sit
Twinkle applies brakes as she sees an pani puri stall
Twinj have pani puris
Twinkle wipes side of his mouth with her hand and so does he
Both smile at each other
Tujko Jo paya plays

Mystery man is in her room and tears twinkle’s pic in anger
Maya’s pov
I will not let u stay in peace twinkle .. This is ur simi’s promise

Precap : Maya’s/simi’s evil plans and other lots to happen

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Credit to: Sanam

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