Crazy, Stupid Ishq ( twinj, ravni, yuhi, ragia ) Episode 14


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Recap : twinj judai

Raghav is walking towards gym when he sees some guys passing ill comments on sia
Guy : oh wow so this lady is gonna do pushups
All laugh
Raghav comes and boxes him hard that the guy falls on the floor
The others get hold of Raghav and sia shouts for help
Raghav frees himself and starts punching them hard but they hold him again and the guy starts hitting him
He is about to hit him with an rod but feels an hand resisting him
It’s none other than sia
She pushes the rod down and starts punching him hard
Raghav frees himself and starts punching the others
They all run and ragia smile at each other and share an high five

Uv is busy reading some novel in the library
Mali enters .. she gets one novel and sits opposite to Uv
Uv sees her and then ignores
M :hi
Uv turns back and signs me
She says yes
Uv : hi
He continues reading the novel
M : thank u
Uv : did u have good sleep the previous night ?
M : am telling an thanks as u saved me that day
Uv :wasn’t that too early?
M : (frustrated speaks loudly ) k fine I

Librarian signs her to stay quite
Mahi speaks in low tone
M : k fine I agree it’s late but then after raj went missing
He cuts her short
Uv : it’s k (with attitude)
Mahi smiles at him as he reads the novel
Bahaara plays
She imagines her dancing with him with the spotlights on them
She is brought to her senses by the librarian
L : it’s already time u can leave now
Mahi recognised that she was day dreaming and finds Uv already gone and leaves

Raj is trying to get up from the bed
Avni comes to him and helps him
She keeps staring at her lovingly
She snaps her fingers b4 his eyes and he gets back to his senses
Raj smiles at himself
Avni gives him the medicines he but feels it difficult to pour water on glass
She does it for him
She makes him eat medicine and makes him drink water
He eyes her lovingly
tu soch naa sakhe plays
Avni makes him lie down and caresses his head

Twinkle recalls kunj with another girl in the hotel
He recalls his words that someone hit him and that she sent him the text to meet at parking lot
T : this is weird. .. I didn’t send kunj any text
She recalls her seeing kunj serving the ppl
My heart doesn’t believe it that u will betray me kunj
Twinkle gets into thinking
The text by the mystery man asking her to cme to the hotel
The hotel’s room door kept open
Kunj telling that he got an text from her

T : oh dammit I get it now
This was all an plan by the mystery man to separate me and kunj
Y do he’ll wd sm1 keep d room door open if they r…
Forget twinkle got to call kunj
She calls kunj .. His phone rings in the room and maxi picks it up
T : hello kunj
M : it’s me mahi. . Bro left his phone
T : give him the phone I need to speak to kunj
M : but Bro isn’t at home

T : wt ? Where has he gone
M : idk.. He wasn’t there wn I came back home
Twinkle cuts the call
M : wts wrong with twinkle. .n y was she so tensed .. I hope everything is fine
Oh god !!! plz Bro come back soon
Twinkle rushes to her pulser and leaves
T : kunj where are u plz come back
She accelerates the pulser
Kunj is at the hilltop and recalls his moments with twinkle and gets teary eyed
Twinkle I just can’t imagine my life without u
If u think that am an betrayer then I deserve an punishment for it
He starts walking towards the edge
Maya is also there and smiles
Maya thinks

Twinkle u will now know the real pain
When ur lover dies the way u planned to kill me
Twinkle sees kunj’s car parked and is shocked as it’s the same place where she lost her friend
She rushes to the hilltop
Kunj is at the edge
Twinkle sees him and runs to him
She recalls the childhood incident as she runs to kunj
He jumps and twinkle dives and gets hold of his hand
Kunj opens his eyes and finds twinkle holding his hand tight
Twinkle tries her best and pulls him up
Twinkle hugs him tightly
Kunj hugs her back .. Both share an passionate hug
Maya sees them and leaves angrily

Twinkle breaks the hug and holds his hand and fastens her steps towards his car
She leaves his hand at once
T : wt d hell were u doing kunj ? I had almost died seeing u jump
I can’t afford to lose u
Twinkle gets teary eyed
K : I thought I had lost u
Twinkle places her hand on his mouth
T : I will never leave u kunj .. am sry for doubting u
Sm1 had planned all this to separate us
I have already lost an precious gem of mine at the same spot and in the same way
I wd have died if I wd lose u too
I love u
Kunj wipes her tears
K : I love u too
Both share an passionate hug

Precap : ravni return home and mahi realises her feelings for Uv

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