Crazy, Stupid Ishq ( twinj, ravni, yuhi, ragia ) Episode 13


Extremely sorry for the d worst recap ever for my previous episode
It’s better I don’t use shortcuts or else my dictionary will do all sorts of nonsense as it made avni as availability and mysteryman as mystery and all other nonsense 🙁

Recap : twinkle gets an childhood pic of her and simi and cries
She is called to some place by mystery man Maya

Twinkle reaches to an hotel
She enquires to receptionist about room no 408
She hurries to the room
She finds an tag around it’s handle
Don’t disturb !!!
Twinkle moves the handle and the door opens and enters in and is shocked at wt she sees
Kunj with another girl on bed sleeping peacefully in each others arms
Twinkle is taken aback and runs out crying bitterly
She recalls her moments with Kunj
Jo beji thi dua plays

She walks to her car and drives it off

The girl calls maya and says the work is done
She cuts the call and maya laughs evilly
Kunj gains consciousness and finds himself on the bed .. He looks around and finds no one
Kunj thinks where am I ? Which is this place
Kunj gets down and leaves

Maya thinks u were an betrayer
I thought we were best friends but u broke my trust
Y did u do this twinkle
An fb is shown of the childhood
At hilltop twinkle and simran playing hide and seek
Twinkle hides while simi tries finding her
She was blindfolded
She reaches to the edge
Twinkle sees this and runs to her and simi falls down
Fb ends
U tried to kill me by pushing me from the cliff
Ur simi is dead but Maya is alive
An fb is shown
Simi is badly hurt , some person comes to her nd taken to the hospital
Her plastic surgery is done
Fb ends
On the hand twinkle in her room thinks
Y is all this happening to me
The ppl I had loved the most
I lost them all
1st simi and now kunj
Simi I wish I could save u
The actual fact Is that twinkle runs to simi to save her but simi/maya thinks that twinkle pushed her down while trying to save her
Twinkle’s mom leela comes to twinkle and takes her from there

Twinkle holds her pic and cries badly and recalls the hotel incident
She gets an call
She sees the caller ID as kunj
She cuts the call
She gets the call again
She picks it up
T :y have u called me ?
K : wt do u mean by that? N y do I feel u r tensed regarding something? Tell me wt happened
T :so u want me to tell u everything ha ?
K : wt do u mean ?
T : don’t act innocent now … I got to know ur truth
I saw u with that girl on bed .. u kept fooling me since long
Kept playing with my emotions. .. I don’t even want to see ur face
K :no twinkle this is all an misunderstanding
Idk how I got there .. I swear
U called me to the parking lot and then when I reached there sm1 hit me on my head and I fainted and then when I woke up I found myself on the bed but no one Was around
T : just stop it kunj .. how much will u lie
I never called u to the parking lot … and just stop this drama
I won’t let u play with my emotions anymore
She cuts the call
K : hello twinkle .. hello
He sees the call cut
He falls down on his knees and cries badly
Even twinkle is crying badly
Jeena jeena plays

He takes Twinkle’s pic from the drawer and cries recalling his moments with her
Kunj thinks twinkle I can’t live without u plz come back to me
Twinkle thinks
Am never gonna come back to u
U r an betrayer
U broke my heart ..y did u do this ? Y ?

On the other hand avni is making raj drink soup
He looks at her lovingly as she feeds him
Ra : hoe is ur Bro?
Avni gets teary eyed
A :my so sry raj that I didn’t trust u
Bro told me everything that it was his fault that he came in between all of sudden
M so sry
Raj clears avni’s tears and cups her face
Ra : it’s K avni I understand. .
He makes her drink soup nd both smile

Precap : kunj goes to hilltop from where simi fell and died and goes towards the edge to jump

Will twinkle get to know of truth or will lose her love forever ?
Hope u guys liked it and Plz do comment
Sry if any grammatical errors found
Wishing u an very happy holi once again .. luv u all

Credit to: Sanam

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  1. m soooooooo sorry sanam i coudnt comment…bt ur ff is just splendidddddd…love u…muah..

  2. Seriously no words for ur ff,but the precap is damn scary pls don’t let kunj die

  3. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Again scary precap. But nice freaking episode.

  4. nice sanam bt short epi and plz reveal the truth soon

  5. its so emotional…

  6. Aww so sad but awesome…..

  7. Awesome episode

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  9. so good but precap is scary

  10. Epi was fantastic bt precap is very much dangerous & i want 2 say smthng plz dont feel bad ….bt y u dont write on ragia & yuhi love story

  11. Omg suberb

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