Crazy, Stupid Ishq ( twinj, ravni, yuhi, ragia ) Episode 11 THE MYSTERY MAN! !!


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Raj is running all around in the maze trying to find avni
Ra : avni can u hear me ?
Just 20 more minutes to go
He stops for an while and runs again
Finally he loses his temper and kicks hard on the floor and falls down into some room
He sees avni there and gets overjoyed
Avni gets happy seeing him
Avni is chained to the chair
Raj looks around to find something to cut open the chain
He finds an rod and goes to her and frees her
He holds her hand and try to climb up
3 more mins left
Raj helps avni to climb up and asks her to run
Avni offers her hand
A : M not gonna go without u .. give me ur hand
Ra : avni run
A : no
Raj with no alternative gives his hand and avni pulls him up
Raj holds avni’s hand and runs
Avni’s heels break down and she gets an sprain
An min more
A : Raj I can’t walk .. u go
Raj takes avni in his arms and runs
She looks at him lovingly
30 secs
Raj finds the way out and runs towards it
He places avni down she trieng to stand with her one foot up
Raj breaks the door and pushes avni out and she falls on the ground
The bomb explodes and avni covers her face at once and looks back to find maze burning down with the deadly fire
Avni shouts Raj! !!!!
She tries her best to run towards the maze with one leg and sees Raj badly hurt fallen beneath the pillar
Avni manages to go him and kneels down and tries pushing away the pillar
With her fault efforts and finally succeeds
She gets Raj out by pulling his Hand
She places his head on her lap and cries
A : Raj plz get up .. Raj get up plz
She checks his nerves and finds him alive
She gently places his head down and walks with difficulty
And reaches Sm village and asks d villagers for help
They cm to Raj and carry him to an hut
Raj is being treated and avni sobs looking at his state
They do his dressing and asks avni to tke full care of him and avni nods
The village doctor asks avni to sit on the chair and sets her leg 5ne in 1 move
Avni Is surprised as she is able to walk
The villagers leave
Avni goes to Raj and sits on the stool beside the bed and holds his hand and caresses his head
Soch na sake plays
She then falls asleep

On d other hand twinkle hurroes to d washroom and splashes water on her face and clears it off and looks at the mirror
T : wt am I gonna do now ? How will I find him ?
Twinkle is about to leave but sm1 locks the door from inside
It’s d mystery man who is heading towards her with an knife
Twinkle moves aback and gets hold of the mop and starts her karate stunts and d mystery man drops d knife as twinkle hits his hand
She find it d best time and escapes out throwing d mop at the mystery man and locks the room from outside
T : hmm not 4 long .. now how will u escape
She calls Raghav and d others there
They open d door to find no one in
T : no ways where is that person gone
They find d window open and realises the mystery man’s escape
They turn to go but twinkle sees something written on d mirror and stops

@ Mystery man’s room
The mystery man comes and takes off d mask
I have to b careful. . My game wd have got ended by now if I hadn’t escaped out
The face of d mystery man is shown
It’s other than maya !!!

Precap : kunj in trouble.. and avni informs twinkle about Raj

As Sm of u guessed mystery man is maya
So y is she behind Twinkle’s life and wt does she want
Stay tuned to know
Hope u guys wd like it

Credit to: Sanam

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