crazy, stupid ishq (twinj , ravni, yuhi , ragia) Episode 1


Hope u guys wd like it
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Kunj has just arrived an day b4 from abroad and has joined an college where mahi studies
@ sarna mansion :
Kunj comes down wearing an formal blue shirt and black trousers
He looks quite handsome
He comes down for bf
Mahi was on the dining busy chatting on her phone
K : Gm mahi … well r u dne with ur bf ?
She replies without looking at kunj
M : Gm Bro ya…I already had I was waiting 4 u
Kunj takes her phone
M : Bro give it to me

K : mahi u shd reduce wasting ur time on ur phone
U know na that… mahi cute him short
M : ya that I must be with my books studying all the time or else I will have to suffer a lot later .. anything else?
Kunj makes his one eyebrow up like that in tei
M : wt ? I know u love books and u also wanna make me like u but that’s not possible (annoyed manner)
She snatches the phone from his hand
M : srsly Bro .. which century have u cme from ?
Did u actually come back from abroad urself or ppl forced u to go cse u told the same to them?
K : it’s just useless speaking to u
M : K v r getting late .. have u got any plans to stand out of the class on ur 1st day itself?
Kunj has his bf fast and they both take their parents blessings and leave

@ taneja house
Uv : maa tell twinkle di that M leaving ..
He takes her blessings and leaves
Twinkle comes down hurried , has her bf fast and leaves taking leela’s blessings

@ college
Kunj and mahi arrive
Mahi leaves with her friends and kunj as usual sits on an stair and reads an book
An person arrives on an white pulser
The person is wearing an white top and black jacket and black jeans and matching accessories
Kunj’s eye falls on the person
The person gets down and removes the helmet and shakes head left and right in style and the hair dances along
The person’s beautiful eyes are shown, then the rosy lips with an beautiful smile
Kunj keeps on starting at the person with his mouth wide opened but mahi comes to him and shuts his mouth
The person is none other than twinkle! !!!
She looks like an rock star in that attire
Kunj is mesmerised looking at her beauty
Ek ladki ko deka plays in bg πŸ˜‰

She enters in style. .
Raghav comes to her and starts singing goriya re verse
And everyone start to sing and dance in manma emotion jaage along with Raghav( well Raghav and twinkle r good friends)
Kunj comes in between and her back hits him and she is about to fall but the one and only kunj holds her in arms
Everyone r shocked and shout oh no !!
Kunj looks at her lovingly
But Twinkle looks at him frustrated and asks him to leave her
He pulls her up and leave her
He still has his book in his hand and twinkle looks at it and
Joins her hands and tells namaste guruji !!! (funny tone )
Everyone laughs at him and they all leave
Episode ends at kunj’s shocked face

Precap : twinj tashan and sia, raj, and avni’s entry

Guys I had already written this episode earlier itself and that is y am posting it
If possible I’ll post the other episodes if I find time or else from April onwards itself

Credit to: sanam

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  1. wat an episode. its really different from others.
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  4. rockstar twinki…?? & bookaholic kunj??…amazed truly…

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  5. Awesomeeeeeeee

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  6. woooooooowwww….(y)

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  7. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    A rock star gonna rock the ff.
    Nice episode.

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