Crazy Stupid Ishq (swalak) episode 1

4 years later

MM is decorated and a bride is shown.
Her face is caked in makeup and
she looks old, and very happy.

She turns so her face comes into view, the woman is old around 40 years old and is dressed in a bright red sari.

She’s eagerly waiting for her groom.

“Dad! Where’s Lakshya?” The women asks her dad.

“Dharma he is coming don’t worry have some patience” Dharmas dad laughed.

A young boy is shown pacing around his room, he is dressed in his blue sherwani and is only 16.
His face comes into view and he has poison in his hands.

He was about to drink it when he hears a shout.

“Lakshya, don’t!” Shaurya comes to stop Laksh.

“Why shouldn’t I? My life is ending anyway, I’m getting married at 16 to a 40 yr old woman!!” Laksh shouts.

Shaurya is only 14 and is confused yet he says ” don’t kill your self, we can find another way, let me get Sanky” Shaurya goes to get 14 year old Sanskaar.

After Sanskaar comes he figures out a plan to help Laksh.

In 10 mins they hear a knock on the window and look out. They see a man standing there with a ladder.

Laksh has changed out of his sherwani and is wearing a khaki longline top with black skinny jeans and his all black Nike airs.

Laksh helps the man climb up into his room and get changed into his sherwani, the man was 42 and Dharmas lover Akash.

Laksh uses the ladder to climb down and ran as fast as he could until he reached a house, he knocks and goes into the house.

“Laksh what happened?” He hears a voice and turns around.

Precap: Laksh runs away from town and 6 year leap.

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  1. Nice…the story is different

  2. Nice starting…..

  3. Nice story, laksh was going to marry a 40 year old lady, so funny. But yar this is so short, try to make it longer next time.

  4. nice …the story is diff.what about sanskar and sourya …is that only laksh escaped right …waiting for next epi

  5. Ouite funny but interesting

  6. Awesome

  7. So good, I never expected this twist. Awesome….love it and it’s funny.

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