Crazy Stupid Ishq 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Crazy Stupid Ishq 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 8th October 2013 Written Update

Shanaaya and Ayaan sing and dance on “Chahun mein ya na” for their concert. Seeing them together makes Pampi feel uncomfortable.
After the performance, Anu confesses her love to Ayaan.
While doing it, she’s so happy, excited, calm and emotional.
But the big twist comes, when Ayaan makes fun of Anu and rejects her love to him and in front of everyone declares that he loves Shanaaya.
Also, he tells to the whole world that Shaanya is her soul mate and also the one who wrote all the songs.
Pampi is broken after listening to this, she cries, tries to talk to Ayaan. But he is constantly and brutally ignoring her.
She is shown all alone outside the concert being they didn’t allowed her to stay inside.

PRECAP: Ayaan now feels miserable to what he did to Anu. Anu is packing bags from office to leave when a man tells her where is she going.

Update Credit to: SapnokiRani

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