Crazy Stupid Ishq 5th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 5th July 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 5th July 2013 Written Update

Ayan n anu were talking abt the house n ishu came back n says that the washroom is really gud, ayan laughs on him n thy leave. Mrs. Atwal calls pampi n ask if she’s f9 or not, y hvnt she call her,anu says she’s f9 but l’il busy with new work, Mr. Atwal takes the ph n says that thy are missing her, she says that she’ll only after achieving sumthing, he says that he’s proud of her.

Scene changed, ayan try to make ishu understand that anu is very innocent, he shud not use her for himself, ishu says he knew how to behave with gals, aarti calls ishu for sum work n at the same tym his ph rang, ayan attends it but it was wrong number, he thought to check his messages but then drop the idea n ishu came back, he ask ayan that y hvnt he told him abt the loan taken from miral’s

dad, ayan ask him to not worry, he’ll handle that.

Ishu got the call from the same man, he ask him that thy want money tommorrow, ishu says that he has given his bike as gurantee than wat was the reason of so much hurry, he says that thy knw that its not his bike, either thy want money tommorrow or thy’ll have to think of sumthing. Ishu was tensed, he goes to talk with anushka to find sum way.

Ishu told anu that he want to share sumthing with her, thr’s no one in his lyf who understood his dreams, he share his buisness plans with anu, anu really liked it, n wishes him luck. Ishu still seems upset, anu understand that he need money, ishu without wasting much time ask her for sum money, around 1.5 lacs, n gave her a nite to think n ask her to not told it to ayan, as he’ll never understand. Next day, in office, pampi came to talk abt ishu but before she start, ayan ask her to not trust ishu as thy dnt knw wat he’s doing, etc.

Pampi says he knew abt him, ayan dnt stretch it n anu also leaves. Ishu calls anu to talk abt money, anu says that she Knw much abt his plans, etc n its not a small amount, ishu offers her partnership n want the money urgently, anu says she needs tym to think, ishu says that ppl call themself frnd but all were selfish, no one will help u when needed, anu dnt take it n call her father n says that she needs 1.5 lacs, ishu was prompting to her, she says she want it today only that to cash, he says ok but ask y, she told that she want it for sum acting course, he says within an hour she’ll get it. Anu was very happy n upd her status, ayan reads that n came to talk, n at the same tym a man came to deliever the money, she react weirdly in front of ayan n takes him other side, she thank him n hand over money to ishu, he ask to return in an hour with receipt.

Precap: Ishu’s ph is out of reach, anu is tensed. :

Update Credit to: Amor

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