Crazy Stupid Ishq 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 3rd July 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Episode begins with Pampi almost hitting Ishaan with a vase as she was scared. Pampi asks him what he is doing at her place? & he tells that he was worried for her. Pampi asks him how did he come in and he says be had a duplicate key. Pampi feels awkward being with him late night. Ishaan checks his phone and is shocked to find 17 missed calls from Ayaan. He bids Pampi goodbye and tells her to be careful. Later he thinks that Anushka needs to be safe else he won’t be safe. He messages someone saying he’ll return his money the next day.

Ishaan enters his room quietly but gets caught by Ayaan. He asks Ishaan about Anushka, he asks him if he did anything wrong with her. Ishaan shouts back saying he doesn’t always flirt with girls. He tells Ayaan about Anushka’s

status, that she was staying at the railway station penny-less and that he helped her around.

Pampi is sleeping when her door bell rings. She feels its Shanaya and slowly opens the door. She is shocked to find Ayaan. Ayaan bursts out at Anushka and tells her that just to avoid him will she torture herself? Anushka shouts back at him to keep silence.She avoids him and he again scolds her. He asks her what is she doing in that house and whose house is it. She replies back saying its Ishaan’s friend Krish’s house. Ayaan replies by saying that he doesn’t know any such friend of his. He tells Pampi to not believe anyone so easily. Anushka shouts back saying Ishaan is her very good friend and not to talk anything about him. Ayaan tells her that he is okay with this situation and her behavior.

Ishaan comes to meet the creditors and they take his bike saying to take it back when he returns their money.

At the office, Mannu is making fun of Anushka saying that whenever she feels to come she comes to the office and when she doesn’t she won’t come. He tells her to not complain to Ayaan.
Punnu ji calls Anushka in his cabin.

Part 2:

Punnu ji shouts at Anushka for taking so many leaves. He tells her to submit the PR report by evening else he will replace her. He asks her to work with Ayaan and she is shocked.
They start working together and get involved in the PR plan. They forget their differences and start talking like before. But soon get back in their senses.
They are discussing about different love stories when Ayaan indirectly tonts Anushka saying all love stories don’t have a happy ending.. She keeps working on it.

Part 3:

Ayaan tells Pampi to keep working on it she is on the right track. She is talking about Shadaab-Shagufta’s love story and he is just starring at her. They were sitting apart but Pampi comes and sits beside him unaware if it so engrossed in her work. She decides to open a blog with Shadaab and Shahgufta’s name to guide the lovers find their love and Ayaan keeps starring her. She feels awkward..

Pampi gets a call from Ishaan and Ayaan gets attentive. Ishaan forces Pampi to come for lunch but she denies. He tells ok.

Ishaan and Pampi together in a restro. Ishaan is trying to flirt with her and she is getting nervous.

Update Credit to: Jyo_ksg

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