Crazy Stupid Ishq 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update


Crazy Stupid Ishq 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 30th September 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Ishaan finding out that Anu wrote these songs for Ayaan by surfing her computer. ( I hate this guy so much now ) When Anu comes down, Ishu pretends he is not feeling well, so Anu leaves to go to office. He then goes to her room and tries to find something and her whole room is messy now, but when he fails to find what he’s looking for, he just sits on the bed when he feels something hard, he looks under the covers and finds her secret diary, in where Anu wrote the song. He is shocked to know that Anu is her secret admirer. But he gets happy and he tries to do something evil this time. ( OMG, he’s gonna do something really bad Poor Tumpi Ishu should be highly punished for this ).

Ishu comes to office, and he gives Anu’s

diary to Shanaaya and explains her to take it and to make sure that Ayaan shouldn’t know about this. Anu comes finding her diary and see’s the diary in Shanaaya’s hands but Shanaaya quickly takes it away from her. ( Haww why poor Anu getting suffered from evil people ). They then leave for press conference.

In the press conference, they ask the couple about how come they are not real life couples. Then Shanaaya gets real closed with Ayaan, and Anu is crying seeing them together and thinks about the times Anu and Ayaan spend together. Anu tries to control her emotions and tells to herself that its fine, once concert gets over, she will tell her feelings to him.

After the press conference, Shanaaya fake cries and tells Ayaan that Mr. Kapoor was trying to get too close with her, Ayaan gets concerned, and she tells him that I know that I was the one to bring him as a sponsor but she didn’t know that this all was going to happen. Ishu hears all this and we are shown him telling the same thing to Shanaaya that she’s suppose to fake all this with Ayaan.

Ayaan gets protective with Shanaaya. He tells her not to fear as he will be with her now. Anu is waiting at Ayaan’s cabin, when he enters he tries to ask her what she needs and she just tells him that she wanted to talk with him. But Ayaan says that they will talk later since he’s really busy right now and their argument goes on and Anu blurts out that this is all because of Shanaaya but Ayaan scolds her at this. Anu gets mad.

PRECAP: Shanaaya tries to explain to Anu to forget Ayaan as she was his past and Shanaaya is now his future.

Update Credit to: SapnokiRani

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