Crazy Stupid Ishq 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 2nd July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ayaan coming home asking her mom if they have seen Ishu but she replies with a no. A minute later, mom asks Ayaan if he has seen Rs.500 that she had kept in the drawer, but he doesn’t know anything about it, but guesses that Ishu might have took it and her mom says that no, i believe and trust on my son, he has promise me he would never do this again and anyways i just remembered that i had put it in the chest and not drawer.

Here, Anushka is very upset because her wallet got stolen. Two strangers come and sit by her. She gets very nervous; And just as soon Ishaan comes and sit by the other end bringing a safe smile on Anu’s face. He scares the strangers away and when they leave, he quickly tells her to leave from there.

While they’re

walking, Ishu asks Anu what in the world was she doing and she speaks up that what can I do, her wallet was lost, she didn’t had any money, and she was left all alone. And he asks her to just once trust her. At Ayaan’s house, Ayaan is very confused about Ishu and Pampi.

In wanting to know what all is happening, Ayaan searches Ishu’s bags and finds out that for his project he is using Anu. This doesn’t make Ayaan feel happy at all. He will make sure that he doesn’t let ANushka get into all this.

Ishu takes Anu to a house and tells her that you can stay here because it is his best friend’s girlfriend’s house (Shanaya’s house). Since Shanaya isn’t in India currently she could stay there. Anu is relieved to finally find a place to live.

Ayaan’s mom comes to his room to say good night but sees a file in Ayaan’s hand and asks about it but Ayaan makes an excuse that its related to his music and all.

Anu is still drooling over the house and Ishu tells that Shanaya is the superstar Sameer Khan’s daughter and Anu questions that how come she doesn’t stay with her dad then but Ishu doesn’t seem to know the answer to this. She is just worried that Shanaya is not happy with her staying here and Ishu just makes her chill.

A call comes on Ishu’s phone to tell him to give them their money soon or else it won’t be good for him. Ayaan can’t sleep and keeps calling Ishu but he doesn’t pick up the phone. He then messages pampi but Pampi doesn’t reply him. Now, even Pampi can’t sleep properly. Just then Pampi hears a sound and gets up to see what’s making it.

PRE-CAP: Ayaan asks Ishu if Pampi is alright and he responses that if he cared for her best friend so much then he should have known that she has spent a whole night at the railway station. Someone knocks on the door at Shanaya’s house. Pampi is surprised when she opens the door.

Update Credit to: SapnokiRani

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