Crazy Stupid Ishq 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 29th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Episode begins with Tullu tensed about the company’s dept. Pampi tells him to check the papers for signing the singers. She finds Tully upset and asks him the reason. Tullu tells her that when his father’s dream is getting trashed what else would he do. Their company has got an amount of 10 crore to be debted and Pampi tries to console him when Shanaya arrives and disturbs them. Shanaya tells Pampi to not sob in the office as well since she does the same at home. Tullu is shocked about it and asks Pampi the reason when she makes an excuse and leaves from there. Shanaya notices his concern for Pampi. She thanks Ayaan for choosing her as the lead singer when he tells her that she deserves it. She asks him to celebrate when he excuses from her. She doesn’t like Ayaan

avoiding her.

At home, Ishan and his mother are scolding Ayaan when he shouts back on them. He tells them that he never expected their support so just leave him alone. They were tonting Ayaan to not take the responsibility of the company in such huge dept. Ayaan is emotional towards the company because it was his father’s company.

Here, Shanaya asks Pampi to help her choose the dress for her first recording. But Pampi is busy thinking of what Tullu must be going through and she needs to support him. Shanaya asks her again and when Pampi tries to help her, she exclaims Pampi to be a gavaar with no fashion sense. This pisses Pampi and she leaves from there scolding Shanaya and Shanaya gets irritated.

Tullu is drinking in a bar and wishing to have Pampi by his side when actually Pampi arrives to console him. He is shocked to find her there and understands that there must be surely some bond between the two that when one is sad the other always gets to know. Pampi scolds Tullu for taking so much tention and drinking so much. She consoles him and shows him the right way. Tullu is happy and both have a long eye contact.

Ishan notices the two and is getting scared with their closeness. When Pampi was leaving Ishan stops her and starts complaining about Ayaan when she stops him and supports Ayaan. She tells him to be proud of having such a responsible brother. Ishan is shocked.

Part 2

Next morning at the office, Ayaan is extremely happy and all are surprised to see that. He is talking politely with Mannu and Punnu ji is shocked. Ayaan makes an announcement that all the depts have been taken care of and now no one needs to leave the company. Pampi is shocked and thinking of what happened all of a sudden. She asks him when he thanks her for inspiring him so much and that its all because of her.

Ayaan asks everyone to get started and buck up.
He asks Pampi to handle Shanaya and Mannu to handle Vicky. But Vicky tells Ayaan that he is more comfortable with Pampi. Ayaan is shocked & so is Pampi but she doesn’t tell anything and Ayaan agrees. Shanaya tries to butter Vicky since he is a well known singer but he avoids her and shows more interest in Pampi. He is trying to flirt with Pampi and Shanaya is shocked.

Part 3

Shanaya asks Vicky to start practising when he gets irritated with her. He tells her to feel the passion and love while singing, eyeing on Pampi. He holds Pampi’s hand and tells Shanaya to imagine that they both are in love. Pampi is very scared and uncomfortable but doesn’t speak a word for Tullu. Vicky is crossing his limits but she is numb.

PRECAP Ayaan witnesses Vicky trying to make Pampi drink his tea. Ayaan is angry!!!!!!


Update Credit to: Jyo_ksg

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