Crazy Stupid Ishq 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 28th October 2013 Written Update

Show starts with Ayaan confused on how to tell Anu about her being adopted, then he makes a plan that instead of Shanaaya to be his partner, he tells Anu about his. They start discussing on the project. On the other hand, Ishu tries to tells Shany to go closer to Ayaan to find out what’s up with him and why he suddenly became so nice with Anu.

Shany tries to make ayaan mad by asking him why he was being so close with Anu and in tempered, Ayaan blurts out that Anu is Mr. Atwal uncle adopted her. So Shany now tells this to Ishu and he tries to make a big plan from this to make sure that Ayaan and Anu doesn’t get close with each other. Ishu tells Shany to get real close with Ayaan where to Anu will not be able to get close with Ayaan at all.

So Shany decides to impress Ayaan’s mom by telling how her dad has a big bungalow empty for Shany after when she gets married and this makes Ayaan’s mom really happy. Indirectly, Shany is talking about her and Ayaan’s relationship to move one step above maybe upto engagement.
Ayaan goes to Anu’s house talking about having snacks together with her dad so they don’t miss Sonipat so much. And Anu is so confused as to why he is acting so nice suddenly.

PRECAP: Ayaan’s mom tells her how happy she is with his and Shany’s relationship, and directly asks for their marriage date and Ayaan is all shocked upon hearing this, then his phone rings and a man from hospital tells him that Shany has met an accident and that they found his number last on her phone.

Update Credit to: SapnoKiRani

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