Crazy Stupid Ishq 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 25th July 2013 Written Update

Before leaving anu clarifies that thr’s nothing more than frndship between her n ayan, so its better she stops thinking about that. Scene changed, doctor check ayan n says that he had a speedy recovery n leaves.

Ayan saw the flowers in the vase n thought that anu might have placed it, he ask aarti where’s she n aarti replies that she’s outside, ayan want to meet her, aarti stops but he walk outside, aarti is angry on anu that bcoz of her ayan dnt even care abt him n his family.

Outside, ayan saw shanaya thr, he was surprised, she ask abt his health, aarti came n talk abt her father, she was not comfortable, aarti ask her to wait for lunch but she need to go, she ask to have sumthing atleast. Ayan goes to his room, shanaya was waiting for aarti n ishu came shanaya

thought ishu stalking her n she got angry when he starts flurting, aarti came n introduce ishan.

Scene changed, anu returns home, she was upset crying n missing her parents, shanaya enters n ask her to stop her melodrama as she really hates ppl crying. Other side, ayan was looking at flowers n saying that he knew anu was thr with him. In office, anu reached n mannu again start making fun of her, punnu came n gave the staff thr resignation letters, it shocked all, mannu got angry n he holds him for beating, other staff supported mannu, anu came n save punnu, she thought of informing ayan but then drops the idea. At home, aarti came n thought that ayan is still thinking about anu, she ask him to have milk, as he was drinking mannu called him n told abt the mess, ayan immidiately got ready for office, aarti thought he was gng to meet anu but he says he was gng to save his father’s drmz.

Scene changed, ayan reached office, anu ask abt his health, ayan says that although she dnt came to meet him but sum1 has taken gud care of him, he ask abt punnu. Anu told that he has locked himself in cabin, anu n ayan goes to his cabin n ask to open, he was scared of mannu n says he’ll not but ayan assures that mannu is not here.

Inside, punnu told that the company is in loss that’s y he has taken this decision, ayan remembers that his father said that after him he’s gng to fulfill this dream. Ayan ask punnu to give him a month, punnu says that all loss n profit will be ayan’s n he agrees.

Precap: Ishan try to impress anushka.

Update Credit to: Amor

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