Crazy Stupid Ishq 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update


Crazy Stupid Ishq 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 24th September 2013 Written Update

Munnu forces to go to the conference room, there Anu dances in a costume of a guy to make Ayaan cool down, but after the song is over, Ayaan gets mad on her for doing such jokes on a serious situation. Then Ishu fakes showing sympathy to Anu and and he makes her take Anu with her to get medicines.

Ayaan apologizes to everybody regarding that their company is no more going to continue and he will pay their salaries to all very soon. Shanaaya offers that Ayaan should take some of her money but he refuses. Shanaaya, Anu and Ishaan decides what to do next with Ayaan.

Anu enters Ayaan’s house through his window. He asks why she was here. Anu starts apologizes about her stupid dance that she did and even Ayaan apologizes for over reacting. Then Pampi gives something to him.

PRECAP: Pampi tells him that he either has to borrow money from his friends or sign the contract, and he is shown signing the papers.

Update Credit to: SapnokiRani

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