Crazy Stupid Ishq 24th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 24th July 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 24th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Episode begins with Pampi entering her house. Shanaya is surprised to find her that way and Pampi hugs her and starts crying. Shanaya shoo’s her and asks her what the matter is but Pampi doesn’t reply her.

There, doctor has done Tullu’s dressing and adviced him rest. He is unconscious.

Here, Ishan comes to meet Pampi but finds Shanaya. He flirts with her and finds out that Shanaya doesn’t get along well with her superstar dad. He thinks now his only lottery ticket is Anushka. He tries to talk to Pampi but she avoids him.

Pampi reaches the office but is stopped by Mannu who blames her to be the reason for the fight between the two brothers. She avoids him. Punnu ji is waiting for Ayaan but he gets a call that Ayaan met with an accident. Punnu

ji is shocked so is Pampi, she rushes to his house leaving everything.

Shanaya comes to the office to meet Ayaan and she is also shocked to know about him.

Pampi reaches Ayaan’s house but stops recollecting of what his’s mother had told her. She steps backward , Ayaan’s mother finds Pampi standing outside the house and steps towards her. Pampi gets scared thinking that she will again get scoldings.
But to her surprise Ayaan’s mother holds her hand and tells her to be with Ayaan as he needs her badly..

Pampi runs to see Ayaan unconscious & he is just taking her name. She cries to see him in that condition. She takes care of him. Ayaan’s mother doesn’t disturb them.

Ishan comes home and is shocked to know about Ayaan, but more than that he is shocked of the fact that his mother allowed the two to be together all alone in one room. His mother tells him to talk about this matter later and not disturb the duo as Ayaan is feeling better after Pampi has arrived.

His mother comes to check in if Ayaan is fine and is relaxed and happy to see Pampi taking care of Ayaan.

Part 2

Ayaan is not leaving Pampi and she is thinking of whatever she did with him. She doesn’t want to lie to him anymore nor does she want to hurt his mother. She thinks that she doesn’t love him, he is just her best friend. She gets up but Ayaan is holding her hand.

She is about to leave when his mother tells her to stay with Ayaan that night. And Pampi does what she said.

Next morning, Pampi checks Tullu’s temperature and is happy to see its back to normal. She pecks his forehead and leaves when Ayaan gets back in his senses slowly, but doesn’t see her face clearly.

She comes out to find Ayaan’s mother sitting. His mother thanks Anushka for taking care of Ayaan but also jumps to a conclusion.

Part 3

Ayaan’s mother concludes that Ayaan has become a weak person because of Anushka. She blames her for the reason why Ayaan is going through all the torture. Pampi is shocked. His mother doesn’t let Pampi talk and asks her to stay away from Ayaan and his life forever. She tells her that Ayaan may feel hurted in the beginning but will cope up slowly and gradually.

Pampi tells her that she is his best friend and even she is worried for him. Even if she wouldn’t have told her, she was anyways going away from his life. She is crying and tells her that there was no love between them nor it could be ever.

Ayaan’s mother is happy and surprised to see Shanaya asking for Ayaan’s health. Ayaan is also there when she tells him she never knew he also knows the famous Shanaya Khan.
At the office, Punnu ji hands over the termination letter to all the employees and tells them to find a new job. Pampi is shocked to see a trashed Punnu ji.


Update Credit to: Jyo_Ksg

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