Crazy Stupid Ishq 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Crazy Stupid Ishq 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 1st October 2013 Written Update

Ayaan is telling Anu to stop acting foolish and not to believe on those media people about whatever they said on him and Shanaaya. He tells her that he really wants to focus just on the concert right now. While Anu is coming out, she bursts into Shanaaya and Shanaaya tries to explain to Anu to stop following Ayaan. Anu says that he know Ayaan from very childhood so they can’t leave each other. Shanaaya leaves and tells her that Ayaan is her future.

Anu is tensed on all that is happening. Then Shanaya calls Ishu and tells him that they are in a good time right now since Ayaan and Anu are fighting. Then in the office, Ayaan tells Mr. Kapoor to get out of his office, when Mr. Kapoor tells Ayaan that he has signed a two year contract with him, Ayaan gets the papers out and

tears them. All the members in the office are shocked to see this, especially Anu. Mr. Kapoor leaves telling Ayaan to give him 20 lakhs.

Ishu talks with Mr. Kapoor on the phone telling him to calm down and to trust Ishu as he knows for sure that Ayaan will not be able to break the contract since he doesn’t have that much money to give him. Anu arrives home and sees a diary on the table, while she’s trying to open and read it, Shanaaya wakes up and shows it herself telling its not hers, but this was all Shanaaya’s plan, she had changed the diary already from the beginning since she expected Anu to come and see it sometime.

In the morning, when Anu wakes up and her diary is right in front of her face on the table but since that last night, she had a misunderstnding, this time she doesn’t try to look at it. Anu enters Ayaan’s office. They both have a soft and nice chat. Anu tries to motivate him but he gets frustrated saying that he’s not in the time to get motivated, and that he’s in real problem. They hold each others hand and “Hoon, hoon khushnaseeb hoon mein” is played in the background ( This is so cutee guys ).

Shanaaya is trying to sing “Hoon khush naseeb hoon mein” from Anu’s diary and then leaves while she gets a call. Anu sees this and picks up the diary, she’s about to look when Ishaan sees this and tires to distract her so she will leave the diary back.

PRECAP: Anu calls everyone to the office at late night and tells them to help her sort Ayaan’s problem.

Update Credit to: SapnokiRani

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