Crazy Stupid Ishq 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 1st July 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Workers in Ayaan’s office are gossiping about him. Ayaan finds Pampi’s luggage in the office. He wishes her morning but she ignores him. He catches hold of her hand and asks her what is her problem? Why is she avoiding him? Pampi tells him to stop harassing her. He asks her to answer one question, are they still friends or no? Did his one proposal cause their friendship to be broken?

The pune comes to inform Pampi that someone’s asking for her. She leaves without answering Ayaan.
She finds none other than Ishaan who has come to meet her. He is again flirting with her. Pampi asks him what is he doing there and he replies by saying that he has come to impress her.

He offers her to go out for lunch and she tells that she is busy. He blabbers by saying

that he is Mr. free.
Pampi finds Ayaan and so accepts his offer and goes out with Ishaan. Ayaan is left shocked.

He is been called by his boss Punnu ji.

At the restro Ishaan asks Pampi about her sudden departure from his house. She tells him that she had to leave some day or the other.

Ishaan is having less penny but yet tries to impress Pampi..

Ishaan by fluke guesses the right reason for her depature.
He asks her where she is staying right now and she lies him saying she is living in a 5 star hotel.
Ishaan gets interested in the money factor and keeps asking him about her financial condition.

He asks her what if she gets kidnapped how much will her father give?
He says he loves rich people and then offers her to be his friend.

He tells her to call him Ishu from now on and she starts laughing. She is enjoying his company.

But looks as if something is cooking in Ishaan’s mind..

Part 2:

Punnu ji is explaining his plan for Shadaab Alam’s music album launch. But Ayaan is only thinking about Pampi. Ayaan agrees with Punnu ji’s plan and excuses himself.

Ayaan is getting worried and jealous of Ishaan. He is thinking if Ishaan has impressed Pampi or what.He plans to investigate..

There Ishaan and Pampi are havimg fun talking.
It’s time to pay the bill.. Watching the waiter Ishaan excuses himself for a moment and Pampi is thinking of how to pay the bill as she herself has lost her purse.

Part 3:

Ishaan is back and asks her if she has paid the bill or not. She tells him no and gives the bill to him. He tells her she shouldn’t be paying it too. And finally gives his credit card to the waiter. He wishes that it works.. Alas! It does and Ishaan is shocked..

At the office, Ayaan is getting anxious to know about Pampi’s whereabouts. Pampi is with Ishaan on his bike. She tells him to leave her half way since she has the habit on having an evening walk.
Ishaan tells her ok and soon after he leaves Pampi catches a rick for her office so that she can take her luggage and then back to the railway station.
Ishaan finds it out.

Precap: Ishaan follows Pampi to the station and soon calls someone to tell that he has finally dound his finance party. He is looking at Pampi.
Ayaan finds some documents and is digging into the details.

Update Credit to: Jyo_Ksg

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