Crazy Stupid Ishq 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 18th July 2013 Written Update

Ayan had headache due to hangover when he came to office, he said hi to anu but she was still angry. Munnu starts irritating him, ayan ask him to stop it but he won’t, anu ask munnu to be careful, thr are ppl whose hand speak more than mouth, munnu was confused if she was taunting ayan or warning him.

At the same moment, punnu came n inform ayan that they are going to shoot today only, ayan ask y has he cancelled shahdab’s video shoot all of a sudden n working on this new video, punnu says that he also has to think about company’s profit.

Munnu told punnu that ayan got hangover, punnu got angry but ayan says that he’ll handle it, punnu says he dnt want to take risk n ask anu to handle the work with ayan n ask her that he was sending ayan with her bcoz he can handle that international artist but the responsibility of video is on anu.

Scene changed, anu says that thy’ll shoot outside, but ayan says that its monsoon weather can change anytime, anu n ayan starts thr argument, although thy divide thr work but anu win in that n it was decided to shoot outside.

Scene changed, assitant inform anu n ayan that its rainin heavily n thy can’t shoot, anu got upset, ayan says that thy’ll create the same natural setup inside studio.

Ayan goes to brief the model, thr she starts flirting with ayan, when anu came to give her dress, she saw it n got irritated, it instigate argument between them n by mistake the dress got dirty, in anger the model leaves.

Punnu got angry on ayan n anu, ayan try to convince the artist for sum other date, but he denies, they need a model, punnu ask anu to do it, ayan denies but anu agrees.

Ayan tries to make her understand that its difficult but she dnt listen. Shoot starts, anu was not able to do it properly n becum a matter of irritation for every1, the artist behave badly with anu, it makes ayan angry he ask him to behave properly with a girl. Anu was upset, ayan calm her down n gave her confidence.

Precap: Ayan n ishan had a argument.

Update Credit to: Amor

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