Crazy Stupid Ishq 15th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 15th July 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 15th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Epi begins with Ayaan drinking hard recollecting what happened a while ago.

He hears Ishaan’s business partner talking about how Ishaan bluffed Anushka. The guy is just Ishaan’s friend and nothing else.
Ayaan is very angry, burning in anger.

He comes home in anger but then cools down saying that he needs to handle the situation lightly since Ishaan is his brother.

There Ishaan is proud of what he has done and is showing off his deeds to someone on a call.
Ayaan snatches his mobile and asks him why the hell did he bluff Anushka.
Ishaan denies it but Ayaan is getting hypered he catches hold of his collar and pushes him! Ishaan is shocked. Ayaan warns him to pay Anushka’s money within 5 days else he won’t leave him.


mother comes in and Ayaan tells that hope Ishaan understands what he said and in time. He leaves from there in anger.

Ishaan plans to emotional blackmail Anushka and he wounds his head. He goes to Anushka and cries saying that they are meeting for the last time as Ayaan doesn’t trust him. She notices his wound and he purposely pretends so that she feels Ayaan is the culprit. Anushka is shocked. He further fills her ears by saying that he doesn’t know why Ayaan is doing so. Anushka tells him that she knows what’s the reason. Ishaan smartly turns the table saying that he wants to start with a truth and that the money she had given him, he lost them in the bad business deal. Anushka is hell shocked!

Part 2:

Ishaan is trying to save himself and tells her to not tell anything to Ayaan. And he blabbers by saying that if Ayaan doesnt want him to meet her then he wouldn’t meet her. He further telks her to return her money soon when Anushka tells him to not repay it. Anushka comes into his talks and plans to talk to Ayaan to defend Ishaan.

Next day at the office, Mannu stops her way and she shouts at him.
She goes to meet Ayaan at the auditorium.
Punnu ji is disturbed due to some loss to his company. He asks for some time to pay the credits.
Anushka comes to Ayaan and tells him that she has made a decision and just when she was coming towards him, she slips and Ayaan saves her from falling. They have a long eye contact and bg music. Anushka gets nervous and Ayaan asks her what she wanted to talk to him? Was it about last night? & she replies by saying its about something else.
Ayaan is happy that atleast she has come to talk to him after long.

Part 3:

She shouts at him and says to not think anything else and again slips. He holds her again and she blabbers at him saying that she has come to talk about Ishaan. He boils in anger and tells her to not come in his words but Anushka tells him to stop being so protective about her, she has full faith on Ishaan. He tells her that he loves her damn it! And he will always protect her! She is angry.

Ayaan tells her that he is not in a hurry and will wait for her always. She leaves from there in anger. Wicked Mannu hears their conversation.
Punnu ji is cooking(dealing) something & Mannu decides to find what he is up to.

Update Credit to: Jyo_Ksg

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