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Swara was returning to the table with a huge tray of chineese food. Sanjeev was at the self service counter waiting for the rest of their order. Swara saw that Rag and sanky were laughing….. She remembered the first day the 4 of them went out. She had wondered what her bro’s best frnd was upto…. What he was planning…. And she still don’t know how the biggest flirt of Clg got into bhai’s good books… But he hadn’t done anything till now… Was he rly helping bhai…. Well what he is doing now… obviously… flirting with the girl sitting at the next table and dhi… she is giving an impossible look… Its been 2 weeks since the 4 of them have started hanging out and it might be the 4000th time he was flirting but dhi, she gives the same expression every single time… Was it that hard to digest…. whatever…. they were here in ‘Infinity’…. Shopping-… Well they were celibrating as swara and Sanky got through the college finals. They were again walking through the mall, after the food, when lucky dragged them to a shop.IT was a direct outlet of ‘Apke Pasanth.’

Lucky: ” You guys should rly check out the clothes here…. And girls, the RM designs are too good.”
Swara:”I thought RM had only ladies wear… How do you know that its good ? ” huky stared at her & replied.:” I’ve a sister , who is of Ur age!!! ”
Lucky was right. Swara oftengot parcels… beautiful dresses from him… And he liked the designer’s work. But did he have any idea… that he was suggesting the clothes to the designer itself…. Swara remembered how she took 15 yr old. Laado’s drawing book to their Papa (DP). He decided to bring life to the beautiful designs he saw& the designer RD was born….

The 2 were excited on Winning the college levels but soon the excitement turned into horror, seeing AaraV’s anger. He wanted every move perfect. He wouldn’t tolerate even a small Mistake . He made them practise like hel, for the whole day. The intercollege event was to be held at the college. So there were no classes for more than 2 weeks prior to the event. All the students were busy in organising….

When Aarav got angry, he didn’t spare anyone. Even the students who just passed by, got a share of his anger. So each time someone wanted to pass through, he would peek into the room to see whether Aarav was in a good mood. The only one who didn’t buldge was Rags. She would just stand there… and laugh at times….

That day Aarav was too angry. They were not getting a move right, even after trying so many times. He was scolding his assistants, anking the duo to do it again and again, till they get it right.

Aarav:”didn’t u 2 hear me?!! I asked you to do it again!!!”
They were standing there panting. Rags who was keenly watching them trying it again and again…. simply eating her chocolate decided to speak up. She kept her right hand on aarav’s shoulder and said, not to him, but to the pair.
Rag:”u guys take a break. Be here exactly after 15 minutes. ”
They looked at aarav. He just stood there staring at her.
Rag:”aren’t u guys going? …..lucky, get them something to drink and let them relax. Now come on guys 13 minutes left ”
Lucky, Swara and Sanky hurriedly walked out. Sanky turned back to see Rags offering a chocolate to Aarav and talking to him. He took the chocolate and silently listened to her.
When they came back Aarav was all calm. He asked them to try it again and this time he stopped them in between and made a slight change. When they tried it again, now with the change, they completed it perfectly.
Aarav :”superb…”
Rags smiled at this.

“Thanks princess! “It was lucky who said this (he still calls her princess )
Rag:”for what? ”
Lucky :”u calmed him down, na? I saw u talking to him ”
Sanky hadn’t seen him looking back.
Rags :”I asked him to cool down a bit and see what is wrong. ”
Swara knew that there was something more, because she didn’t say ‘I just asked ‘,she skipped the ‘just’
Lucky :”did u guys know each other…. I mean before he started training us? ”
Rags :”I met him on the 1st day, remember? I had talked to him then! ”
Swara heard her. She knew her dhi. She never lied, but that didn’t mean she would tell all the truth out. She knew how to handle words. She would tell the truth, but make the listener think, what she wants them to.
Rags (to swayam):”the next time aarav gets angry, just give him a silk!”

Lucky:”Shona…. where is Ragini? Haven’t seen her in a few days….”
Swara : ” even I haven’tseen her since the practice ended. Her phone is off. I tried many times. ”
Sanky:”let me try again. She should have been here, at least today. ”
It was the day of the event. All the girls were looking beautiful in their gowns and the guys in tuxedos, as was the theme. They were welcoming the guests. The auditorium was almost full by now and there was still no sign of Ragsome.
Sanky :” her phone is ringing now, but she’s not picking up. Let me message her. ”
Sanky typed’where r u? ‘And sent it. She replied immediately ‘don’t worry, I’ll be there with u guys before ur program ‘. He wondered y she didn’t pick the call. He informed the others about her reply.

“Good evening every one ” a pretty girl was on the stage. “How r u all? ….. Welcome to the inter college salsa competition ‘Thomas Salsa Ho Jayein? ‘….. so ready to start the competition? ….. What is the rush man….. first of all lets have some fun. … There is a special performance for you. …. so u guys ready?……”
The lights went dim with. The spot lights went on a guy on the stage.
Swara :”aarav? ! ”
Aarav started moving. He took the hands of a girl. The spots lights went on to reveal a beautiful girl in a red gown.
Lucky :”princess?!! ”
They were doing salsa and was some one who would be called a perfect dancer. As the song changed they took up another style and thus they did 5 different styles. A huge round of applause broke out as they completed the performance. Every one was roaring once more once more.
The trio went to Rags as soon as she got off the stage.
Lucky :”princess u can dance! ”
Rags : ” I never said I can’t ”
Sanky : ” ha bhai, she never said that! ”
Aarav : ” so I guess u guys liked her surprised! ”
Swara : ” we loved it. …But wait. .. u knew that she was gonna do this? !”
Aarav : ” well I did need to know y the best dancer I have ever known, couldn’t do a single step.’
Lucky : ” u guys knew each other before u met her here? ”
Aarav : ” well….. she’s my……”

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