Hey guys! Thanku all for reading.. ….. and commenting… sry I couldn’t reply… my PC is not working and its been a year since I worked properly with touch screens …. reason for the more typos Sry about that….
For all of u who r wondering what Sanskaar’s problem is……. Just keep on reading and u’ll know! And remember what I said in the intro… to not expect anything??? Don’t get dissapointed if it doesn’t go the way U thought…. after all its just a crazy story!!! Happy reading

Episode 6…. Here we go….

Sanky was going towards his class, when he saw Rags coming from the other side. He blocked her infront of their class.
Sanky: “So your back, ha? T, thought U won’t come back!”
Rag:” Because I’m afraid of u??? U know what… I really am… Don’t do anything to me…” She mocked him and turned to go in.
Sanky(to Himself): “Now that’s the Ragini I love! ”

Ragini turned around abruptly: “U said something?”
Sanky(with a smirk): “U heard something?”
Ragini gave him a bored expression and was about to go in, but Sanky’s next words rooted her to the place.
Sanky: I’m sorry Rags…. ”
Rag:(shocked):” what?!!”
Sanky: “I said sry ..-. for the other day ”
Rag: “what’s ur catch in it ha?”

Sanky: “I’m really sry Rags! ”
Rag: “Only My frnds call me Rags” She said sternly.
Sanky: “I thought we r already frrds !”
Rags raised an eyebrow: “Since when?”
Sanky: “Since someone told me that I’m being stupid fighting with the most gorgeous girl in college… ”
Rags crossed her arms and gave him a stern look
Rag: “Are a trying to flirlt with me?”
Sanky: “Oh, no! I’m not…” He started innocently ” ‘trying’ ” He completed with a wink.
Ragini’s jaw dropped by an inch, but she composed herself immediately.
Rag:” What the… ” She cut by Sanky

Sanky: “But on a serious note… frnds?” He forwarded his right hand.
Rags stared at his hand and then at his face, confusion clearly written on her face… OK her drama was not hers anymore The complete script was changing while the show was going on.
Sanky: “So how about an ice cream…. in the name of our frndship?”
Rag:” I’ve a class to attend… U know my standard na…. I’ve to study to keep up!”
Sanky acted as if he didn’t notice her tone.
Sanky:” today evening, after class! we’ll wait in the car parking. U both don’t be late!”
Rags looked at him questioningly:”Both?”
Sanky: “what! U won’t bring ur best frnd? ”
Ragini nodded after sometime and went in.

Lucky who was coming towards the class saw them. But he couldn’t understand anything 4m the expression. Well they didn’t seem to be fighting. That’s a new and wait… Sanky is smiling to himself after Rags went in… That’s really a new!
Sanky walked upto lucky seeing him.
Sanky: ” wer going out in the evening with ur sister and her best frnd… ”
Saying Lucky was shocked would be an understatement.

############################## #

“Get in!” Sanky said as soon as the girls reached his Black Porshe.Swara got into the front passenger seat, seeing Sanky taking the wheel, leaving no option to the other two.

“what r u upto?” Sanky looked at Swara hearing the question.
Swara: “How did u grow fond of her all of a sudden? ”
Sanky looked at Rag through the mirror a swift second before answering her.
Sanky: “well… actually its not her, that I grew fond of, It’s u! And the easiest way to get to u is by being her frnd.” The other 3 looked at him shocked . He again looked at Ragini before shifting his gave to Lucky.
Sanky: “what happened Bhai? U have any problem with me dating her?”

They understood that he was trying to make him speak.
Rag. gave out a hearty laugh. Sanky didn’t like the way she brushed away the question, making it sound like a joke.
Rag: “I’ ll help u! ” Swara rolled her eyes “That is, if I find in worthy enough!”

“Hi”Lucky wished Rags “Hi!” she replied.

Lucky: “I’m sorry…. for all the fights”
Rag: “I think u still don’t consider me as ur frnd!”
Lucky: “what?! But y? ”
Rag: ” Because u just said sry…. Remember?…….. No sry no thank u!”
A smile came on both Sanky’S and Swara’s face hearing her. Sanky was looking at Nithya through the mirror time and again. She had a cute smile on his face. Even though he wanted to spent the evening alone with the girl he loved, he wasn’t that selfish.

Sry guys….. I know it is a rly short one.-. But what to do….I’ve to cut it here….
Kabhi Kabhi aise ho jaathe he ki dil us raasthe par nahi chalthe jis par dimag chalna chaahtha hai….

Ragini wanted Lucky to love her. It happened… But what she forgot was that love doesn’t happen because we want It… It just happens…. And there is nothing we can do about it…..
Thanks for reading & sry again for the short update…. will post tomorrow… Sry for the typos
Stay blessed!!!

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  1. Sindhura

    I dont why but today i got a feeling like couple will change at end against rag plan

  2. Rafeee


  3. Ragz_teju


  4. Superb dear

  5. Ragsan

    Is this ragsan OR a raglak ff?

  6. Woww amazng update dear!!!!even i also think dat couple wl get changed…..welll lets see bcoz as u said anve ,its ur”crazy story”…?so m nottt guessing nythng now…..???keep rockng n stay blessed dear????

  7. So Sanskar loves rags.. but he doesn’t show it because laksh loves Ragini….

  8. Akshata

    is it raglak or ragsan? if it is ragsan then who are opposite to swalak, even swara has sammy but what abt laksh? i am not predicting or guessing anything, i am just asking becoz right now i am so curious. amazing update, loved it.

    1. ANVESHA

      Not fair yaar…. last day u told that sanskaar is samy & now asking whether he is ragini’s pair???? Rly not fair…..?????????
      I wont ask u to stop guessing….. but would ask u not to bash me like my clg frnds did when they saw the turn of events…. i had to literally run 4m them….? even the memory is frightening me…..
      Keep guessing and let me know what u think…..
      Bcoz ur thoughts r not gonna stick to a single thing…..
      I suppose u r gonna ask the qn again tomorrow…. who ragini’s pair is……
      This is neither a ragsan ff nor a raglak ff….. well 1st of all its not at all a swaragini ff its just the story of a girl who wants love to be the basis of her life….. i just changed her name 4m nithya to ragini….. and samy’s name was shakthi in my original….


    2. ANVESHA

      Ok now those were not the smilies i actually put……?

      1. Akshata

        After reading your reply, my mind stopped working ( neither raglak nor ragsan) and i really need time to recollect everything lolz, right now i am also agree with you i will definitely ask you so many questions after reading your next update.
        i love your ff so much, really unpredictable, always driving me crazy. i stopped guessing becoz whenever i guessed, it never came true. but now i will again start guessing. and i liked ur all smileys 😀

    3. ANVESHA

      Yaar i said about the story…. its my nithya’s story…. not actually about the pairs….. the pair might be ragsan or raglak or rag…. im not gonna tell u…. the story is about nithya i mean ragini…. her life….. so just keep guessing for now and keep reading to know…..
      U know……. the bashing….. it was not this early that adi came in btw….. the gals literally threatened me…. asking me to keep sanjeev as nithyas pair….?
      But im still adamant me….?….. and i was not gonna say anything in advance to them…. that got me another round…. and the third round…. when sanjeev came to know about adi… i still cant explain whether that was comic or tragic…… for me…..

      Ahhh… the blabbering me… cant just zip it up…. sry?

  9. Ragsan pair also superb

  10. not getting it does sanksar like ragini or swara or nitya
    btw who is nitya
    and which actors r playing nitya and sam

    1. ANVESHA

      Sry yaar for the confusion with the names….. guess u haven’t read my intro….
      The story is not rly a ff and it’s something i penned down during my clg hrs….
      Nithya was the name of the main lead…. that is ragini here…..
      The names nithya, sanjeev, pooja, aadithya and shakthi r so registered in my mind that they come out automatically…. u have no idea how many times i typed nithya today….. well the names rag, laksh, swara, sanskaar and samy respectively…..
      So i guess u wont need anyone playing nithya and samy, he didnt rly come face to face till now… actually i have no idea whom to cast…. as i said i never imagined any faces while writing it…. so still confused about it… well im still confused y i even dragged swaragini into it…. and u forgot to ask about aarav…. just think of someone whom u like… its for u guys the readers to cast whom u want… no pressure from my side….
      Thanks for reading…. and this is just the story of a dream girl…
      To be honest i still dont imagine any faces for my characters…. its a secret ok… dont tell anyone?


    Thanks all of u for reading……
    And do let me know what u think…..

  12. Rasha

    Is that sanskar knw laksh loving ragini & from when laksh started loving I think still u not showed that part na.. as per ur title now it may going cool but later will b more crazy. . today episode was so awesome comparing to previous..

  13. Sreevijayan

    Nice update dear…

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