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Recap: Rags and Sanky paired for the Competition

Rags was sitting at one end of the bed, working on her laptop. Swara was at the other end facing her playing with Ragini’s phone. Swara’s phone was in between them, the speaker on. She was talking to Lucky while playing.

Swara: “Bhai.. It’s OK! You’ ll get a chance soon…”
Lucky: “hmm… I wish so… but…”
Swara: “Everything fine Bhai? U sound disturbed”
Lucky: “she got paired up with Sanky…” Swara: “Jealous?”
Lucky:” U r not listening to me Shona… Sanky doesn’t like her a bit..-I still don’t know why… ” Shona looked up at Rags to see her staring at the phone. “He had been telling me that she is not perfect for me, that I should think about it more. Even after these many days he is still not ready to accept her! ”
Swara: ” And why do u need his approval? ”
Lucky: “He is my best friend Shona! ”
Swara: “Really! Then y are u not telling your best friend who u are… ” Lucky: “Shona…”
Rag:” Swara.-. where r .u?” Swara understood that she wanted her to stop it there .
Swara:” Di… I’m here…” (In a loud voice ) “Oops.. Bhai I’ve to go… Good n8!” Saying this she disconnected the call.
Rag: “Shona … Don’t drag the topic there… you know…”
Swara: ” I’m sorry Dhi!” Rags just nodded her head as a reply.
# ####################

All the pairs were waiting for the trainer. Rags and Sanky were standing at one end. Swara was standing near her. Sanjeev and his pair were standing next to Them. The girl was so excited. She said Hi to Lucky, but stopped herself from further conversation, hearing his cold reply.
Sanky was staring angrily at Rags.

Rag: “I know I’m looking great; But you don’t have to stare life this…” Sanky gave her a disgusted look.

A girl and boy came in just then.
Girl: “Hi guys! I’m Sharon and this is Swayam. be r here to assist ur trainer, Aarav Gupta!”
Lucky’s partner exclaimed: “Aarav Gupta? Wow guys were really lucky. U know, he is from ‘Zara Nachle’, the dream academy of every dancer in the country. ①e it classical or western, the have it all. And we r to be trained by Aarau Gupta! it’s really wonderfull!”

Sanky:(to Sharon ) So ur from Zara Nachle? U r a trainer… but u r so young and beautiful…”
Shona:(murmuring) Such a flirt! ”
Swayom:(putting an arm possesively around Sharon’s waist ) we r his students! ”
Sanky looked at Swayon and then back at Sharon: “Boyfrnd?”
It was Swayom who replied: “fiancee!”
Sanky: “But aren’t U a little too young to be engaged?” He asked Sharon.
Swayom:” U have any problem with that? ” Sharon cut in between to stop their fight.

Swayom: (murmuring)”Whatever!” (loudly)”Guys, Aarav will be here in a few. But before that lets see what you’ve got. So line up with ur partner. ” All of them got ready.

Sanky: “I don’t want to dance with u!”
Rag: “Same feeling here!”

They were shown some steps and were asked to try doing it. Sanky was a good dancer, but Rags was not getting even after trying a lot. Now Sanly got irritated, he dropped her hands and moved back.
Sharon: ” What happened? It’s Ok! Just try it again!”
Sanky:” I- don’t- want-to dance-with-you!” He stressed each word.
Rag:”I’m trying….”
Sanky: “Ya, trying! but u’re not gonna do a single step right! I can’t believe that I let u dance with me and that too even after knowing what a r!”
Rags was Shocked. She Stammered :”W..What…do u mean?”
Sanky:”Oh! U really didh’t understand me? OK…. I'” tell u! Ur a scholarship student right… U don’t even have the Standard to stand next to me and I allowed u to dance with me…”
He insulted her further. she didn’t utter a word, but just stood there, her head hanging. Swara couldn’t stand it. she got really angry. She wouldn’t tolerate anyone talking to her dhi like that , anyone! Ragim. held her by her wrist to stop her from a fight.

“what is happening here?” Someone was angry. Swayom $ Sharon went to a fuming Aarav. Rags turned around to see them trying to pacify a handsome young man, who was about her age. That’s when he got a call. He went out, attending it. Raghi turned around to look at Laksh. He was having a pained e×pression. She tood her bag and went out of the hall. Outside she saw Aarav just disconnecting the call.
Rag: “Aarau… Can I talk to a for a minute ?”

# ################

Aarav came into the hall. He clapped his hands to gain attention.
Aarav: “So guys, I’m Aarav , ur trainer. So how r U all doing?” He was smiling. “… And guys… Swara will be replacing Rag… ini . .. as Sankar’s partner.”
Swara: “But I don’t want…”
Aarav: “Ragini asked u to!”
fear a sighed and gave Sanky on angry glare. She excused herself and dialed Rags.
Swara: ” Dhi…. I don’t want to dance with him… ”
Rag: “But u wanted to dance… And there is no way my shona will back out… And what better punishment can I give him?” She added with chuckle.
Swara: “Dhi!”
Rag: “Swara , I want u to do this!” Ragim. rarely called her Swara and when she did Swara knew better to obey her dhi.
Swara:” Where r U Dhi?”
Rag:” I’m going to my heart!”

############## ###### ###

Rags was standing infront of a gate, a huge one. ‘Mera Dil’ the name plate said. A huge mansion stood behind the gate, with a beautiful lawn in front of it. tt lot of Children were playing there. Some teenagers were walking around with books in their hands. Some old people were watching the kids. Seeing an, the children came running to her, calling ”didi”. She gave them chocolates.
One old lady started scolding her “You r spoiling the kids! Y do you bring chocolates each time u visit?”
Dadi ma, it makes them. happy… and i’ ll do anything to make them happy.”
A girl (Radhika) around 20 came upto them.
Radhika: “Didi, don’t worry Dadima is just jebus because the doctor asked her not to have sweets… ” Rags cfmikkd hearing her “And Didi, its not the chocolates but u that makes us happy” Ragini caressed her cheeks, smiling.
Others might call it an orphanage or oldage home, Some even called it Orphage home, but for her it was her heart, the reason y she named it ‘Mera Dil’ She had made the children and the old stay together, so that they get each others’ love. Mera Dil was stable on itself with many of its residents earning. Regni had taught them will to look after themselves. She provided them with some place to stay and a lot of people to love, Hu rest was upon themselves. More than |ooking after themselves, they looked after each other. Ragni was just 17, when she came up with the thought of Mera Dil. She asked for her father’s help…. A place for them to stay and expenses for a year. “Just a year?” Her father had asked. She promised him that he wouldn’t have to do it after that.And Ragini, She never breaks her promise!
she had told her father that She will repay him, the money he spent on Mera Dil, with interest . And she was working hard. It was not easy doing two jobs, while looking after Mera Dil and managing college at the same time. But she loved both her jobs, those were her passion… her passion could never tire her ….


Rags entered the huge office building of ‘Apke Pasanth’, the textile wing of SR groups. She worked there part time, as designer. “Morning Ragini Beta” “Morning Kaka…” She wished the old security, back. She went through the office wishing everyone. All liked her…..-…except for the ones who were jelous of here… because they didn’t know her well that she was the most lovable person ever… they didn’t like the fact that she got all the attention even after being just a part time employee………… Because they had no idea who she was, well no one really knew who she was…. for them she was this sweet girl, who worked part time in the office.
She had a lot of pending works to do. the completed a presentation and walked upto the MD’s cabin. She knocked the door. “Come in” Came the reply. She entered. closing the door behind her.
Rag: “sir,I’ve completed the presentation…. ”
” How many times have I told not to call me sir, atleast not when we r alone!” Rags chuckled at her Bose’s comment.
Rag: “OK then!How r u handsome ?”
“Ragini!!!” The person came around the table and pulled her ear.
Rag: “Papa! Papa… leave me!”
“Hmm… that’s better! ” Replied the great business man Durgaprasad Maheswari, the co-owner of the SR groups.
DP: “Laado… this is ur company, then Y do u behave like an employee
Rag: “Papa I want to work here as RagS, Ragini not as The Ragini of SwaRagini Group. I don’t want them to look at me the way they look at u!”
DP:”No one can stand a chance in front of u… I’ve no idea how Lucky is gonna handle u!”
Rag: Haha… so funny ” She said sarcastically.
Rags was back at her desk.

No one can stand a chance….
But today someone really did shut her mouth…. she had planned everything till date. But today she was taken by surprise. she had no idea what he was hinting at when Sanky Said that he knew what she was. SG knew that he was not gonna stop by that… but what followed was really unexpected… But it was good in way, because she now wanted to know how Lucky will reaat to her being a ‘scholarship student’ But handling Swara had been hard. She was so angry that she would have blurted out the truth, had Rags not stopped her.
well it was not just her the whole family was protective about both the girls. they were so fond of the girls that they had changed their empire’s name from the familynames GM – Gadodia-Maheswari to SR-SwaRagini . the empire was so vast that there was not a single field they left untoUched… still remaining the most sincere and truthful people. they had given all the 4 children a wonderful upbringing that each One of them was down to earth. DP and SheKhar Gadodia had always watched with awe how their kids mingled easily with the most common people… Well Ragini was to given credit for the youngest 2…. She was always a good girl, a very good one indeed….

Ragni’s phone ringed right then . A smile appeared on her face seeing the caller id
Rag:”Hey Samy…”
Samy: …..
Rag: “What do u think… Do I sound like I’m not OK!
Rag:”Yaar …. I’m at the office and I’m perfectly alright! ”
Samy: ..-.
Rag:”Wow… I can’t believe that I’m talking to the great Mr. Maheswari”
Samy : ..-.
Rag: ‘Ya…Ya..- but I’m Ur elder sister, not younger one… So stop Worrying about me….. And It would have been another matter, had your gf blown my cover… ”
she chuckled at his response.


Sanky came into the room and saw Lucky just cutting a call. He looked tense.
Sanky: “What happened? ”
Lucky: “Ur asking me that after what u did! …. shona called…Its been 4 dayS and Ragini haven’t returned yet. ”
sanky:”that’s all! I thought it is something serious. ”
Lucky: “what!?… Sanskaar, do n have any idea what makes a person great!! It is when he/ she comes forward and does something even after all the odds.It is not some one’s background that determines their standard, but their attitude, their thoughts… And Sanky, u have failed miserably…”
Sanky:” U really love her a lot, don’t u…U r the perfect person for her… ” lucky stared at him “… She won’t get someone else who is this stupid.” He completed
Sandy smirked, took his phone & went out.

Precap:Surprises… for them… for u…

That’s it guys…. I know the episode was boring… sry about that… but as I said, -this is Ragini’s story and we do have to know her…. Sorry for the typos and thanks for reading….

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