Laksh played his cards but he doesn’t even know what game Ragini is playing and which players r on her side………
Ready for the next chapter?????? Here we go…….
Rag: “what did he say, ur bro? u went to meet him in the evening right?”
Swara turned around to face ragini. Ragini was cool as ever, working in her laptop.

Swa: “he is really going crazy about u di. U have know idea, how many of ur photos, he have taken……”

Rag: “he was taking my photos in the canteen. He called out to me just to get one in a diff pose”
Swa: “ wow di! U really knew that?
Rag: “I should say ur bro is really good! Sending u here like this was a wonderful idea!”
Swa: “ actually he saved me. I was thinking my head out, how to stick around with u without letting him know our secret.”
Rags laughed as she said this and later started teasing her
Rag: “What was that in the canteen, ha? U had lots to talk about ur family, but what about Samy? Is he just my bro for u know? Nothing else?”
Swara turned pink hearing her. Rags liked teasing her, well she liked the blush on Swara’s face.

Swara’s POV
Samy…. Ragini di’s little brother(well not so little anymore)….. my best friend….. when it turned into love….. I really don’t know. We tried our best to behave normally in front of our parents. But di knew it all, the reason y she teased us. Well Samy never got affected by her tease….. may be because his relationship with di was quite diff from mine with Bhai or di. I was always their pet, their little girl. I like di pampering me. But Samy…….. he never even called her di… they were more like best frnds than siblings…….. I really don’t know how to describe their relationship .

The 4 of us had grown up together that is until bhai decided to travel around. Bhai had been contacting me, but it has been about 5yrs since bhai met them….. the reason y he doesn’t recognise her…. Both the fathers have been best frnds since chidhood….. and the mothers became frnds after the marriages…… it was not 2 families but 1…. And our parents they r very fond of us girls… we both have never heard a no 4m them….. hey! That doesn’t mean we r spoilt ok!……. when papa( di’s father, I started calling him papa, copying di and I used to call my parents uncle and aunty. Finally di had to call them aayi-baabi so that I too call them that.. hehe)…. So what was I saying, ha when papa brought out the topic of di’s marriage with bhai… there wasn’t really any surprise in that. Bhai too really didn’t mind. He said that the parents can fix their marriage…. That he will be there,back in the village for the marriage. He didn’t even try to meet Laado di… he knows di as Laado…..

But how could he forget all that….that his marriage is fixed. By just seeing di, he fell in love with her?It really didn’t matter as he fell in love with my Laado di and no one else, what di actually wanted to happen. She didn’t want her marriage to be with a complete stranger. She wanted to know him…. Wanted him to know her….. to fall in love with her…… propose her….. make her agree…. And fight with the parents for her….. well the last part was really not gonna happen, because they already know y di took the transfer…… she wants marriage to be purely based on love….. and she was ready to give up bhai, had he fallen in love with someone else….. and the family wouldn’t oppose her.

End of POV

Her thoughts were broken, as ragini’s phone began to ring
Rag: “shona pls attend the call” she called out 4m the washroom.
Swara hadn’t noticed her leaving. She took the phone 4m the bed… ‘Samy calling’ it said.
She attended the call and brought the phone to her ear.
Samy: “her Ladoo! U said that u’ll call me later” Now she understood what rags meant by ‘someone else’s boyfrnd’ “laado! U there?”
“hello” ok she sounded weird. There was a silence 4 a few seconds.
Samy: “hmm….. Shona! How r u?”

Swa: “I’m fine…… how r u?”
Swara heard Rags laughing 4m beside her. She took the phone 4m swara’s hand and put it on speaker.
Rag: “really guys? Is it all u have to ask each other? Both of u do know that the other is fine…… or….. let me guess, it is because I’m here that u guys r so formal..isn’t it?”
Samy: “Laado! Stop it! And Shona I don’t really that any of that is really meant to make u blush”
Rags looked up 4m the phone and started laughing seeing that Swara was actually blushing.
Rag: “u know her a bit too well, don’t u?……. and shona, stop blushing!”
Samy: “laado! I didn’t really call u 4 this and u do know that!” He said in a serious tone
Rag: “ha….. I know!” saying this she turned off the speaker and went out.
Swara was sure that they were talking about her bhai. He had already fallen in love with her. But her di was not gonna make it easy for him…….


Laksh was at the beech. He was alone, obviously thinking about Rags
Swa: “hey bhai! Counting the waves? Should I heip u?” she knew that he was waiting 4 her. She expected him to scold her. She was damn late. But he didn’t. he just gave her a smile and again returned to stare at the sea. She could see very well that he was disturbed. “bhai……”
Laksh: “how is she Shona?”
Swa(in fake anger): “Really bhai! U r asking me how she is? U didn’t even ask how I’m and u started talking about her right away!”
Now he actually smiled at this
Laksh: “because I know that my Shona is perfectly alright, else I’ll feel that na?”
Swa: “hmm…OK OK!”
Lak: “what? U r not convinced?”
Swa: “not really!”

Lak: “huh? Shona…..”
She started laughing and he too joined her. He liked her like that, laughing. She’ll always remain his little sister no matter how old she grow.
Swa: “er.. bhai…… u really do love her na?”
Laksh was confused. She knew that he loves Rags a lot. Then y was she asking this now.
Swa: “Bhai, its been 2 months since she joined the college. And still u 2 r fighting. U haven’t even start a proper conversation with her.”
Laksh: “I know Shona! But what am I supposed to do? How can I approach her just like that….. after all those fights.”
Swa: “hmm.. I know! Y don’t u ask her to be ur partner….. in the salsa competition?”
He had already thought about thar. But…
Lak: “I can’t do that Shona”

Swa: “What?! Bhai, atleast give it a try.”
Lak: “just listen to me Shona! They r actually holding this comp as an audition for the intercollege comp….. so they r alloting partners, after theselection test. We can’t choose our partners. U have no idea how much I wish that they make me her partner.”
Swa: “oh! Di hadn’t told me about it. But u must do something else immediately.” He just nodded. “er…. Bhai, its getting late. I shoud get back to hostel”
Laksh: “I wanted to stay a bit longer…… never mind! Come, I’ll drop u.”
Swa: “no bhai…. Its ok, u can stay here. I’ll go by myself. I’ve grown up bhai!!”
Lak: “u sure u’ll manage?”
Swa rolled her eyes: “I’m going..bye!”

She walked upto the road and turned back to see her bro, standing right where he was, still staring the sea. She smiled to herself. Someone was sitting on a bike nearby, wearing a helmet. He was staring at her, and she saw him. She walked upto him
Swa: “ what r u staring at?……….. Lets go!”

She sat behind him and kept her hands on his shoulders. She was with Samy when laksh called her. He had been complaining that she was not spending enough time with him, even after coming to mumbai. (She had been with rags, in delhi.) He was not letting her leave. So she ws late, the time she took to convince him. He dropped her at the beach and asked her to give a miss call, when she was ready to leave. He said that he would drop her at the hostel. But she didn’t need to call him. He was already there, waiting for her.
Swa: “when did u come?”
Samy: “ few min before u came to the road.”
Swa: “really?” he could hear the tease in her voice.

Samy: “what?”
Swa: “well… I was actually wondering…… did u even leave?”
She saw him rolling his eyes-in the mirror. He knew that she always looked at the mirror while talking to him.. she took her hands off his shoulder. She could see that he didn’t like the move. She slowly wrapped her arm around him and rested her head on his shoulder. She could fell his body shaking in a slight laugh, now realising what she was doing.
Samy: “hey! Don’t start sleeping ok!”
Swa: “but I want to!”
She said in a complaining voice. He laughed again, but didn’t say anything. He knew that she didn’t mean it…..she liked sitting like that.

Ragini was just coming back to the hostel, whwn she saw Swara near the gate, talking to someone. She didn’t ned to see his face to know he it was. She walked upto them and said hi
He returned her greetings in an irritated tone.
Rag: “What? U don’t sound like u r pleased to see me.”
Samy: “y r u still here if u know that already?”
Rag: “Ha?! That’s so mean…..”

Now Swara started laughing: “u know what, even bhai started behaving like him…. He started asking me about u the moment he saw me…….”
Samy: “see u have people to enquire about u.”
Rags rolled her eyes.

Rag: “shona…… y didn’t u give the auditions?”
Both the girls were walking towards the auditorium. The pairs for the competition were to be announced.
Swa: “actually di, none of my frnds were participating and I didn’t want to end up with seniors. But now I think I should have taken part. U guys r obviously gonna be in na?….. never mind!”
The reached the auditorium.
Laksh: “what r u guys doing here? Do u really think u r gonna get through?”
He was sitting on one of the back seats. Sanky was standing a few feets away, flirting with a girl.
Swa: “well, di may or may not get through, but y u sitting at the back? Afraid that u too wont get throgh?”

Rags laughed as Swara said this. Laksh kept staring her. She noticed it, but didn’t show that she did. Swara slightly kicked his leg to bring him back to the reality. He opened his mouth thinking a couter, but the comp co-ordinators were at the stage. They started announcing the pairs. Laksh got paired up with a junior. Nithya could see his disappointment on his face.

Rag: “shocked? U rly didn’t think u’ll get through; did u? its ok. They just made u do simple steps na….. that’s y!”
Sanky who was walking towards them with the girl, heard her.
San: “and I’m sure u asked for even easier steps. U look like u cant even do a single one.”
The girl besides him started laughing hearing him.
Rag: “u…..”
“and the last pair….. ‘Mr.SANSKAAR and Ms.RAGINI….”
Both looked at each other shocked.
“so guys, that’s all for the pairs. Ur trainer will b here tmw. See u all here at 2pm tmw….bye!”
Swa: “di…. Lets go!”
While walking away with her di, Swara turned back to see her bro staring at Sanky while Sanky was saying something.
Sanky: “what in the world?! I got paired up with that…. That……” he saw lucky staring at him. “………girl” sanky completed.

Precap: yet another entry…….. salsa…….. fights…… insults…… and much more……..

That’s it 4 todays update…..
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Will try to post b4 leaving…….
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