Sry for the short update last day guys……….
I was in the hostel….. and as I said phones not allowed……… but we r still girls…. Some of us had phones….. it was my frnd’s and she was not letting me type…….. I had to cut it short… it was less than 1/4th of my real episode…….. sry again…..and will try to update long ones now……..
And about the pairs…….. it may not always be what it appears…… and as I already said there are a few new characters….. they will bring a lot of twists to the story… so just wait…….
And guys I really don’t want to type any more Bengali……. I have no idea if it is correct or not…. So I’m just gonna give the dlg in English and will mention when its supposed to be Bengali……. And thx for the support……

So here we go……
Sanky: “Bengali? But how do you know?”
Lucky: “er… I have been in Kolkata for some time……. So….”
He turned to girl
Lucky: “thum kolakata se ho?”( Are u 4m kolkata) She still looked confused cofused so he translated it to Bengali
Girl(in Bengali): “Are u a Bengali? I’m so happy that I finally met someone who understands me…..”
Lucky was gonna reply when Sanky interrupted.
Sanky: “Will u just stop it Bhai? We r not understanding a thing and its really irritating…”
Lucky: “she doesn’t know English or hindi…”
Sanky: “then just ask her to leave…… why r these type of behnjis even here!”
Lucky shook his head and turned to girl again.

Lucky(in Bengali): “its almost 9. U better go to ur class. And by the way, what is ur name?”
“Ragini” the girl said as she walked away.
Sanskar and Laksh were the most famous guys in college. Both had joined the college 1 and a half years ago… the back benchers of the time…… the most fun loving guys…. well sort of crazy…. Got into everything they can….. The professors were wondering how they even got through BBA and more importantly, how they got into the college. Majority of the students in the college were rich, but that didn’t mean that money can by a seat in SRCBS, the college had proper entrance exams and even provided scholarships to brilliant students who couldn’t afford the fee. But all their doubts got cleared when the first sem results came out…. They turned out to be the toppers….
They didn’t know each other before college, but they turned out to be quite similar. Both had a string of girls behind them. Lucky never really paid any attention, But Sanskar, he was a healthy firlt( don’t think much, I said he is healthy firlt). But he was never into a serious relationship, and he made it clear if someone expected more than a few comments and treats from him.

Lucky was thinking something….. well rather he was lost somewhere when Sanky called him
Sanky: ‘ Bhai! U here? Its almost time for our class”
Lucky: “Ya, lets go.”
The gang was sitting in their class. They were wondering what made their Sir late. That’s when he came in with a wide smile.
Sir: “Hi guys! How r u all? Guess what, I have a surprise for u……. We have a new admission…. Actually , she got transferred from our Delhi college. Their best student they say…. Guess she is gonna give a tough competition for u Laksh and Sanskar….
‘Rajveer sir never really praised anyone, so who was this new girl?’ thought the guys
“U r embarrassing me sir! I’m not that good, I think I’m just OK!” came in a beautiful voice and a girl followed it. She was wearing a knee length sleeveless dress, her wavy hair untied, reaching her waist.
‘oh god! I’ve started to see her everywhere’ Laksh thought. That’s when he heard Sanky
Sanky: “bhai? Isn’t it that girl, the Bengali one”
“But didn’t she just speak English” asked someone else

Ragini was giving her intro “Hi guys! I’m Ragini. I completed my BBA in SRCBS, delhi and had been continuing my MBA there. But now I had to get a transfer due to some personal issues. But I promise you, I’ll give my best and will be a good frnd to u all. The only one whom I know here is Avanthi and I’m sure, she’ll introduce u guys to me. Won’t u Avanthi?”
Avanthi gave her a thumbs up(not the drink…hehe…)
Now it was time for the guys to get confused. The class went on smooth, but the gang didn’t hear a thing. They were thinking about Ragini. Laksh too was thinking about her, but not really the same as others.

The lecture was finally over. They were ready to question Ragini. But before they could utter a word, she began talking to Avanthi, but in a loud voice.
Rag: “When u told me about the geniuses in ur class, I didn’t really think they were this great. They just believed that someone who doesn’t even have basics in English, would get through the entrance of SRCBS. U should have seen their faces when they saw me here.”
Now this angered Sanky. No one have dared to speak a word against them, and here, a girl who just got into their college, was making fun of them. And the BBCs of the last bench would make sure that the entire college knows about it.
“how dare u…. ” he started
“how dare I what?” She snapped back.
Sanky: “u lied to us, and ur clothes…..”

Rag: “What about my clothes? I wear what I like! Who r u to qns me?! And I didn’t lie…. Ask ur frnd, I said I don’t know Enlish that much . I’m way better than u can even imagine. So now would u pls leave me alone?” She said it with a pls but it was more of a command than a request.
That didn’t do good. It angered him more.

“Hey u! See before u speak. Who do u think u r? Dare speak to us like that again & u’ll see what we can do?” Lucky was surprised bcoz it was not sanky but him, who said that. ‘really Lucky? Is this what u wanted to tell her? Well its better in this situation’ he thought.
Rag: “well I can see very well but I cant see why I should change my tone! And ha, don’t dare me, it just makes me want to do it more……. Try scaring someone else!” Saying this she went out.
Lucky: “that oversmart! What was her name again? What does she think of herself, that she is some princess……”

“u can call me that-princess! I don’t really mind” She was standing right at the door. Lucky opened his mouth to say something, but she cut him out “I don’t really have time for this” Saying this she left the class with Avanthi.
‘OK I liked the first naïve Ragini. But I like this bold one more’ Lucky thought
“What-In the-Hell-Was-That?! Anyway superb entry Rags!” Avanthi complemented her. Ragini just gave her a sweet smile. Actually she was deep in her thoughts. There were a lot of things she had to do. The first step- getting into the college- done, second step- making a bang entry-went better than she expected. Poor guys, she didn’t have anything against them. But they happened to be the most famous guys around…..

The guys were back to their routine, looking for freshers. Lucky had just asked a girl her name.
Girl: “Hi! I’m Swara and ha I do know English and Hindi; and don’t worry, I’m not gonna trn out into ur classmate.”
It was a blow for them. They didn’t expect a junior to reply like that. Lucky could hear a chucle from behind and he didn’t really need to turn back to know who it was, but still he did. The girl Swara was now talking to Ragini.
Swara: “Hi di! Heard about u, u r superb!”
Ragini liked the girl. She was bold.
Rag: “Be careful about what u tell them. Cant be sure, how they’ll react.”
Swara: “ I’m not afraid of them!” This made ragini’s smile wider.

Rags and Avanthi were in the canteen. Swara had joined them for lunch. She was talking about her family. Her superb father, cute mother, handsome brother and her aunt and uncle who were more like family than friends, their beautiful daughter-her di and her di’s brother.
Ragini, who was listening to the whole thing without saying anything, chuckled when Swara said the last part. May be because she just mentioned the last person as her di’s brother while she had lots to tell about the others.
“Hey princess! Spoiling the girl more?” Sanjeev was at the other table with his frnds
“None of ur business” It was Swara who replied. And this started off a verbal fight.
Lucky was sitting on the stone stairs of their ground and was doing something on his phone when Sanky came there.
Sanky: “Where in the world did u disappear to? I’ve been searching for u in the whole college; and u r sitting here. Hey! What r u doing?” He looked onto the screen and got shocked by what he saw. “Bhai?”
Lucky: “I think I’m in love with her.”

Sanky kept on staring at the smiling face on the screen, may be 4m when she was sitting in the canteen.
That’s when someone snathed the phone 4m Lucky’s hand. They both looked back shocked.

Finally done with the next epi…… pardon me for the typos and sry for the mistakes as I haven’t cross checked it, am too lazy for that!…… and thanks for reading……

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