ME AND MY CRAZY STORY – episode 17

Sry.. sry… Sry… I know I’m late… I’m rly sry….

Pre epi: Episode 16

They were sitting in the living room watching TV. Ragini leaning against his shoulder. One of his hands holding hers while the other played at her waist. After sometime he released her and gave out a deep sigh. That got her attention and she turned towards him.
Laksh: “err….. I don’t know Ragini…. I’m getting bored…. Spending the whole day with you…Seeing the same face again and again….”
Rags rows her eyes and replied: “just cut the drama and come to the point.”
Now that made him chuckle. He wrapped his arm around her.
Laksh: “I was thinking about joining the office…. Dad asked me to join when I’m ready…. What do u think?”
Rag: “I think it’s great… Inform Baba before u join. He said that your PA too needs to join that day.”

Laksh: “heard they she is hot….”
Rag: “oh… Trying to be like your BIL?”
Laksh: “oh no… I can never match him… Flirting right in front of his girl…”
Rag: “so u r planning to flirt behind my back?”
Laksh: “I can try, u know… That is… If the girl is as hot as they say….”
She chuckled at that “just don’t get urself kicked by a girl”

He twisted their bodies to lay her flat against the cpuch with him on top of her, his weight balanced on his right arm. He looked at her eyes before his gaze shifted to her lips. It stayed there for a moment before moving back to her eyes. He Ran the tip of his left index finger from her cheek to her chin.
Laksh: “so u r not jealous???”
That made her smile.

Ragini: ” why should I be? U r mine… And I know u….”
She pulled him closer for a kiss.


The entire office was waiting for their new CEO. Most of them were worried.His PA was late. She was a sweet girl who worked there, before moving to Mumbai. Those who knew her didn’t want her to be in trouble, except for the jealous ones, that is. Everyone were at the entrance waiting for the new boss when black SUV came to stop in front of them, and Laksh exited, well dressed up, his expression stern, eyes behind dark shades. The HR manager went forward to give him a bouquet. A girl ran into the group unnoticed at the same time. Laksh stared at the bouquet before glaring at the man holding it.
Laksh: “u want to impress me? Try doing it with ur work… I don’t have time for this crap…. And why the hell are u all standing here, when u r supposed to be working… BACK TO YOUR SEATS, NOW!”

The order came out as a roar and everyone ran for their lives, except for the Manager Aaryan. Aaryan accompanied him to show him the office.
Laksh: “you r not my pa, I suppose…”
Aaryan: “err… No sir”
Laksh: “Then where the hell is she?”
Aaryan cringed at his tone.

Aaryan: “woh… Sir…. I think… She is late…”
Laksh: “u think? Call her, whoever she is and tell her that she need not come, if she is too busy… Inform her that she is for..”

“GOOD MORNING SIR… I am sry that I’m late… But I don’t think we should waste time, discussing traffic jams.”
But Laksh was staring at the girl in front of him, dressed in bright colours, a red skirt, a white top and a colourful scarf-with a lot of tassels- around her neck. A colourful cloth bag across her shoulder. A bracelet with big, coloured stones, around her left wrist. She looked out of place among all the people dressed in formals.
“SIR, we don’t have time to waste! Can we go to ur cabin.”
‘So she was already here?’ he wondered. The trio walked upto his cabin-placed in such a way that he could overlook the entire office from there. Laksh stopped abruptly at the open door.
Laksh: “why r there 2 desks?”
Aaryan: “woh… Sir… your… fa… father…”
“That’s my desk! Ur father had asked us to set it here. He said that it’ll make ur work easy… Saves a lot of time…” She turned to the other man. “U can leave, Aaryan. I’ll call u if I need anything .” The poor guy literally ran out of the cabin. She chuckled seeing that and turned around to see her boss staring at her.
“Ur… clothes…”

“What about my clothes?” She asked, looking down at herself.
“Y r u not in formals?” She smiled at his stern question, walked towards her desk and kept her bag there, before turning back and slowly walking towards him.
“I have been dressing like this, for the past 3 yrs, working here… And I don’t think I have to change my dressing style now!”

“3 yrs… U have been working here for 3 yrs?”
“2 here and 1 at the Mumbai office…. Was working part time. Ur dad liked my work and here I’m … As ur PA.”
“Which dep…” Someone knocked at the door and a gray haired head peaked into the cabin, hearing his ‘come in’.
Laksh watched his employ relax seeing his PA and the girl started chatting with that man after answering some questions that was actually directed at him. ‘Talkative’ that is the first word that came to his mind. He saw her bending down to retrieve something that the man dropped. Her top rose a few inches revealing her milky waist. His breath got stuck midway and he averted his face. “Hot… Talkative… But surely HOT…” He was shocked at his own thoughts. He shook his head to clear his mind. ‘ Laksh… U r here to work… Concentrate on that… Be a professional…’ he chided himself. He moved towards his chair, removed his coat to hang it on the back of his chair. He turned around to come face to face with the reason of his distress. She was standing too close. “U said I’m hot… How hot SIR?” She asked, leaning in, her hands going to his nape.
Laksh came back to his senses, when she pushed him away. That is when he realised that his hands were on her waist and he was kissing her, but she had pulled away as soon as his lips fell on hers.
“Professional, ha?” She smirked and walked back to her desk. “And don’t think about any disciplinary actions… Because it was you who kissed me!”
Laksh sagged to his seat.

‘What the hell did he just do? She was right, she just leaned in. It was he, who kissed her.’ He closed his eyes tightly and good a deep breath. She watched him, smiling. She took a file and started checking it.
“I want that kiss!” She jumped at the sudden voice and the file fell from her hands. She looked up to see him standing right next to her. Before she could react, she was pulled into his arms and his lips fell on hers. She chuckled as he released her. “Your self control is really poor SIR”

She was again pulled in for a kiss, as a reply. His lips moved to her collar bone, where he nipped, sucked and kissed her for a long time. She was moaning the whole time and came back to her senses when she felt him raising her top. She pushed him away, yet again.
“Laksh! Stop it! We r in the office.” He pulled her back into his arm. “U should have thought about it before tempting me… And it is SIR!”
She chuckled at that.

“Is this how u behave with ur PA, SIR?”
“What to do dear… You ARE really HOT!”
“But u were planning to just flirt with me, right?”
He smirked. “And how do u know that?”
She bit her tongue at that and smiled sheepishly. He laughed out seeing her expressions. He traced a finger along her lips, one hand still around her waist.
“Y didn’t u tell me?” He asked.

“U were trying to be like YOUR BIL weren’t u, so I was just trying to be like my husband…. I wanted to surprise u.” She said, running her hand through his hair.
” Yaar… Don’t spoil my hair…”
” Oops! Sry… Angry young man right? I have to say… The entry was superb… Just maintain the character, ok… And keep ur hands to urself…. U don’t want the employees to gossip, do u?…. Most of the people here r my friends, but still there are some who want me out of here…”

“Out of here? But you own this company!” She just smiled at that. “Wait don’t tell me that no one knows…”
“OK! I wont… But just don’t let it slip from ur mouth… And BEHAVE in front of others!”
She started to move out.
Laksh: ” u better adjust the scarf..” she raised her eyebrow at him. ” I think that I gave u a hickey, princess…”
Her eyes widened at that. “Laksh!!!”….

Bye for the day, guys… Hope u liked it… And just bear with me… I would need time to update the next episode… Sry about that… I have the thread on mind… To fill the gap… But don’t know how to develop it… I’m having writer’s block…. Will try to post it as soon as possible… I guess Annie is on a leave.. I want her back… So that I can continue the story…
Not proof read… Sry for the typos…

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