ME AND MY CRAZY STORY – episode 16


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All confusions will be solved with this episode…. At least i hope so….
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Rag woke up to find herself alone in the big house. She hated being alone. But there was nothing she could do about it. She wandered around the whole house. Few rooms were locked. She walked out into the lawn. It was beautiful… Well maintained…. The backyard too was beautiful. A huge lake was there behind the house. All in all, she liked the whole place. Food was already made and kept in the kitchen. She ate it fearing that he might get angry if she didn’t. She waited for a long time for him so that they could have the dinner together. But when he finally came, he was busy in his phone. She went to him, to call him for dinner. He just neglected her the first few times, but then replied irritated and angry “I had my dinner. I know how to take of myself. U don’t have to worry about me. And I told u to stop acting like this perfect wife. Just go and have ur dinner” He had his eyes to the phone screen, the whole time. She flinched at his tone. She started walking towards her room, only to be stopped by his words. “I think I asked u to have ur dinner. Dare u disobey me!!!!”
She just lowered her head and walked towards the dining table. She ate the food even though she didn’t want to.
She was walking towards her room when she heard his phone ringing. It was on the sofa. She glanced around to see whether he was around, before walking towards it. She was confused whether to take it or not. She stood there looking at the phone for a minute before picking it up. She was just about to attend the call when someone snatched the phone from her hands. She turned around in shock. There he stood fuming. “How dare u… How dare u take my phone…. R u spying on me???”
“Laksh…. Main….”
“What?! What do u want to say??? U r doing things like this because I’m neglecting them rnt u?? I know…. I should start punishing u… Come with me..”
He started dragging her towards somewhere. He halted in front of a door. Unlocked it and pushed her in. “Stay in this dark room the entire night. That would be punishment enough… For now.” He said pushing her to the bed. She could hear footsteps retreating and adoor being closed. She didn’t dare to move from the bed. Well it was rather she didn’t want to. She was ready for any punishment he wanted to give her…. Except for indifference.

She woke up as she felt the sunrays on her face. She opened her eyes to see a beautiful view of the lake side through the glass wall. She remembered seeing the wall from the other side, the previous day. But the curtains were blocking her view then. There was a huge glass door in the middle. Somehow she felt calm standing in the room. She slowly turned around to inspect the room. But her eyes widened and jaw dropped by what she saw.

The walls were covered by a number of photos…. And paintings…. She didn’t know that she could look this beautiful. She slowly walked towards each one. She knew that he taken a lot of pictures of her, but never got the chance to see them. And the paintings…. He had painted her in various attires. The most beautiful one being her in a bridal wear. She got more surprised seeing the dates. It was way before she joined their college. Her mobile made a sound indicating an incoming message. She saw that her phone was on the bedside table. She had no idea how it got there. The “come to the lawn through the glass doors.” The message said.

She stood in front of the beautifully decorated patio. Shock evident on her face. She had followed the messages she got and ended up in font of a cake… A CAKE? She wondered. “Happy bday princess.” Her heart skipped a beat hearing the husky voice close to her ear. And then it started beating as if in a marathon. ‘He…. He called her princess… After a long time…. And what did he say??? Ha.. happy birt…. Oh my god… It’s her bday today… But wait… Does that mean…’
“I’m sorry princess… I rly am… I just wanted to surprise u… I’m sorry…..”
She turned and hugged him tight hearing his words. ‘he… He was not angry on her…. He forgave her…’ She clutched him tighter. “I… I’m rly… Sry… Laksh…. I… I should… have told… U…”
She said in between sobs. “Shh… It’s ok princess… It’s ok… I was never angry on u… I was acting…. I just wanted to surprise u….” “U… U were acting???” She asked him in shock. “Er.. princess.. I…” But she didn’t let him complete. He was too surprised to react as her lips caught his in an urgent kiss. But soon he too reciprocated. She withdrew as soon as she realised what she was doing… A blush rising up her cheeks. He chuckled at her expression. He cupped her cheeks and kissed her forehead.”Happy Birthday Princess!” He wished her again. He made her to cut the cake… And then they fed each other. Her family started calling her to wish her. They said that Laksh had forbade them from calling her earlier. He slowly took her back to the room with the glass wall, while she was talking on the phone.

She was still on the phone when he moved her hair to her left shoulder and started giving open mouthed kisses on her right. She gasped at the first touch. Her eyes closing on their on accord. She quickly ended the call as it was getting difficult for her to focus on the conversation. “U know how much I had to control myself the past week? I wanted u… And I wanted u so bad…” She blushed at his words. “But then I wanted to give u this surprise…. And… I wanted IT to be here… U know I had dreamt u even before actually meeting u… While I was here… And I started painting u…. These paintings…. (He jestered towards the paintings she saw earlier.)…. And then u came and stood right in front of me. For a second I even thought that I was dreaming. And then… U were always meant to be mine weren’t u??? My little princess!”
“I’m sry for keeping u away from me and for getting angry on u for no reason. Actually I didn’t rly have faith in my self control… So…. Had to keep a distance…. And then I wanted to be amongst the family always…. I could touch u then… Without having to fear about my self control….Or about u finding out…”
He said sheepishly. She hugged him agin, kissing his heart beat before Whispering. “I love u… I love u a lot Laksh” He took in a deep breath before pulling her for a kiss. He lifted her in his arms and moved towards the bed without breaking the kiss.

Ragini woke up feeling her husband’s mouth on places which she wouldn’t want to discuss with others… Well may be she would discuss it with her husband. She wondered how he managed to keep up. She was hell tired after all their lovemaking and here her Laksh was far from done. All coherent thoughts left her as waves of pleasure passed through her yet again.

Ragini’s dairy entry
I’m so happy… It’s been a week since we came here…. It is as if he can’t keep his hands to himself…. He makes me sit in his lap, even while having food… Says that he doesn’t want to spend a single second away from me… That he had already wasted a week because of my birthday…. That he don’t want to waste anymore of his time…. and I can’t believe that I’m blushing just thinking about it. Laksh is smirking seeing my expressions. He is lying on my lap… Both of us covered just by blankets… OK I have to go…. My insatiable husband!!!”

Guys hope u liked the epi….
Sry for the typos… Not proof read…. Sry….
Guys what do u think… Should I stop it here… This is where the break comes in my original…. Remember??? I told u that I had a huge blank in between two parts of my story… So I’m almost at the end of that first part… I want some time to fill the gap…. Or else I will stop it with this… Just tell me what to do…. I have one more episode in hand…. But will post it only if u guys want me to continue… This seems like a good end to the story…. I didn’t mean it to be like this…. But it turned out as it is at the end….

Let me know!!!!

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