ME AND MY CRAZY STORY – episode 15

Hey guys… how r u all???
Guys I was thinking about giving a few parts as diary entries…. hope it’s up to the mark!!!
Happy reading….
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Here we go…

*Ragini ‘s diary…

It’s been four days since the marriage….
We r very happy….. and so in love….
It is as if he can’t keep his hands to himself…..stating all silly reasons to hold me….. and our family…. they r teasing us like anything…. but they don’t have any idea…. that he doesn’t even spare me a glance while we r alone… that he despises touching me…. that he.. ha.. hates… me….

I tried to talk to him many times… apologise to him… but he wouldnt let me….. I now understand what he must have went through when we all showed indifference …. and here it is just him… and that too when we are alone… but… but I can’t take it…. I love him…. I love a lot… and he said that… that he WAS in love with me…. not anymore???? Maybe not … after what I did…. but I love him!!! I love him!!! He is not even giving me the opportunity to tell him that. I would go back in time and save him from all the heart ache I caused him, if I had the power….

Today all of us were watching TV… a romantic song playing…. he took my hand in his, caressing my pulse with his thumb before kissing there….. I let out a startled gasp. I could hear Shona giggling. Samy too was struggling to contain his laugh. We sat there for about ten more minutes…. him holding my hand the entire time…. before he called the day.. and literally dragged me from there…. I could hear laughters break out as soon as we exited the hall…. I was rly embarrassed… but the emotion soon changed as we reached our room… he left my hand as if burned… anger evident on his face… “I don’t think I can do this anymore!!!” He said. I have no idea what he meant. And I didn’t dare to ask him…

Today I understood what he meant. I was startled when Aai asked me about the packing… I didn’t have any idea what she was talking about…. but he said that we were almost done…. for the first time in 6 days he talked to me while we’re alone… “I hate having to pretend… I wanted to go alone… but can’t leave my new bride alone, can I? Pack all ur essentials… I am thinking about settling there and papa and uncle r OK with it… they asked me to join the office there when I feel like it…. and I don’t think we’ll be coming back for a while… the lesser we visit, the lesser I have to act!!!!” He said in a business like tone…I didnt dare to ask him were THERE meant…. I remember an earlier conversation when I said that daring me only makes me want to do it more… I feel like it was ages ago!!!
He told that we are leaving early tomorrow morning… I completed my packing… I don’t think I will be able to sleep today….

We r in HEAVEN. His house in Delhi…. I slept through the flight and when I woke up, I found myself on a king sized bed… in a well furnished room…. I remembered Samy telling me about his house… the one which he bought on his own… I knew that his paintings sold good…. but didn’t think that the house is this grand….
I was walking around the house when I saw him… drinking water…. he was shirtless… sweat glistening on his toned chest… just back from workout… I guessed… it was the first time I was seeing him like that and I couldn’t take my eyes off him.. my gaze wandered on his body before going to his face. He was looking at me smirking…. something in his eyes.. which I couldn’t rly comprehend… “like what u see?” He asked. I was at a loss of words..” then stop staring!” He ordered. He asked me to set the table for dinner. “U know, u too don’t have to pretend anymore. So stop being this perfect wife… I don’t want to see u in a saree… until and unless it is necessary!” He said during dinner. But again went back to silent mode. I came back to my room(where I had woken up… I still don’t know how I ended up here… did he rly… carry me??) But he hasn’t joined me till now.. guess he is sleeping in another room…. we don’t have to pretend anymore… do we???

Sry guys…. I know this is short…. I promise… I will update soon….
Hope u liked it. Not proof read… sry for the errors…

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  1. Sindhura

    What happen to laksh all of sudden

  2. awesome amazing excellent superb mind blowing brilliant no words to describe and plZzzzzzzz be regular next part soon I can’t wait

  3. Plz bring thm close. shw some romance yaar..

  4. Raglakholic

    Poor ragini
    Feeling bad for her
    Hate laksh
    How could he do like this to her
    Poor soul she is so broken
    Nd y is he behaving like this
    Please do continue soon
    Eagerly waiting to read more

  5. I’m confused about laksh behavior

  6. Fairy

    wowwwwww itssss amazngggggggggg!!!!!omggg loved it!!! cnt wait to read nxt part…plzzzz post it sooon plz….update ws jst fabulousss…keeep rockng n stay blessed dr 😉

    1. Fairy

      n i jst love dis twist….bt laksh is reallly rude yr….bt still its amaznggg..plz post nxt part soon.

  7. Jazzy

    what happened to laksh suddenly post next part soon

  8. rags is getting the tasting of her own medicine

  9. Ragz_teju

    awesome loved it

  10. Asra

    awesome dear…poor ragini….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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