ME AND MY CRAZY STORY – episode 14


Hi guys…. I know I’m late…. I’m rly rly rly sry for that….. I was planning to update earlier…. but I got a call one fine afternoon from college… that our classes were starting the next day…. I had a lot of things to do… a lot of packing…..
And then it was all hectic since then…. new schedule… new assignments and know what… they even gave homeworks…. r we little kids……

And then I had typed the whole thing once….. but it got deleted just as I was about to submit it…. I got so irritated that….. well u wouldn’t want to know…..

Sry again for being late…..
I will post the next episode sooner……

Pre epi:

Here we go…..

One week went in fast… but not for Laksh….. his whole family was avoiding him…. he wanted to talk to Laado as early as he can. He tried to get her no.. but what could he do if others won’t even look at him…. He had to wait it out…. and it is said that time goes slower when someone is waiting for something….

Finally the day came… when they would go to Kolkata…. he was nervous… rly nervous….
He wanted to see her….. and finally his wish came true… she was standing a bit far… talking to Sanky… at least she was laughing… that relaxed him… and a small smile came to his face… that’s when he felt like he saw something…. he walked towards her… he saw Sanky moving back to the stairs…..

Laksh: “thanks for accepting me!”
Rag: “what?!”
He pointed towards her forehead : “vermilion!”
A shock covered her face and her hand went to cover her partition.
He smirked: “I just felt that I saw a red tint … u confirmed my doubts…” he went away smiling.
Sanky came back right then. He had heard the conversation. He teased her.. earning him a glare.

Laksh’s pov (guys I rly don’t know how to write pov… so…. sry?)

I tried hard to meet Laado, but no luck. I am getting more worried thinking about her decision. The vermilion that I saw WAS something, but I am sure that she will leave me if Laado asks her to. I have to meet Laado and and sort out everything. I know, what I did is wrong… my marriage was fixed… but… but I can’t imagine someone else as my wife…. Ragini…. she is not just my wife…. she is my life…. I HAVE to fix everything asap… today is the roka… the house us filled with guests… I have no idea what will happen….
I look around wishing to have at least a single glance if my life. But she is nowhere to be seen. Sanky is attending the guests. Shona too is missing. I slowly walk towards Sanky.
Laksh: “where is Shona and…” but he cuts me before I can complete.
Sanky: “helping Laado get ready! Will be…” he stops abruptly.. his eyes arrested at the top of the stairs. I follow his gaze and felt my heart skip a beat. Shona is looking beautiful in her violet lehenga. But my eyes are stuck on the goddess standing next to her in a peach lehenga.
Shona says something to Ragini, which in turn earns her a smack. I see a slight blush covering Ragini’s cheeks.
“Stop staring..” I hear Sanky “….at my sister!”
That breaks my trance. ‘sister?’
I look at Sanky in shock and there he is flashing his entire entire 32 at me.

It takes a moment to comprehend what he said. My eyes goes back to the stairs immediately. The girls reached the landing and now DP uncle is hugging Ragini.
“Laado!” Her pet name comes out of my of me automatically and I looks at Sanky for confirmation. Sanky winks at me. The rituals all goes in a haze. It takes a lot of time for me to come out of the a shock. The whole family is laughing, teasing us. The past week flashes in front of my eyes… I had been miserable… with all of them avoiding me….. I want to talk to Ragini… and I tell her the same as the last of the guests leave… she takes me to the indoor garden.

End of pov (god that sucked…. I want to change it to 3rd person’s view… but too lazy for that… sry!!!!?)

Laksh: “so… Ragini Durgaprasad Maheswari?”
She shook her head in negative.
Rags: “Ragini Laksh Gadodia!”
Laksh: “really?” He teased .
Rag: “er… Laksh.. I was trying to tell you that day in the temple, when you….”
Laksh: “when I married u!”
She nodded: “….and then Aai said that…”
Laksh: “that?”
Rags: “er.. that… that u need a punishment for marrying a girl without her permission.”
Laksh : ” oh!” He moved closer.” I was not bluffing when I said that I could see it in your eyes.”
Rag: “that evident, ha?”
Laksh: “hmm.” He pulled her closer by her waist. “And u guys kept my wife away from me for this stupid reason?”
Rag: “I… I wanted to surprise u… I’m sry !” She has her eyes lowered.
Laksh: “that won’t do..”
“Ji?” She looked up to see a smirk.
Laksh: “a simple sorry won’t do!” He leaned in closer. Her eyes went wide and she tried to move out, but his hold was strong. One hand went to cup her face, his thumb brushing her cheek and he leaned in again.
“Bhai!” Sanky called out just as he was about to kiss her. ” There u r… I have been searching for u in the whole house…”
Laksh: “wrong timing Sanky!” His hands still around her.
Sanky: “just wait for a few more days… and she will be all yours!” He teased. Laksh released her and turned towards him.
Laksh: “as far as I know, she is already mine and I had to stay away from her becoz of ur damn drama.”
Sanky: ” er… Bhai…. surprising u was her idea…. it’s not fair… u r romancing with her and scolding me…. u going punish me for her fault?!”
Laksh: “becoz I thought that u r my best friend” Swara came in right then. ” ….. and my dear sis, u too knew the whole thing… For God’s sake, I had told u guys that I fell on love with her.”
Sanky chuckled at that: ” and we told her!”
Laksh: “u what?!”
He shrugged : “sry Bhai… u R my best frnd. But she always comes first.” He said looking fondly at Ragini.
Rag: “stop torturing my brother!”
Laksh: “really?! Torturing?!” He asked perplexed. “U know what Sanky … u will get a girl who’ll really torture you… from whom even Ragini can’t save u!”
Sanky: “guess u r right, Bhai!” He said dramatically. Swara’s head snapped towards him and she starting searching for something to hit him with, seeing his smirk.
Rags: “u better run Samy!”
And Swara chased him the whole way to his room. He held his knee and started panting while she was beating him.
Swara: “I torture u… I? U should be grateful that I’m still with u, even after all that flirting… u real…” she was abruptly stopped as he kissed her.
Sanky: “I love u! Now stop mumbling and kiss me back!”


Laksh: “what?! U mean… they r …. I mean…. when… how…”
Rag: “now u r being all dramatic… u rly didn’t notice that Samy went out alone, more frequently after Shona joined the college… how Samy and Shona were missing quite often..?”
Laksh: “hmm… what to do…. I rly don’t don’t see a thing when u r there….”
Rag: “r u flirting with me?”
Laksh: “maybe!….. but…. Sanky…. Shona….”
Rag: “don’t worry! He knows how to handle her!….. er… laksh…. I’m rly sry…. I just wanted u to know me as Ragini and not as Laado. I was gonna tell u that day. But…”
Laksh: “it’s OK., Laa…”
Rag: “Ragini! Call me Ragini. I’m not a kid u know…”
Laksh: “but others call u Laado… oh! I get it! U r not a kid!!! Prove it!”
Rag: “what?!… I don’t like that smirk…” she started moving backwards as he stepped closer. But they were again interrupted by his mother calling out. She thanked her stars, that she didn’t find them in that position.

The rest of the rituals went fast.

Rags was sitting on the bed.
She heard the door opening and then sounds…
Samy and Shona were asking for Nek, money to let Laksh enter the room.
Sanky: “wow Bhai, I guess u r rly eager to get in. This much money?”
Laksh: “GET OUT!”
Sanky: “OK! OK! We r going; all the best Bhai,all the best Laado!”
Ragini saw Laksh shoving him out if the room, before locking the door. She smiled at that.
But he didn’t give her a glance. He went to his closet… changed into his nightwear went to the opp side of the bed and laid down, his back to her.
She was shocked.
He didn’t react.
Laksh: “stop it! I wanna sleep!”
Rag: “ha? Laksh… what….”
Laksh: “tsk tsk tsk…. wondering what is wrong with me? Well…. remember what YOUR BROTHER said that day…. he was right. It is u who need to be punished. Now u will know what I went through. I WAS in love with you… and u…”
Rag: “was?”
Laksh: “I wanna sleep.” He turned to the other side again.

That’s it guys… hope u liked the epi…. not proof read…. sry guys…..

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