ME AND MY CRAZY STORY – episode 12

Hey guys….. how r u all???
Believe me… I wanted to update yesterday but got caught up in the other story I’m writing. I had took my tab to update this story but ended up with the other one.
U know guys. ….. I went for a ride in a really large roller coaster…. and I am afraid of them. ….. but how can one overcome his/her fears without facing them….. and when I think about it now. …. life is not less than a roller coaster with the ups and downs twists and turns. …. We will have to face it no matter what. … life is a circus and the show must go on…….

Sanky : ” where is Swara?”
Rags : ” she was here a minute ago…. I think she went to the Balgopal Mandir…. she too is fasting u know….. For my sweet brother!” She said smiling.
Sanky : ” stupid girls… I dont understand why u r doing this fasting stuff…..”
Rags : ” to get a good life partner. … ”
Sanky took her hands in his.
Sanky : ” well… u have already got one, haven’t u? ”
Ragini replied looking at Sri krishna’s idol. . ” all thanks to my Kanha! ”
Sanky : ” What!!! Now all the credit goes to Kanha ha? And the things that we guys do to please u girls..; that’s nothing??? ”

Rags laughed at this. She was looking beautiful in the red saree. Sanky was in a white kurtha. The 3 of them Ragini, sanskaar and swara were in the Sreekrishna temple. It was an auspicious day. (I have no idea about any auspicious days. So just imagine something with what I describe…. I will do that later…. I don’t even know if there is such a day…? so pardon me for the blunder. …)
Sanky : ” er… Ragini. .. I think u should talk to Laksh. Tell him everything. It’s just 2 weeks to the marriage and the functions are to start in a week. We should do something immediately . He’ll be here in a while. He said he I’d stuck in traffic. …. talk to him!”
Ragini just nodded her head. This conversation was not gonna be easy.
Lucky came there after sometime. His heart skipped a beat seeing his beautiful lady love in a saree.
Lucky : ” princess. … u r looking really beautiful. . ”
Sanky cleared his throat. ” guys… I think I should go check on Swara. It’s been a while since she left.”
Sanky signalled Rags and left them alone.

Rag : ” laksh. …. I want to tell u something. ….”
Lucky smiled “then what’s stopping u?”
Rags : ” actually laksh. … There r a lot of things that u have to know…. ”
Lucky : ” i’m listening,.”
she didn’t want it to be like this. The whole thing is gonna be a shock for him.she wanted to take it slow and easy. But there is no time left for that. When she had the time … she was simply not able to do that.
She took a deep breath. ..but that was not enough to calm her.
Rag : ” laksh. … I know who u r…. ”

Lucky looked at her with a what expression. The confusion clearly evident.
Rag : ” I know that Swara is ur sister. …. ”
Still he was not shocked, rather he looked embarrassed.
Lucky : ” er… so u know that I had been in love with you since the first day. . ”
Rags : ” That’s not the point laksh. .. the thing is I KNOW. .. and the qn should have been HOW !”
Lucky : ” is that really important.?”
Rags : ” laksh! I said I know who u r …. MR.GADODIA!
Lucky dropped the key, which he have been rotating in his finger. He bent down to take it.
Rags : ” and that u r about to get married in 2 weeks. …. ”
Lucky stopped midway. When she said that she knowes, he didn’t really expect that she knew all these. He straightened himself. She was about to say something but he interupted.

Lucky : ” I love you Ragini and nothing can change that! ”
Rags : ” what?! Really laksh?! U say that u love me and u r planning to marry someone else? ”
Lucky : ” no princess, not at all. I want to marry u and only u! ”
Rags : laksh. … ” she was again interupted.
Lucky : ” Ragini, I don’t even know that girl, I haven’t seen her in years, then what is the big deal? ”
Rags : what?! It’s not a big deal??? ”

She took a deep breath to calm herself. The conversation was not rly going the way she wanted it to.
Rags : ” what r u planning to do, laksh? ” She asked.,well sort of mocked him.
But he hardly noticed her tone.
Lucky : ” I will tell her parents that I can’t marry her! ”
Rags : ” wow! Wonderful idea! Go tell them that u can’t marry their daughter ! Now is the right time; two weeks prior to the fixed date! Why don’t u do one thing, search another guy for ur bride too… ”

She was getting really irritated.
Lucky : ” Sanskaar! ”
Ragini was startled , she turned around to see whether sanskaar was there.
Lucky : ” no…. I mean…. I ll suggest Sanskaar. He is a good guy!
Rags : ” what?!” ‘Ok this is not at all going the way I wanted. I must tell him about Sanskaar! ‘She thought.
Lucky : ” and then….then…. we’ll get married… and we can go live in HEAVEN! ”
He sounded dreamy.
Rag : ” HEAVEN? Laksh are u even listening to ur self ? And what do u think it’s that easy to get married? Laksh….. ”

The temple bells began to ring. It was time for the evening Aarthi.
She turned around towards the idol and closed her eyes, praying ‘Kanha…. Help me…. this is getting too difficult for me….. just make him listen to me once….’
She was disturbed by a touch on her forehead. She opened her eyes abruptly. She touched her forehead and found vermillion on her hairline…. and on laksh’s fingers. She was shocked. The temple bells still ringing, the chanting of prayers everything just muted out. She didn’t hear a thing. 2 things bright her back to reality. 1st Laksh’s words.”see its easy!” But he sounded serious this time. The Aarthi was still going on. It was the best time for anyone’s marriage, the most auspicious day the most auspicious time., the most auspicious place, but…….

The second thing; 2 faces, shocked faces, behind Laksh.
She was sanskaar’s expression change from shock to anger. He turned around in anger and stomped out if the temple.
Rags : ” Sanskaar! Sanskaar listen to me! ”
She ran behind him.

Swara just looked on.
Swara : ” what did u do bhai!”
It was not rly a qn.
Lucky : ” what happened to sanskaar. … and Ragini. ..? ”
He asked confused. He walked to the entrance to see sanky and Rags at the foot of the hill. (Imagine a temple on hilltop with a flight of stairs to reach it). He could see that sanky was agitated and Rags was trying to calm him down.
Sanky seemed a bit calm after sometime. He patted ragini’s shoulder and left the place. But Ragini needed to calm herself down now. She sat down on the steps, taking deep breaths.
Swara : ” bhai…. I think we should go to her…. ”
They started descending down the steps.
Lucky : ” swara. .. u told her about us? ”
Swara : ” what?! No bhai…. I didn’t ….. but…. ”
She stopped herself thinking that it would be better if they talked it out between themselves.
Swara : “. …. What happened? What made u think that now? ”
They reached Rags by then.
Lucky : ” Ragini. …. ” she thought they he will ask about Sanskaar ‘s behavior.but…..
Lucky : “. …. how do u know?”

Rags looked up at him.”What? !”
Lucky : ” how did u come to know about us?”
Rags smirked:”I dont think that it is imp anymore…. ”
Lucky kept his hand in her shoulder. “R u …. okay? ”

She jerked his hands off her shoulder and stood up… anger evident on her face.
Rags : ” really laksh? ! U r asking me that! Do u have any idea what u have done??? What do u think… All these is a joke??? ”
She touched her hairline, closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
Lucky : ” no princess. .. not at all… neither W’s I joking what I said I LOVE U nor am I joking now! U do know what the day is right…. as a child I’ve always seen my mom and aunt worshipping Kanha. I know how special this day is, when girls pray for a good husband married ones for their happy family . And the ones who get married in this day get bound to each other not just for 7 births but in every birth they have.and I want u to be by my side in my very birth…”
Both the girls looked at him wide eyed. They didn’t really expect him to know all these. ”
Rags : ” what about me??? Dosent my choice matter? Doesn’t it natter what I want to do with my life…… ”
Lucky : ” I know that u love me! ”

Rags : ” what? ! ” She was taken off guard.
Lucky : ” I can see it in ur eyes! ”
Her jaw dropped by an inch. She just stared at him open mouthed. Even swara got shocked by the statement. ”
Lucky : ” come with me. .. ” He said pulling her by her hand.
She resisted.

Lucky : ” l’m not gonna kidnap u…. I m taking u to my parents. . ”
Swara’s phone rang right then. She looked at the caller Id and then up at them. She attended the call, but remained silent. She ended the call by an OK
Swara : ” bhai… u guys go on…. I ve to meet someone… ”
Laksh took ragini with him. As soon as his car left, another one came and stopped near swara. The passenger side windows got lowered to reveal a ‘serios’ face.
“GET IN” Sanky said.
Sanky : ” swara. .. no qns just get in…. and listen to me!”
Sge nodded her head.
Sanky : ” I have a lot of things to do…. and u r gonna help me…. ”
He gave her his phone.”dial ur papa’s no ”
Swara : ” ha?”
Sanky : ” just do it Swara!”


Rags was standing in the porch of a pretty big house. Everything that happened., that evening was being replayed in her mind. She wished she hadn’t replyed to Laksh. She wished she had rather told him what she wanted to….then the situation would have been diff. She might have been apologising to Laksh, not really standing out, in front of her own house. She could hear Laksh’svoice.
Lucky : ” papa!!! Bade papa!!! (He called Dp badepapa)
“What is it Laksh? Why r u shouting?”that W’s his father’s voice.
Lucky : ” papa… where is badepapa? i want to talk to him. . ”
“What is it Laksh? U seem really serious. She heard her father. She couldn’t see them, but could imagine her mother right beside her father, looking elegant in her saree, maybe her red and black one.
Lucky : ” hmm… badepapa… I want to tell u something. … pls listen to me…. and forgive me if u can…”
“Forgive u? For what , laksh? ” it was her mother.
Lucky : ” badima. … I’m rly sry… I dont think I can marry ur daughter….”
” what? Laksh, r u joking…. its just 2 weeks to the marriage. …. the preparations r already in full swing….” That was his father’s voice again.

Lucky : ” badepapa.. do u rly want ur daughter to spend her whole life with a man who is in love with someone else….” Rags heard her father tring to interupt. But Lucky continued. “….. who is already married? ”
She could hear gasps, but didn’t really know their reactions because she couldn’t see their faces.
Lucky : ” pls bade papa… forgive me….”
“Are u trying to tell us that… u got married…..”

His mother.
Lucky : ” u want to meet her?…. pls come with me….”
‘Kanha… He is bringing them here…. now would be good time for u to make my witty tongue work… I was prepared to give explanations today…. about my marriage in the near future, not the near past!!’
She saw Laksh coming out, her family following him. A small smile crept on his face seeing her mother in her red and black saree, but it disappeared immediately seeing her mother gaze… on her hairline. … Something in her told her to hide somewhere, but she couldn’t move an inch.
Lucky : ” badepapa… this is Ragini, my wife!”
“Do u rly think that smearing one’s hairline with vermillion will make u her husband???”
She turned around abruptlyhearing the sharp angry voice.
Lucky : ” Sanskaar! U here?!”

Done done done…. god! Took me a lot of time to complete this…. got disturbed often…
Hope u liked the epi…. feel free to bash me… I’m ready for it…..
Marriage is something…. er… I rly don’t know how to describe it… but I know it ties together two hearts…. so both should be willing for that…. It should not be forced on anyone!!!
Sry for the typos and thanks for reading. … let me know what u think!!!

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