ME AND MY CRAZY STORY – episode 10

I’m really really sry for being this late. …
Actually I was busy for the first few days. ….
But u know I am really lazy. ……
And u know what I have been doing?
Reading ff on my favourite pair……
I’m a hardcore ARSHI fan…….
U must be thinking that I am crazy to say this here. ……
But u guys do know that I am crazy!

So can we start the story?

Here we go……

A huge house can be seen! It is beautifully decorated like a bride.
A marriage was gonna take place there within 2 weeks.
Rags was looking at the decorations. Her papa’s words were still ringing in her ear. …His bride…. His bride. …..
A lot of things changed since she joined the college. ..
She has fallen in love. ….. & so deeply that there is no turning back now!
Her thoughts were broken by someone’s voice.
Lucky : ” princess?”
Rags : ” ha laksh? ”
Lucky : “. …. Have you thought about what I said the other day? ”
Rags : ” about what laksh? ”
She regretted immediately. She wasn’t really paying attention to what lucky was saying but now it hit her, seeing his expression.
Lucky was really hurt. He didn’t imagine that she would forget his proposal. But he can’t blame her. She had actually taken it as a joke then. (No she didn’t. She know exactly how serious he was! )
Lucky : “Ragini, I wasn’t joking the other day. I really love u, princess! ”
Rags : ” laksh. ….. u r my friend and I don’t want anything to happen to our friendship. ”
Lucky : ” who said anything about breaking our friendship. Being in a new relationship doesn’t break old ones!”
Ragini took a deep breath before replying.
Rags : ” laksh, u don’t know anything about me, then how can u…”
Lucky : ” I do know u princess!”
Rags : ” what?!”
Lucky : ” Ragini, I may not know anything about u… who ur parents r…. What they do…. but I do know YOU and I love this person whom I know! ”
Rags : ” but laksh. …”
She stopped abruptly hearing sanky’s voice.

Sanky : ” ready to go guys? ”
Rags : “really sanskaar, u r asking us that? We have been waiting for u guys for the past 20 minutes! But no u were busy and that too playing with the kids….. u sure u got all the colour off u?”
Lucky : ” but seriously sanky. … who plays holi in august! ”
Sanky : ” really bhai? Even ur si…. I mean swara was also playing! And it’s not our fault… Those girls… Avanthi’s cousins. … asked us to join them!”
Rags : ” obviously. .. Some girls asked u and how could the great sanskaar say no to girls! ”
Sanky gulped seeing ragini’s glare. …
Sanky : ” er mm. .. er… where is swara? Isn’t she here yet?”
Rags : ” ha… There she is….. finally! Where have u been swara? ”
Sanky : ” hey what happened? U r fine na? ”
She was at verge of tears. Sanky checked her temp.
Rags : ” Swara! Mera Bacha….. What happened? ”
Swara : ” who. .. di, I can’t find my chain……”
And she started crying.
Lucky : ” Shona. .. don’t cry… Its just a chain…. we’ll buy another one…..”
Seeing his dear sister cry, he didn’t even realise that he had called her Shona. But sanky was the only one who really noticed.
Rag : ” swara. .. is it the one which Sa…”
Sanky : ” hey wait….I completely forgot. … u talking about this chain? ”
He took out a chain and pendant from his pocket. Pooja grabbed it immediately from him.
Sanky : ” actually, this was on the table in our room…. I was wondering how this came in our room. It is obvious that it doesn’t belong to us guys. And seeing the S in the pendant I guessed that it must be yours…… I’m sry I forgot! But y does the pendant have 2 S?…… and what is so special in it that u r crying for it?”
Swara was glaring at him. She was very angry at him.
Lucky : ” ha swara. … Its just a chain…..”
Swara : ” no bhai it’s not just a chain! ….”
She burst out. Rags held her elbow to stop her.
Swara took a deep breath to calm herself.
Swara :” actually bhai, its a birthday gift and when someone gifts u something, it’s not really the thing that matters , but the emotions. A lot of emotions r connected with this.”
She looked at the chain lovingly before wearing it. Rags smiled seeing her while the guys looked at her in awe.
Swara : ” and what r u looking at. Drama is over. .. and don’t u dare take someone’s things without asking them…..”
She was still angry at sanky.
Sanky : ” but I was just….”
Rags : ” leave the matter guys… Swara, u did back ur chain, so just relax.”
Lucky : ” but swara what was ur chain doing in our room?”
Swara : ” bhai, reamer, I was in ur room when the girls came to call us… so I left the chain there… I didn’t want colours on my chain…. but when I returned to take it back it was not there all thanks to this duffer!”
Sanky : ” what?!”
Rags : ” Swara! ”
Lucky : ” guys we r already late we have to leave now….”

Avanthi came running to them( remember avanthi…. Ragini ‘s frnd?)
Avanthi:”guys… can one of u pick my relatives from the airport? I would have asked someone else but everyone is busy… so please….?”
She asked making a puppy face.
Sanky : ” Avi dear… ur the bride.. u should be commanding not requesting…. I’ll be more than glad to pick ur cousins. ….”
Avi:” cousins? But all my cousins r already here. ….”
Sanky : ” than who is coming today?”
Avi :”oh! It’s my grandparents. ….. The flight will be landing in 20mts pls be fast…..”
Sanky : ” oh… I totally forgot bhai doesn’t know the local markets here. … I will have to go with the girls… bhai will go to the airport. .. won’t u bhai?”
Lucky rolled his eyes but replyed in affirmative.
Avanthi thanked them and left.
Swara :”i’m coming with u bhai. … di u get the bangles for me too…”
Rags : ” but…”
Swara : ” I really don’t want to go with this dumbhead….”
Sanky shook his head, irritated by her behaviour.
Sanky : ” Ragini, come let’s go….”
And he went towards his land rover.
Rags said bye to the others and went to him.


Sanky : ” so what was the serious discussion that I interrupted?”
Rags : ” he was demanding an answer. ”
Sanky : ” answer ?”
Rags : ” for his proposal ” she sighed and continued “he said it again ”
She waited for him to react. But he didn’t. “That he loves me!”
Sanky : ” and what answer did u give? ”
Rags : ” what do you think? ”
Sanky : ” what I think? How would I know what you replied. ….”
She got irritated.

Rags : ” I said YES ”
Sanky slammed the break, shocked and turned towards her.
She laughed out loud seeing his face.
Sanky : ” god……. don’t u dare shock me like that again. ” He exclaimed.
Now she was laughing even more.
Sanky : ” u r laughing. … He’s gonna kill me when he gets to know….”
Rags : ” well u r keeping things 4m ur best frnd …..”
Sanky : ” so u think I should tell him…..”
Rags : “I didn’t mean…..”
Sanky : ” I know it’s not something we can tell him casually and that too in between all this complications…..”
Rags : ” but sanskaar. … We really don’t have that much time…. my marriage… Its already fixed…… just one more month…. We have to clear all this mess within one month……”
Sanky : ” who asked u agree for this marriage without even meeting the guy…..”
Rags : ” are u blaming me now?”
Sanky : ” no yaar… no matter what I ll never leave ur hand!”
He said taking her right hand in his and cupping her face with the other.
Rags : ” and that’s why I love you! ”

Done done done…….
I hate typing!!!
So I guess this clears somethings or did this add more confusions?
This story is just starting to get crazy……..
Do guess what will happen and let me know. …….
Not proof read (as always??… well I wasn’t even reading what I was typing so there will be a lot of mistakes I believe…. and with the predictive text…. There ought to be many…..)
Sry for the typos and thanks for reading……

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  1. Confused to hell !! Is it ragsan or raglak ??

  2. Really crazy story, finally ragsan are couple, yayyyyyyy interesting

  3. loved it

  4. Akshata

    you know i have already told you that your story is driving me crazy. i am so confused right now. i mean her marriage is fixed with laksh, she wanted to fall in love first before marriage, so she joined laksh’s college, swara is there to help her but sanskar is a still mystery for me. i mean he is sammy or ragini’s love interest. update soon.

  5. DivzS

    Ohhh God! You are killing us with your tactics!! So many split links!! Duh.. I got to know one thing from all of this…… You really don’t want to reveal everything until the last part of ff, right? Or perhaps just before the high voltage turning point scenes… Overall, you’re just amazing….. AMAZING!!! Too good….

  6. Sindhura

    I thought something like this but i didnt give a heed to it damm yay ragsan.loved it
    Updatevsoon pls

  7. Rafeee


  8. Its so confusing.rag love lak right then sanky i cant understand

  9. Amazing and I confused like helllllllllll yaar. Pls reveal the pair’s . Huh…oh god sanskar is sammy or not .

  10. sooo she loves sanskar i was having doubt and is it ragsan hoping sooo but since its a crazy story i’ll not be confident amd this time update soon

  11. To clear my confusions I read all episodes again from intro to 10 along with ur comments… I got clarity
    Samy and sanky are different.. As their original names are shakti and Aditya respc..
    And rags want to fall in love before marriage with lucky but she actually
    falls in love with sanky…
    Am I right!!??? Please don’t say no….

  12. Enough of guessing.. I waited for ur updates since long… Plss update the next part as soon as u can..

  13. Ragz_teju

    it’s awesome loved it. .. but still confused

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  15. Oh my god….its really crazy……but m enjoying ur ff

  16. Sreevijayan

    Nice update dr

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