So guys ready to rock and roll?

As I already said it’s not entirely a swaragini ff… So the story may not go the way u expect it to… So …let’s begin….

“Hey u, the one in the white salwar come here”
Lucky and his gang were sitting under the huge gulmohar tree in front of their college, the prestigious SR college of business studies(SRCBS), Mumbai ; one of the many SR educational institutions in and around the country.

They were looking for freshers. They were not really mean to them, just asked them to introduce themselves, sing a song or two and ha, made them carry the senior’s books to the corresponding classes. Lucky never really did anything; he just sat there and watched his frnds.. He was playing templerun when he heard his bestfrnd Sanky calling out to someone. He just looked up to see the girl but couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful face he saw… A girl was standing there without a single bit of makeup… beautiful as she is… Just a bindi… Her long hair neatly plaited… A single white flower decorating it.

She stared back confused, at the group(sry about the language… Pls pardon me for the mistakes…) “Ji? Apani Amara sathe katha balacha? Amake K ama kare dao! Arohi inreji hisabe Ami Na” (Are u talking to me? I’m really sorry… I don’t know English that much!)(sry guys I really don’t know Bengali I wish it’s the right sentence that I typed)
Sanky:”what? I didn’t understand a thing … What language is that?”
“Bengali” lucky said automatically…
Sanky:”Bengali? But how do u know?”
Lucky just looked on at the shocked face of his best friend…

Really wantpe to update a long one… But had to cut it short sry guys…. But my frnds R pestering me…. Sry again guys and pardon me for the mistakes….. And no precaps… U will rarely get any in this story…. So u can keep on guessing. Bye guys!

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  2. It is too short dear…Please make it little long…BTW Nice Episode..

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  4. too short plz upload the the next part asap and a bit longer plz

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  6. l lyk d story soo far dear.. n plz a bit more longer one nxt tym…till den ba bye take care n keep rockng 😉

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    it so interesting, pls make it little longer. loved it

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