Our crazy si love story-intro




Dp:head of family practical person n very strict to his son.

Ap:wife of dp sweet women

Rp:brother of dp loves his brother a lot n father of laksh
Sujju:wife of rp sweet;funny mother of laksh

Laksh:son of rp n sujju. loves his family a lot one month elder to sanskar had a child hood best friend swara loves her a lot ( they are bff’s)

SANSKAR:son of dp n ap loves his family a lot scared from dp flirt in nature enemy of swara


Dadaji:head of family loves his family specially her granddaughter
scared from dadi

Dadi:sweet but sometime strict loves her grand daughter

Shekhar :father of swara loves her a lot can do anything for her.

SHARMISHTHA:mother of swara loves her a lot cares for her family.

SWARA: sweet;bubbly girl as well very sharp no one messes with her except sanky .child hood friend of laksh lobes him a lot n enemy of sanky.loves her sister n protects her


SHOBHA:head of family mother of shomi lost her son in an accident her DIL lives with her along her daughter loves her granddaughters a lot.

JANKY: widow DIL of shobha loves dida n her daughter a lot

RAGINI:sweet n simple girl loves her family n her sister she is not as friendly as swara n can do anything for her .

swasanraglak studies in same college n swasanlak in one class n rags in other class.

so shall i contiue.

Credit to: IREENA(1223)

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  1. plz give equal importance to ragini

  2. Intro is so nyc….keep love triangle story between swara sanskar and laksh

  3. Nice start ….

  4. Plz Ragsan

  5. gud.. pairs????

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