our crazy si love story episode 7


In Morning

At Badi

swara wakes up n gets ready for college n comes downstairs .

Sw:good morning everyone

all says her good morning but not it was not like everyday they does

Sw:maa I’m getting late plz me something to eat

Sh: kyon nahi beta

She:ye shomi give something to her she is getting late for college

Da:ha ha shomi after all she goes to college for study na

shona finds something fishy but then ahe went for college


sanky having breakfast dp is giving sanky angry look but he doesn’t understand why he also left for college

the four comes to college

n again the same thing is happening swasan are smirking seeing each other just then peon came and informed that principal is calling them they went n enters in cabin at the same time n gets shocked to see

ap dp shekhar shomi were sitting in the cabin

they enter

Swasan:app yaha

Dp:yes ur principal called us to show how are kids are studying in college

swasan are confused

just then pricipal shows them cctv footage of their fight n pranks both ate shocked

P: they both are good students that’s why i was ignoring their deeds but after yesterday incident i can’t control myself n told u everything

She:thanx for informing us varna hamein to pata hi nahi chalta ke hamare bacche kya kar rahe he

dp:yes but ab hamein pata chal gaya ke yeh hamara kitna naam roshan kar rahe hein

swasan are embarrassed they keep on scolding n both were listening to it by hiding their face

Sh:ab bas bahut hua we have to do something that they will never forget it


swasan with puppy face

Sw:dad I’m sorry i didn’t do it intensionally

S:sorry dad plz forgive me

dp:no u need punishment

swasan:we are ready for it

they think n says say sorry to each other swasan give them what expression

she:we didn’t ask u we ordered u now say it

swasan not looking at each other eyes n says sorry to each other


Dp:bit punishment is not over u have to promise us that u will not fight with each other

S:dad i never she always provoke me

Sw:ohh mister ur the one who always starts

S:no u



all shouts shut up swasan becomes silent

dp:now also ur fighting

She:hamare samne yeh haal hain toh peechei. kya hota hoga

ap:give us promise otherwise ….

swasan without thinking secind time gives them promise

then both leave from cabin n goes to their gang n tells them everything they burst out laughing

Sanky’s gang

Ra:oh god sanky how cqn u keep ur self calm n laughs

shona’s gang

L:are u sure shona can u do this

Sw:ya i can do anything

they again laughs n swasan are eyeing them angrily

After college

At badi

shona comes home as ahe knows all are angry she greets all but no response but she knows how to convince them she purposely fell on the floor n screams all came to her n she stops screaming all gets that she is acting but she says in her sweet voice that melts everyone

Sw:I’m really sorry

all smiles at her she gets happy n starts to jump but this time she really fell on floor n all laughs at her


all are having dinner there is pin drop silence

L:papa woh actually sanky wants to say something

S:no no laksh wants to say something n pleads to laksh

L:maa papa sanky is guilty for her doing he wants to say sorry

Dp:laksh eat ur dinner

S:dad plz I’m really sorry for…

dp:no need we forgive u

S:really thanx dad

episode end


Credit to: IREENA(1223)

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