our crazy si love story episode 4


At College

sanky gang leaves i

Ro: sanky z tell na what are u up to

S:yaar ur so impatient just chill

he calls someone n tells”bring him here as soon as possible”

everyone gathers at the class

ln Class

swara was sitting on desk beside laksh just then sanky enter swara gives him disgusting look n sanky smirks seeing swara luksh saw this n thinks

Laksh(in mind): they both are looking very silent their us something fishy i think has planned something against swara n swara bhi kam nahi hain but u have to take care laksh kahi yeh dono phir se koi gadbad na kar de

then he came out of his thinking when teacher enters the class she was teaching but in the whole class three students are lost in their thinking

S: ms.swara today ur gone n smirks seeing her

Sw:shona he is upto something he is planning something against u should be careful

L:seeing them oh god plz save me from these devils they will definitely do some gadbad n i will get in trouble

In ragini’s class

lecture was going on but ragini was thinking about her laksh how he talk;walk ;looks then she came back to his senses by a jerk priya looks at her n teases her n ragini blushes

After class (lunch break)

sanky was standing with his gang swalak comes outside the class
sanky sees this n thinks

S:(to himself)god if laksh will be their then my plan will definitely get spoiled he then sees the boy n says

S:hey u came here

the boy came
B:yess sir

S:u see a guy pointing towards laksh go to him n tells him that mam is calling her in library

he nodes n goes to him tells him what sanky says laksh leaves n swara was walking alone

Sanky tells something to kavya she smirks n leaves

swara was walking alone sanky teases her to distract her as she was walking she feels that she kept her feet on something soft she looks down n gets shocked to see that she kept her feet on a dog’s tail she get scared n runs dog runs behind her

sanky n his gang watches this n laugh the whole college was watching it

sanky’s gang

Ro:so that was ur plane

S:ya dude but it is not over

S:sanky ur mind blowing

swara was running sanky spreads water on ground so that she will slip n she slips n fell on a mud it was sanky’s plane her whole dress got spoil every one who was watching it laughs at her swara’s blood boils

At Library

lucky reaches their but found no one (unaware what’s happening outside) he decides to leave ragini was also in library she saw him n was going towards him just then kavita comes their

K:heyy lucky u here

L:ya but kya tum bhi yaha aati ho(taunting)

K:no but for u i can go anywhere

n comes close to her ragini saw this n gets jealous n feels hurt n runs to home without informing anyone

kavita comes close to him he tries to go but she is not allowing him then they hear swasan’s shouting voice he jerks her n leaves from their


swasan are fighting

Sw:how dare u to do this

S:what i did

Sw:don’t try to act too smart

S:excuse me i don’t need to I’m smart

Sw:shut up u blo*dy

S:u shut up u deserve this

Sw: ohh really u have to pay for it

S: what u will u do ms.coward n laughs

Sw:I’m not coward just wait n watch mr.fattu

S:okk i will see

Sw:was about to say something then laksh came n calms her n gives angry look to sanky

L:sanky u ….swara cuts him

Sw:no lucky u don’t interfere i will handle it by my self

laksh takes swara to home as her dress got spoiled they get to know that ragini is already left they also leave

sanky gang laughs at swara

episode end on swara’s angry face n sanky’s victorious face

PRECAP: swara’s plane……sanky gets embarrassed……swasan fight

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Credit to: IREENA(1223)

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