our crazy si love story episode 3


Episode 3

swaraglak entet the college n goes to their friends

just then sanky came to college both swasan didn’t saw each other

swara’s gang

Rahul:hey shona u came

Raj: shona u r looming so cute

Ra:yes ur the most beautiful girl in the world
just then someone punches him she is priya

(raya rahul n priya are in relationship )

P:shut up hey swara where is lucky
Sw:he is coming

R:shona i forgot my phone in car i will come

Sw:ji laadoma

ragini laughs n goes from their to car

Sanky’s gang

Kavita:comes close n says u came let today

S:irritates n says I’m on time kavita

Manik:so sanky anything special for today

S:no yaar nothing planned now
first lets go to playground they leave .

while going swasan’s cane face to face both swara n sanskar gives angry look to each other as they ate going to eat eachother n goes to opposite direction

At Car

Laksh is talking in phone n ragini comes n stares st him lovingly

laksh finishes his talk n turns to return then he saw ragini

L:ragini u here

R:coming to senses woh actually i forgot my phone here

L:ohh he searches for it n gives it toher while giving their hand touches ragini feels something
n she turns to leave but laksh called her

L:rags just waut I’m also coming n both goes from theur n joins their group

Sw:hey u both came

P:hame laga tum aaonge hi nahi n winks at ragini

(actually ragini loves laksh but doesn’t shiw it n priya knows about it)

L:so guys are gang is so calm today whats going on

Sw:yeh toh tufan se pehle ki shanti hai.

L:accha so lets go to class

they leave

sanky’s gang

Rohan:sanky today is so boring na

S:so lets have fun


S:just wait n watch

they leave

episode end

PRECAP: sanky’s plane …………swasan fight

Credit to: IREENA(1223)

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