our crazy si love story episode 2


Episode 3

At badi

two womens are standing in aangan n doing tulsi pooja they are janky n shomi

J:jiji our pooja is completed.

Sh:yes janki but now i have to make swara wake up she is lazy

J:dont worry jiji she is a child now

Sh:child she is 21now she should learn some responsibility

then a voice came they looke back n ragini was standing in blue n green anarkali

R:kya maa bua subha subha meri behen ko peeche pad gaye

J:laado u r ready come here n she gives her aarthi

Sh:see na ragini she is so matured but swara ahh

R:bua she is very matured more than me she protects me from every situation than how she is unmatured

D: stop taking her side she is becoming lazy day by day

Dida: tu chup kar ur always behind my shona

D:ur shona she is my granddaughter too

Di:but she loves me more than u

D:are i am her dadi she loves me more

Di:ur dreaming she loves me more bcz i always supports her

D:ha ha bangalan thari waje se to bigdi he woh

Di:ae meti shona ko kuch mat kehna

D:then what will u she is my shona

Di:no mine

D:no mine

they both argued n shomi janky n rags stand their helplessly bcz no one can stop them

a girl in a room wakes up from his sleep her face is not shown she is wearing her night suit she hears some voice n come to balcony she saw dida n dadi are again fighting ragini saw her n gives ur gine wala look to her she comes back to room n gets ready for the college in pink top n blue jeans n opens her hair

ar aangan

they both are still fighting laksh comez their n said ohh god again
they saw him n stops

Di:laksh beta u came come have breakfast with us

D:hey bangalan he us shona’s friend so he will eat in my house

before they again starts he says

L:dida dadi i have done it I’m getting late for is shona is ready

Sw:from backside yess I’m ready

everyone was shocked how she is ready when nobody goes to wake her up except ragini

Sh:shona how did u wake up

Sw:what u mean when my sleep get over i wake up

D:its a miracld u wake up by ur own
shona remembers something


when didi dadi are fighting ragini called shona she didn’t pick it up then she throws small stones to her room one of them hits shona n she wakes up

fb ends

Sw:ha ha i waje up by my own n now I’m getting late I’m going

Di:shona eat something then go

J:haa shona i made gualabjamun for u eat it then go

Sw:naiki or puchh puchh

janky brings it makes swara eat then she feed ragini n then laksh

Sw:okk I’m leaving come ragini n laksh

the trio leaves fir college in laksh’s car

In Car

L:shona how u wake up

Sw:stammers how means what lucky i told na

L:ohh my sleeping beauty u cant hide anything from me u kr wake up by ur own

Sw:ha ha very funny she tells him everything

n laksh laughs seeing him laughing ragini gets mesmerised

L:shona ur ate unbelivable ur just like sanky

heating it shona gives him a angry look

K:okk sorry sorry

they talk till the college comes n ragini was just admiring him

episode end

PRECAPE:SwaSan face off

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Credit to: IREENA(1223)

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