our crazy si love story episode 1

Episode 1


a lady is preparing dining table for breakfast she is ap . another women came she is sujata

Su:jiji when they will come I’m dying bcz of huger

Ap:smiles n says they came

dp rp came n sits for breakfast

Dp:where is laksh

then they here a sound n turns
a boy wearing jeans n simple t shirt looming very dashing comes their

L:I’m here

Ap:come beta join us

L:yes ma

Dp:where is sanskar

Ap:woh wohhhh….

a boy is sleeping on his bed n dreaming . hey rita where are u going plz come here n the girl comes close to him he says plz say something the girls speaks but in a male voice he is shocked she again speaks in the same voice “wake up sanky” then he feels some one is pulling him he opens his eyes n shocked to see laksh standing in front of him n smiling evilly

L:riya ha who is she

S:who riya i don’t know

L:accha achha don’t tell me tell to papa about it ok

S:hearing him sanky gets up from bed n goes to him

luksh turns to him but he was not their then he looks down sanky was holding his legs

S:bro plz don’t do this i will do whatever u say but don’t tell this to papa plz

L:okk but come fast papa n dad are waiting for u
saying this he leaves

sanky got releaved he got freshen up n goes downstairs

Dp:lucky did sanky is still sleeping

L:no papa he is coming

the. sanky came n sits beside lucky dp gives him angry look

Dp: sanky how is ur college is going

S:good dad

Dp:good but if i got ur complain then……before he could complete sanky says

S:no dad i will never do anything wrong i am only concentrating on my studies

luksh coughs sanky gives him a murderous look

Dp:what happen laksh r u fine

L:ya I’m fine i have done I’m leaving for college

Ap:take care beta

Su:no need jiji swara will be there na she will do that

hearing her name sanky gives a disgust look Dp notices this n gets angry sanky notices this n finishes eating n says ma I’m going for college n leaves before dp say something

Episode end


plz comment n pairs are swasan n raglak

Credit to: IREENA(1223)


  1. 1223

    thanx for commenting n guys I’m not able to post photo of my ff so anyone tell me how should i do this

  2. Dafsi

    Nice, about the pairs whatever it is I’m fine, All the best for the ff and the story line seems interesting 🙂

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.