crazy serials

hi guyz… its me… among u… a normal person who wishes to see serials when gets tired of daily chores… but nowadays.. i getting tired of serials and keeping myself busy in daily chores… i am big big big serial lover… kahani ghar ghar ki , kasturi , kyun ki , kayamath,.. etc…

lets have a talk about crazy things done by serials…
if any leap comes on serials… why are they changing their attires ..but after leap they look more younger.. how come thats possible….
yeh rishtha: firstly she used to wear sarees with pallu… after tat without pallu .. after 4 yr leap… chudithar… and again after long leap… she was seen in jeans and kurthas…. it makes me laugh a lot….

suhan si ek ladki:pratima becomes modern by wearing chudi… and modern dadi becomes begger wearing ugly sarees….

in ektha serials… after leap… heroines willl be looking so young and beautiful…
now a basic look at serials.. in one line

kumkum bhagya: a love story of … abhi the fool .. who dont listen to heart.. pragya… the idiot.. dumb … who cant even keep a video at safe place… like seriously?.. 1 1/2 pregnancy… ?… i m not even able to criticise the serial..

ssk: height of stupidity… thinking us as a fool

yhm: love .. but they used to hide things from one another…. y to hide y to suffer?.. just go and tell directly nahh?…

saathiya: extremely colourful drama in indin series…. colourful sarees even though they r sad,,,, full make up… een though anyone dies…gives a moral values for relations…. sister becomes mother in law…. and sona ( gopis sister mausi to sahir ) becomes wife …. forgot to say about dialogues… omg….what a soundful dialouges….

i would like to give more about serials…

gyz… if u really want to see some serials to get ur mood fresh… just see some korean series… a serial contains only 20 epis…. and we will surely feel bad once t gets ended…

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  1. Lila

    Good analysis….agreed with all and I too love korean dramas…they are so much better…just finish in like 20 eps thats it…everything that indian dramas have in 20 epi pack

  2. Give criticize about swaragini too in my POV the show doesn’t deserve the title if the CVS wants to give imp to swara only then why they kept that serial name as swaragini pls criticize it

    • arshi

      Yup …. thought f giving that too.. swara the cid…even a pencil got stole from that house…everyone depends on swara tp find that pencil…. haha…

      Whenn swara got trapped i thoughy .. now ragubi will get some scemes.. but in that also swara only proved herself innocent… waste f time swaragini.. sorry… swara the super hero…

  3. harna

    yes u r absolutely right..i watch kumkum bhaghya..but now i already stopped watching it..i just read in this telly update n then think whether to watch it or not..i will watch if the scene is nice…hhmmm actually their acting is nice but the problem is the task given to them(the way of acting,storyline,dialouges)is more to unlogical..hope to hear more from u!!

  4. Shagun

    I have seen some korean movies of 2002 , 2002 2003etc they arefar more better than srk movies like chennai express and happy new year

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.