crazy serial facts

Hi friends i have written some things that Indian soaps follow often now a days . read and enjoy and also comment
• First comes villains of our tv shows they have guns . they have goons and they have everything . first of all how do they get guns . from where do they get guns ,find out

• Bahus of tv serials can be called any time for a photograph . because they have make up and jewelleries everytime , everywhere . u can see them wearing jewellery and make up when they r in trouble and when they r sleeping also .

• Each serial will have a particular god . everytime a trouble comes in that family everybody of the family will go and do aarti to god , how do they have time for all this when they r in trouble .

• Even a pin falls down in that house will say this happened only because of x (villain )

• In every serial the male or female protagonist will be struggling between life and death . all viewers will be eagerly wanting the person to be alright and obviously the person will not die and become alright

• An old lady will be there she will see her grand daughter , she will also see her g grand daughter (g = great ) , interestingly she will also see her g g grand daughter. How can a person be alive for so many years . if it really becomes like thisin real life na india’s population will cross china’s .

• The antagonist will always think something and laugh after the protagonist had just left the place .

• The men of the house will mostly never go to work . the only work they do is solve the problems of the house .

• If there is leap in a particular show . after the leap u will definitely see the male and the female leads living separately . more over they would have loved each other very much but they would have separated for some reason .

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  1. Sach kaha

  2. you r absolutely right!

  3. okay u missed something..let me add.. after having g g grand daughter also she will stay as young as she was in the beginning..for eg dadi in yrkkh… akshara was in college —-dadi alive. akshara got married—-dadi alive, akshara had a kid—–dadi alive, naksh grew up—-dadi alive, naksh getting married—–dadi still alive….
    i wonder when akshara will become dadi will she still be alive?? what will be her age then??
    and day by day akshara’s look changes she tends to look younger..first they were so strict with saree nd pallu was compulsory,next saree without pallu(bt traditional one), next mrdern saree…next no saree i mean salwar….nd now that everybody has grown up..she dresses up like a teenage girl..nonesense

    1. Hey yrkkh is much better compared to saathiya. C Ahem got married – baa alive. Meera born-baa alive. 8 yrs leap- baa alive. Again 10 years leap-baa alive. Vidya marriage – baa alive. Vidya pregnant- baa alive. Finally gopi ahem 25th anniversary -baa alive. I guess baa will be alive till vidya’s child’s marriage. She is aiming 2 make a guiness record of living 4 200 yrs

      1. dont even talk about that shitty show..sna is not eligible to be compared with any other show… i just said what i felt…its not that i have something against yrkkh…sorry if i hurt u..

  4. You’re absolutely right !

  5. hahaha u r absolutely right !!!!!!!!!!!!

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