My crazy lover #twinj os #shot 3~By adeeba + authors note

Heyyyy..I m back..this is the last shot gyys.. And I luv u guys u comments haye mar dala..anyways there’s a authors note at the end..

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Shot 3

Twinkle was shocked at kunj’s statement..
Ku- twinkle plzz say do u luv me??he was breathing heavily
Tw- what r u telling u have any can I luv u..her voice chocked
Ku- okay!!!! U don’t luv me than ajj mera roka h aur kuch din baad shaadi..twinkle was shocked..
Tw- yeh toh acha h(this is nice)
Ku- lekin ek baat yaad rakhna main USS ladhki ko kabhi pyaar nai kar paungi cause I luv u(but remember one thing I will never m v that girl cause I luv u)
Tw- kunj plzzz don’t say like this..tears were formed in her eyes.
Tw- u should be happy kunj that u r getting married aur mujhse shaadi krke tumhe kya milega(what u will get marring me)..suddenly kunj pinned her to the wall..
Ku- tu kisse jhut bol rhi h…mujhse sunn…main Teri annkh bht ache se padh sakta hun..saf saf samajh araha h tu kitna pyaar krti h mujhse (with whom u r telling ur eyes I can read how much u luv
Tears were gushing frm there eyes..
Ku- plzz say twinkle u luv me..plzz
tw- yes I luv u..kunj…I luv u..but we r too
different frm eo..I m not worthy of
u..suddenly kunj smashed his rough lips to
her soft nd gloosy lips..both lost their
sense.. Kissing like there is tmrw..both
were chewing nibbling eo lips..their
tongues were fighting with eo..but cause of
lack of oxygen they had parted away frm eo..than kunj took out a ring frm his pocket sat on his knees..nd speaks..
Ku- twinkle plzzz accept me as ur better
half..I can afford to lose anything in this world but not u..I luv u..nd he made twinkle were the ring…nd both hugged eo..

After sometimes they reached sarna mansion.. Manohar was very angry as maya’s parents came but kunj was not in home so they broke their marriage..
Kunj was about to enter his house than manohar stops him..
Mano- kunj..don’t u dare come in this house..nd who is this girl..pointing towards twinkle..
Ku- Dad..I luv her..her name is twinkle..
Mano- cause of this girl u left ur marriage with Maya..
Ku- dad..stop it..I don’t wanna create any scene..okay..if u don’t wanna us to leave in this house we will leave frm here but I won’t leave twinkle… Twinkle looks at kunj nd sajna ve plays..kunj was about to go than manohar stops him..
Mano- twinkle he will not do anything in life..he only knows how to spend his dad’s money nd one day u will be going nd he will leave..twinj looks at eo kunj holds twinkle s hand both come out..

Next seen..

Kunj was driving his car twinkle was sitting beside him..both were silent..than suddenly a car comes nd …bummmmmmm..

Next seen..

Twinkle is seen..laying unconscious in a hospital room..than slowly she opens her eyes nd found a nurse standing..
Tw- where is kunj..
Nurse- there’s a note given by read it she open the note nd started reading it..

Twinkle sorry but I was bored with I can leave my father’s money.
U r nothing to u can believe tat I luv u..anyways enjoy ur life bieee


Twinkle was stunned tears were flowing frm her eyes..everything seems shattered in front of her..she was left nothing later she was discharged frm hospital..
Like this 1week passed twinkle was like a dead body..
One day she was sitting in her house..than there was knock on the door she opened the door nd was shocked to see manohar..
Tw- now what u want..
Manohar- sorry beta..
Tw- y..for spoiling my life..
Mano- let me tell u the whole truth..
Flashback..(in my POV)
After their accident twinj were on hospital than kunj opens his eyes..nd asked manohar about twinkle.. Manohar said twinkle is dead..kunj was heartbroken.. Than about the note manohar has written the note nd said the nurse to give it to twinkle…after this kunj started to drink alcohol.. He was like a dead body..
Flashback ends
Mano- plzzz beta forgive me..nd folded his hands in front of her..
Tw- plzzz uncle don’t do it..u r elder than me..but plzz take me to my kunj..

Next seen.

Twinkle reached sarna mansion nd gone to kunj’s room..she saw kunj was drinking alcohol..
Tw- Kunj..tears were flowing frm her eyes..
Ku- again I m seeing my dream..ufff..twinkle tune kaisa jadu kar diya h mujhpe..than twinkle came to her nd hugged him..
Tw- koi jaadu nhi..main tumhari twinkle h..
Ku- how can I believe u..
Tw- okay!! Than she kissed him..
Tw-ab believe hua..
Ku- but dad said u dead..nd twinkle said kunj the whole story first kunj was angry but later he became fine..
Tw- u know u r my crazy lover..
Ku- ohh..crazy chal main apna craziness bhi dikhata hun..he covered themselves with blanket nd took their relationship to next level..
The end..

Author’s note..
Guys I thought to leave TU cause as u know this year is very much important for me..than I thought main kya karungi apne frnds ke I will not leave TU but I m taking break of 1month cause I new session is starting plus my tuitions.. So I will try to post my ff episode once in a week…or twice in a week…hope u don’t have problem.. Nd guys I will try to comment in every ff if not than I m sorry..
Nd do share ur views..

Bye guys

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  1. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Awww so emotional and beautiful epi! Yeh manoher mere Twinj ko juda karega mere! Isski tho mai! Par maine use maaf kardia! Akhir Twinj mil hi gaye! I loved it so much!

    With love,
    Urs Tamanna

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      Yeah!! Yeah yeah! Aaj 1st comment mera hai!??

      Ohh sorry adu! Bhavnao me bhehgau thi! ?? bye love you

  2. Purvi128

    Oyeee hoyeee adeebuu… kya likha hai… finally they r together… hayyeeee itna emotinal kar ditta… kya os tha… amazing.. i m spellbound.. no words yarr…
    Or koi nhi tu tu leave na ker jab time mily tab post ker dy..
    Love u ?????

  3. Sohi

    Episode was great dear
    Twinj scenes were cute and emotional
    Thanks adeeba for not leaving TU
    I’m ok if u write ur ff once in week
    All the best for your new session
    Do continue

    1. Purvi128

      Sohi when will u post ur ff??

      1. Sohi

        I had posted the episode wait for it to get published

  4. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Heyyy aduuuu,
    Amazing mind blowing superb epi yrrr…..L m glad ki tune tu ni chorne ka dicision liya h…..Agar tu tu chorti toh Mai tujhse kvi baat ni krti….Thank u tu no choorne k liye….I m OK with it if you post once in a week….I can understand studies are important….
    I can wait for your FF…..
    Do continue
    Loads of loveee
    Keep smiling
    God bless you ?????????????

  5. Presha

    Hey adu I m with ur decision….
    Its ok post once aneek…
    Just awesome…
    Loved it…
    Too good..
    Love u…

  6. Ramya

    Aduuuuu awesome amazing
    It vas happy ending lovely
    N post when u r free
    Love u keep smiling

  7. Wahhh wah?????? superbbbb ???… But it ended ?…But why fear because you are here and not leaving…. ?????

  8. Anshikajainn

    Yrr it was awesome.???

  9. Fatimaa.

    Heyy addu wow..
    It was splendid…loved it..yaar..
    And i m wid ur decision…studies r also imp dont stress and do watever ur heart says…okay..
    Love u sweetie

  10. Sameera

    Awwww sooo cute yaar aduu loved it sooo much yaar loved the way kunj made twinkle confessed each n every dialogue was just perfect ????….

  11. SidMin23

    Nice and cute and happy that you thought not to leave tu.

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous

  13. SidMin

    Aww Just loved it the episode was just too good … I loved it … TWINJ for united that was the best part…
    Love you and try posting when you are free …

  14. Rashiverma2199

    Adu…. Lovely it was….???

  15. Mia12

    Haayyee meri janeman..
    Mene prvs post par cmnt kia tha but wo post nai hua,,??.. and M sooo sooo sorry 4 late cmnt you knw na my health is not well,,??.. Well this update was justt Awesome.. Fantastic.. Marvelous,,????????.. I just love it to the core yrrr,,❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?.. but so sad ki tune end kar diya but its ok,,??.. And its ok janeman study are also first n 10 class its very important,,☺☺.. so take ur time kyuki tere liye toh umre bhar wait karenge,,??.. I’ll wait 4 ur ff janeman,,??..
    Load’s of love you,,?❤?❤?..

  16. Affaa

    Debuuuuuu fabulous yaar….. The way u wrote awesome… Hats off to u story was so interesting…. Just now I saw ur os…. I know I’m late…. And u know this also that I’m always late hahahaha… Debuuuuuu from where did you got a fantastic, mind blowing story I loved it core… It touched my heart….

    If you had left tu…. I might have killed u… I can’t live without u…. Thank you so much for changing your decision…. I’ll miss you Debuuu… Concentrate on studies all the very best for new session.. Love you baby… Take care… Try to visit tu….

  17. RUTU.....

    Hey Princess,
    What to told you you always make me speechless and proud,
    Speechless by your talent as all the words are less to appreciate u
    proud to have you as my best friend, my small cute little sis, my princess
    I love you so so much Adeeba, I think I first time call you Adeeba but tension mat lena iske baad nahi bulaungi kuch doosara nam soch lungi haha ?..
    Bye ? ???

  18. Adu baby it was fantastic
    I loved it

  19. Baby

    Addy srriiee m late iss naacheez ko maffi dena…….
    Srsly yrr….m nt getting time….well loved it really emotionally cute beautiful amazing n d way u wrote n twist n turns in d story were wow…..jst marvellous…… 🙂
    Lods of love…. 🙂
    Post as u get time…..all d best…. 🙂

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