My crazy lover #twinj os #shot 2~By adeeba

Hey guys i really unhappy with the response i get in previous shot..anyways i hope nxt shot will be the last shot..nd thnx a lot who commented on previous episode.. luv u guys…
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Shot 2..

It’s morning
Kunj wakes up nd sees the timing its 10’o clock…
Ku-(self talk)-ohh..god y my head is paining so much uffff…than he sees a glass of lemon water he drank it..nd try to remember everything of previous night nd finally he rememberes..”ohh the girl helped me but who is she..I should ask ramu kaka (the servant)..
Kunj comes out frm his room nd sees ramu kaka in the kitchen..
Ku- kaka..yesterday night..something happened..
Ramu kaka- yaa one girl came with u cause u were fully drunk..nd he told kunj the whole story how he gave money to the girl nd she didn’t take..
Ku- okkay..kunj took the car keys nd gone to the same bar again..nd meets the manager..
Ku- excuse me..yesterday one girl was singing I think she was wearing blue colour gown..
Manager- yes..
Ku- can u plzzz tell her adress..I wanna meet her..nd what’s her name
Manager- her name is twinkle(as all of u guessed correct)sorry sir but we r not tell her adress
Than kunj took out a bundle and of notes
nd gave him..nd said ” now also u will not tell me..nd finally the manager said kunj..

Next seen..

Kunj reached her the area but was unable to find her house aobhe asked a lady..
Ku- can u plzzz say where is twinkle’s house..
Lady- just go straight nd turn left u will find her kunj followed her instructions nd reached her house nd saw a beautiful girl drying her hair..nd kunj was lost in her beauty..nd the girl turned around nd saw that kunj was looking at her..
Girl- oyii..r u..kunj sarna..nd kunj come to his sense..
Ku- yaa..if I m not wrong r u twinkle…
Girl- yaa i m twinkle..(yes guys she was twinkle)
Tw- what u want frm me..
Ku- actually sorry for yesterday cause of me u have to pay the taxi money..
Tw- u don’t have to worry cause of me u gave ur credil card to the manager..
Ku- yaa..but plzzz take this money..
Tw- I know after seeing my condition that I m poor.. U r behaving like this but no worries my everyday life is fine by singing in the bar…
Ku- okay..anyways can I come inside to ur house..
Tw- vaise I don’t allow any boy but u helped me yesterday so plzz come..
Kunj comes inside to her house….
Both talked for sometimes kunj was having a unknown happiness.. Than suddenly he forward his hand for friendship nd twinkle also accepted.. Later kunj left..

Next seen..

Twinkle was singing as usual in the bar..than kunj comes nd signel her too come..twinkle ignored him..than kunj came forward nd caught hold her wrist nd comes out of the bar..
Tw- what r u doing kunj..
Ku- twinkle I want one thing frm u..
Tw- what..
Ku- can u plzzz leave this job..I don’t like that u r singing in front of this stupid mens
Tw- kunj have u lost ur sense..tumko pata h mera roz ka kaam is bar se hi chalta h..agar main yeh job chod dungi.toh kya tum mujhe paise doge..
Ku- yaa..I will..
Tw- no kunj..I can’t be a burden on u..sorry but I can leave this job..nd twinkle gone inside…

Next morning
Kunj comes to twinkle’s house..twinkle opened the door nd was shocked to see kunj..
Tw- kya hua..
Ku- y I can’t come to my frnd house..
Tw- sure u can come..both gone to upstair.. Nd than twinkle speaks..
Tw- kunj I left the job..kunj was shocked..
Ku- really..
Tw- yaa..but i m trying in office I m a educated I hope ki main select hojaungi..
Ku- tune mere kehne par apna job chod diya..
Tw- han ..cuase u r my frnd..bologe toh wapas join kr lungi..nd both laughed..

Days passed by both had fallen for eo but was not showing as both were thinking that they might lose their friendship but twinkle was having another problem as he is a low class girl nd kunj is a high class she thought that she will never tell her feeling to kunj…

Than one day kunj was in his home..than manohar comes to his room nd speaks.
Mano- is ur roka with ready sharp at evening nd I don’t want any nonsense.. Kunj was shocked.. But he didn’t say anything… Oy the thought was twinkle came in his mind..
So he quickly reached to twinkle ‘s house..twinkle opened the door than suddenly kunj hugged her..twinkle was shocked as kunj eyes was red as he was crying..
Tw- what happened kunj..??
Ku- do u luv me????…twinkle shocked..

Do share ur views guys..

Bye guys

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  1. Janeemann aaa gale lag jaa ?amazing dids ………(hope you don’t mind me calling you janemaan …Its a song for you??). …..I just enjoyed and luved it??…Abb dekhege ki aage kya hota hai?……Post next soon???

  2. Purvi128

    Oyeeee adeebu.., sorry wasn’y able to comment on the previous one… actually i had my tests that’s why…
    This was just amazing.. splendid… just too good… loved it…
    Twinj were just awesome…. nd post the next soonest.. can’t wait….
    Love u soutan

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Awesome ???

  4. Sohi

    Amazing episode dear
    Don’t be sad Coz of less comments
    Do continue and post soon bye

  5. Nice episode

  6. Fabulous episode
    Hope twinj get together

  7. Good episode

  8. Awesome story

  9. Hey Adu baby episode was awesome ,
    Really I loved it baby
    Post next epi soon baby
    Love u
    Take care

  10. Shalini15

    Adee it was awesome mind blowing fabulous superb episode. Twinj are too good. Loved it too much.

    Love you ? ? ? ? ?

  11. Amazing fantastic and perfect. I loved the episode . Post soon

  12. Presha

    My god…
    Just loved it…
    Too good…
    Post soon…
    Post ur ff too…
    Love u…. ????

  13. Hey girl the epi is superb
    I just love yr ffs os ss in short your writing skills
    Dont be upset due to low cmmnts as everyone are busy due to exams …
    Post soon….

  14. Fatimaa.

    Heyy addu…
    It was awesome meri jaan…
    I lovedd it…
    Post soon..

  15. Superb hai yaar!

  16. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Heyyyy aduuuuu,
    Amazing superb yrr
    Tere last part PE Jo cmmnt Kiya that would post ni hua PTA ni kiu….srry for that. …
    This post was
    Too good….Loved it….
    Plz post asap….
    Post your FF too
    Do continue…
    Love you

  17. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous

  18. SidMin23

    Amazing and hope twinkle also love kunj post soon.

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    Hey Adeeba
    It was really good
    Please don’t be upset
    I loved it
    Post this and your FF soon
    Loads of love

  20. Ramya

    Wowww aduuu amazing
    It’s so cute lovely adorable
    So Sao cute
    Post soon Love u keep smiling

  21. SidMin

    Just loved it … I really liked the Cute friendship between TWINJ and Twinkle leaving her job just because Kunj asked her to do so was amazing
    Love you post soon ❤

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  23. Affaa

    Yaar how u manage to write so well….. I wonder the shot was speechless… Hats off to u u just niled it… Beautiful debuuuuuu…. I just loved their bond.. I’m proud to have sis like u…. And sorry for not commenting on last shot… Just now I saw this… So I thought comment on ur second post…. Debuuuuuu I really love u… Take care jaan…
    Aasalamu alaikum

  24. Baby

    Ohhh teri…. 🙂
    Amazing sooo sweet cute amazing osm yr….jst luving it…. 😉
    Muaahh….emotional vry cute
    Love u lods…. 🙂

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