Crazy love of thahaan (part-92)

This part is starting from the next day morning thapki wakes up from bed. she goes from bed.suddenly she stucks and gets shocked. she turns to bed.she was seeing bihaan is laughing at her.he holds her hand.
bihaan: thapki…wr r u going?
thapki: what is this question.I…I…I am going for bathing.
bihaan: gajaab…then I also come with you.wait…
thapki: (gets shy)bi… bi… bihaan what are you talking?I…I…I will go now.
bihaan: (holds her hand tightly and looks at her) no Chuck chuck gaadi I will come with you.
thapki:(gets shy and smiles) bi…bi… bihaan leave me. I want to go.(she takes his hand away from her hand.she smiles and goes)
bihaan says, gajaab this chuck chuck gaadi is always like this.
thapki enters inside is bathroom.she switched on the water heater. she takes bath.
bihaan takes his mobile and looks at thapki’s picture. he admires her. suddenly smoke has come from bathroom. bihaan hears thapki screaming.he gets shocked.suddenly he runs to her. he opens the room.he sees the water heater falls down from wall. the smoke came from there. he looks at thapki. thapki have seated in the corner of room with towel. she closes her eyes and blocks her ear on her hands. she sits very scaredly. bihaan switches off that heat water. he runs to thapki.he holds her.
bihaan: thapki…thapki…look at me
are you OK?(he gets tensed.thapki looks at him.she cries and hugs him tightly.bihaan hugs her.he covers her in his cloth. he hugs her goes from there. bihaan makes her to sit on bed.thapki cries and sees him. she gets shivering. bihaan holds her hand and he rubs her hands.
bihaan: (looks at her) are you ok thapki?
thapki hugs him and cries.
thapki: bi… bi… bihaan…I am getting scared.I want to save my baby. I…I…I feel something. I…I…I..I. ..(she stucks and she gets more tension.bihaan recalled what doctor saying to him.he gets shocked.suddenly he hugs her tightly.and rubs her head.)
bihaan: thapki….shhhh shhh…..No no..nothing will happen for you. don’t get tension.don’t get panic. I am with you. don’t cry.
he wipes her tears.thapki hugs him and cries. (ranjhanaa plays…..).

vasu called dhruv anzn she thinking to talk about his marriage. dhruv: want to say anything else?
vasu: yes beta. I want to talk about your marriage.
dhruv: (gets shocked) Maa but I don’t want marriage now. I lost shraddha. I am not interested about next marriage.
vasu: yes.that’s what I am saying.shraddha died, so you want to marry someone.
dhruv: sorry maa.. I am not interested. don’t talk about marriage please.
dhruv goes from there
vasu gets worry about dhruv.she gets teary eyes.

kushi comes to thapki room.she wears ghost mask on her face. thapki thinks about bathroom incident. kushi comes slowly to her room.she comes behind of thapki.she screams.thapki turns and looks at kushi in that ghost mask. thapki got scared.she screams. bihaan comes there suddenly. thapki hugs him. kushi removes that mask from her face.she smiles at thapki.
kushi: (laughs) papa… maa got is this mask?
bihaan: (comes to kushi angrily) why did you done this? you done mistake.your mom is not well. why you did this kushi?
kushi: papa… I thought to play with maa.
bihaan: but this is not a good way.
kushi: papa… why are you scolding me? I just played to maa. (thapki looks on)
bihaan: gajaab…you learned to talk against me. just shut up…go and study in your room.
kushi: papa… pls I play now.
bihaan:(shouts) kushi…don’t argue with me.go to your room. (thapki tries to console them.but bihaan didn’t listen.kushi goes from there.she cries).

thapki: bi… bi… bihaan she is our baby.why are you scold her?
bihaan: thapki…already doctor said you and baby is…(thapki gets shocked.bihaan stops suddenly.)
thapki: bi… bi… bihaan what are you saying? what doctor told about me to you?.
bihaan: nothing said you and baby are good.but now you should take care of baby.
thapki: (smiles) bihaan… you… are there with me know. so I won’t get scared.
bihaan looks at her and smiles. they looks at each other.they smiles (na.. na… naa plays….)

dhruv marries sakshi.vasu gets happy. thapki kisses on bihaan’s cheeks. Sankara eats food from the dustbin.

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  1. Hi vino after so long happy to see your ff again how are u?the epi was perfect ?

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear Fatima, thanks you soooo much dear. I am are you darl? love you soo much and tc.

      1. I’m fine thx?

  2. Oh!!! Dear vino,after a long time…how are you friend???how is your studies???ff was asusal gajjab…really feel excited to read your 100th part…take care dear keep your cutie smile alwaysssss.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello my dear cutest friend Pooja… thanks a lot for your support dear. actually you are encouraging me a lot.. I am so lucky to get you as a friend. thanks a lot and love you sooooo much Darling.take care.

  3. Apeksha

    Hii vino di. How r u ? After so long I got to read ur ff. I am so happy. Thank u for giving us the opportunity to read ur awesome wala ff. I am very eager to read the next part. I am waiting for the century to complete and I expect a lot of surprises from u in the 100th part and a bit longer update too so Plz update asap.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear apeksha…thank you so much dear. how are you? actually u am so happy that you are all reading my ff. I am going to reach century because of you are all supporting me. I too excited about 100 episode. I hope silent readers also will comment on that episode dear. thanks you so much and I love you dear…take care.


    Hello vino di,
    how r u ??
    thanku di for updating this epi..
    long wait..
    well di epi was asusal gajab like u..
    eagrly wating fr next nd upcoming 100th..
    so plzzz try to update as soon as Possible..
    love di,
    keep smiling.. Bcoz I like ur smile very much..

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear cute choti are you? I am fine dear.thank you sooo much.i miss you so much .I love you a lot darling.yeah surely I will update soon dear . you too keep smiling dear. take care love love you so much…

  5. Amazing part. Hai vino, how are you?. What about your studies. After a long time to read your fanfiction . I am so happy dear. Eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my darl rifa… how are you? I am fine dear.everything is good Darling..then how is your studies? I am so happy to read your comment because you will speak few words normally.but today I am so lucky to hear this from you. thanks a lot dear. I will update soon darling. take care.

  6. Simrank

    Well waited alot for the ff vino dear loved it srslt it was gajb epi and the way bihu takes care of thapki is aussom i love ur story and u alot ❤❤
    Cnt wait for the next one….

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear simran… thank you so much darl.. I miss you so much. I love you so much.take care Darling.

  7. Juveria.ghalib

    Hey vino sorry sorry sorry for late commenting but this episode was soo cute Bihaan scolded khushi but it was for a good cause.its ok he will make her understand stood I know.n soo cute update it was.waiting for ur update.u used to update soo very soon but now.its ok I think ur busy take ur time love u tc

  8. keep writting dear….and makes it hndred…luv this epi…

  9. Malaikasarwar

    Vino di maI Malaika? apk ff ki fan jo apko Twitter par bt karti h very nice episode waiting for next part

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