Crazy love of thahaan (part-90)

This part is starting from bihaan looks at thapki emotionally. They looks at each other. Bihaan gets teary eyes happily. thapki cries at him happily. vasu comes there. she looks at them. she enters inside of room. Bihaan and thapki looks at her in hospital. Vasu smiles at thapki.
Vasu: (touches thapki’s head slowly and smiles. thapki looks at her and smiles) Thapki beta i am so happy for you.(vasu huga thapki happily. they smiles at each other. Bihaan smiles at them. Doctor comes there.
Doctor: Mr. Bihaan I want to tell you about one important thing.’
Bihaan: tell me doctor.
doctor: Can you speak seperately?
Bihaan: Of course, Doctor. ( Vasu and thapki look at them) Bihaan goes from there with doctor.

Doctor: Mr. Bihaan i want to say this to you…But you should bear this thing.
Bihaan: (gets shocked and he widens his eyes) Doctor…It means?
Doctor: Mr. Bihaan your wife thapki is not well. She is very weak. Now she is pregenant. So She can’t bear any shocking news and any shocking moments. If she will get anything like that, then her body will affect and also baby will get affect. It will be danger to save them. so please take care of her.
Bihaan: (gets shocked and his eyes filled full of tears. He becomes frozen) Doctor…Is there any solution to save her?
Doctor: Yes, she should not hear anything loud sound and she shouldn’t hear any shocking new and the shocking moments. You should take care of her. Otherwise there is no way for this problem.
Bihaan gets worry and gets teary eyes. he wakesup from chair and goes out of room with the teary eyes. he enters to patients room. Thapki and vasu looking at him.
Vasu:( comes to him and keeps her hands on his shoulder) beta…what he told to you?
Bihaan Didn’t speak anything. He looks at her. Vasu asks the same to him. thapki looks at him. Bihaan looks at thapki.
Bihaan: Nothing ma…doctor said that no problem for thapki.
Vasu: (smiles and prays to god) thank god…thapki is fine. I got scared, because of doctor called you seperately to speak with you.
Bihaan: (goes near to thapki and sits near to her and he holds her face) Nothing will happened for my thapki. I am always with her. I won’t let anything wrong will happened for her.
Thapki smiles at him. Bihaan looks and smiles at her with teary eyes emotionally. They have an eye lock ( Ranjhanna plays……..) vasu looks at them and smiles.

Police comes to pandey nivas. sankara looks at them and smiles. She comes to them.
Sankara: sir…When you will proceed thapki in court?? she accepts her mistake or not? Don’t worry sir…I will tell the truth against her in court.( Police didn’t say anything. They looks at her)
Inspector: Ms. sankara you are the criminal. we know that already. We got a proof also.(sankara gets shocked and looks at them)
Sankara: sir… what are you saying? shraddha is my didi. Why should I kill her?
Inspector: You will see the vedio. Then you will know the answer for your question.(they shows the vedio to sankara. she see the vedio and gets shocked.)
she didn’t say anything. Inspector asks constable to arrest sankara. the constable arrests Sankara. Thapki, bihaan, and vasu enters to the house. Everyone’s comes there. sankara looks at them and gets shocked. Bihaan Smiles at sankara.
Bihaan: inspector sir, you will arrest her. I will tell all the truth in court.
Inspector: thank you mr. Bihaan. They arrests her and goes from there.

Dhruv comes there. He looks at bihaan and thapki. He asks apologies to them for blaming thapki.
vasu and everyones get happy seeing dhruv”s transformation.

Pollice goes with sankara. She sees them. She thinks I won’t go to jail. I want to escape from them. She acts like Fainting suddenly. Police gets shocked. He asks her to wake her up. But she didn’t open her eyes. They searches for a water. but they didnt get it. suddenly sankara opens her eyes and takes the gun from the police and shows against them.
Police gets shocked. She said, if anyone try to catch me, I will kill you. she takes one of the police on her hand. she points the gun on him. she goes near to the jeep and asked that police to drive or else i will kill you. He drives and rest of the polices are getting down from jeep. He drives few distance. the sankara kicks him down and she drives the jeep and escapes from there.Police asks them to search her. They informs to all station.

Vasu: ( gives sweets to everyone) today is nice day in our family.
suman: I know, because thapki get release from jail. sankara goes there.
Vasu: Not only that…Soon one more family member is going to join in our family.
Thapki gets shy and smiles. Bihaan looks at her face and smiles.
Vasu: thapki is preganant now…
Everyones gets happy.Dhruv congrats Bihaan. Suman and preethi hugs thapki.

Kushi gets happy. she hugs thapki and bihaan. bihaan and thapki kisses kushi.
Bihaan Looks at thapki. He lifts her on his hand and walks on the steps. they looks at each other. They have an eyelock (Na…na…naa plays….)

Precap: Sankara sleeps with beggers on road. bihaan sees the cockroach and he sees thapki was coming there. He recalls the doctor words. He blocks her in his hands to prevent see the cockroach. Thapki goes about to falls down.

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