crazy love of thahaan (part-9)


this part is starting from bihaan and thapki walks on road from temple slowly.thapki says to him,bi.. bi… bihaan,climate is so cool na… she feels nice cool climate.bihaan sees her face.he stares at her.he walks with her.he says to her,yes… its very nice climate. I love this climate from today onwards. thapki turns at him.she says to that bihaan,wh… what… from today onwards??? what did you mean???he says to her,nothing I said I love this climate.I am walking like this first with one of beautiful girl.she says to him,do… do.. don’t act.I know you are having so many girl friends.he says to her,no… seriously I dont have.but I saw so many girls.but now only I am seeing nice girl like you.she smiles at him.he says to her,why are you laughing.she says to him,you speaking very well.she walks.he sees her.thapki looks at him.she says to him,bi… bihaan what are you looking at me.he says to her,thapki i….i love you…he stucks.she gets shocked.she asks to him, what???? he says to her,hello madam I tries to tell I love your hair.which brand shampoo you are using?? she looks on.she says to him, I am using home made shampoo makes by my mom.he says to her,oh.. that’s why you are looking like this.she says to him,how…how I am looking?he says to her,i.. mean I says you are of the car goes very fastly.dirty water fells on thapki face and full of her saree.bihaan laughs at her.she gets angry.she looks at him.he finds her upset.

he says to her,OK OK cool don’t get tension.I will do something.he sees the place.he sees water man takes that water pipe.he shows that water on plants.bihaan sees this.he holds her hand.he goes there with thapki .she says to him,leave my hand,where are you going..he stops her.he says to him,bhai I need this to remove dirty on please bhaiya give me this.that man says to bihaan, OK keep this.I am having some work I have to go now.I will come after few minutes.that man goes.bihaan takes the water pipe.he shows to thapki.water pours on her.she says to him,bihaan do… don’t do this.he says to her,I am helping you.he shows to her body.she turns and she feels cool.she asks him to stop this.but he didn’t agrees.she comes near to him.she holds him.she hugs him.he feels at her.he gets surprised. he hugs her.he keep that water pipe on grasses.she feels so shivering.she hugs him tightly.(na… na… naa plays…..)

thapki seperates bihaan.she turns at him.bihaan sees thapki.thapki says to him, how did I go to my home in this dress.its fully wet.bihaan sees her shivering.he sees hotel there.he goes with her to hotel.he tells to receptionist,I want to book room.suddenly receptionist gives room key to him.she asks him to fill His address in register. bihaan writes his details.he goes with thapki to room.he says to her,madam dry your dress here.remove your saree.she gets shocked.she says to bihaan,how dare you talking like this.didnt you know how to talk with girl.she gets angry.later he realized what he says to her.he says to that thapki,sorry…please dry your dress as your wish.she stands in front of him.he says to her,oh…you don’t have alternate dress.he gives his shirt and jacket to her.he stands with empty body.he looks more hot.she gets more shocked.he says to her,what are you looking at me.I am having this only.don’t get tension.I won’t see anything.she takes his dress.she goes to room.bihaan read books.

after few minutes she comes infront of him.she gets shy.she pulls the shirt to cover her legs.she slowly walks.bihaan sees thapki.he stares at fells on floor from his hand.she sits on bed.then bihaan comes out from mind. he takes the book.he continues reading.after few minutes thapki sees cockroach on her leg.she starts screaming.jumping…she runs from there.bihaan gets shocked.he throws book on table.he says to her,thapki what happend…why are you screaming.bihaan stands from chair.thapki runs from there.suddenly she jumps and sits on bihaan hip.he gets shocked.she says to him,bi… bi… bihaan cock…cock… cockroach.please save me from cock roach.she sits on his hip.she hugs him.(ranjhanaa plays…).bihaan stands like sewing.later she realized she was sitting on his hip.she slowly sees his face.she starts screaming.she jumps from him.she runs from there.she hides behind of blanket.bihaan getting shocked.he thinks,what happened now with that chuk… chuk gaadi.she scream and sits on me.then again she screams and runs from me.thapki talks behind of blanket.she says to him,so… so… sorry I am so afraid of cockroach so.I done this.bihaan says to her,its OK no time is too late.shall we go.she nodes at him.

after few minutes thapki wears her saree.they goes from there .thapki says to bihaan,th… thank you so much did so many things for me.bihaan looks at her.then thapki sees taxi.she says bye to bihaan.she goes from there. bihaan thinks about thapki.he smiles at her.

the next day morning shraddha enters to pandey nivas.vasu sees her.shraddha comes to vasu.she takes blessing to vasu.shraddha says to vasu,aunty today my sister Sankara also comes here.vasu gets happy.she says to shrddha,is it then where is Sankara.she searches Sankara.Sankara comes to vasu.she hugs vasu.she says to vasu,aunty what is your beauty are so cute aunty.vasu smiles at her.she didn’t say anything.dhruv and bihaan comes downstairs.balwander sites on sofa.shraddha hugs dhruv.Sankara sees bihaan.but he turns his face.vasu says to them,I need to talk about dhruv marriage

bihaan smiles.vasu says to them,bihaan also going to get marry to shraddha sister sankara. everyone’s gets happy.bihaan gets shocked.he says to vasu,maa but why marriage for me now.first you will finish dhruv bhai marriage.I don’t want marriage now.vasu comes near to bihaan.she holds his face.she says to that bihaan,your loving your maa know…bihaan says to her,yes maa.. she says to him,if you think your mom happiness is important then marry Sankara.she forces and emotional blackmail to him.he nodes at vasu.Sankara smiles.vasu gets happy.bihaan gets upset.he goes out from there.Sankara hugs vasu again.

bihaan sits alone.he thinks about thapki.he gets visions about thapki he thinks to see thapki.he takes his bike.he goes to see thapki.he sees thapki in temple.he stops the bike.thapki gives food from her bag to begger.begger takes food.he blesses thapki.thapki smiles at him.bihaan sees her from far.he stares at her.bihaan goes from there.
he reaches house again.he thinks about thapki.he says,I want to see thapki always.I have to be with her life long.I can’t lost her.he recalls about her good activities, accident,funny things,and romantic moments.he says to himself,I love her,I want her in my life.I won’t marry Sankara.I want thapki.

bihaan confess his love to thapki.but she didn’t accept his proposal.bihaan gets worries.

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  1. Now what should I say …. I always write FABULOUS …. And the way you write this ff is awesome …. I am at lack of words … Loved the episode …❤ Hotel Scenes ?? Promo is a little scary … But u r so talented … And u always bring some ironic twists … So waiting for the next episode …. Loved this one ❤??

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks my dear naitan..

  2. very nice…tnkx for fast update….whenever i read thapki and cockroach scene it was a best scene for me….keep going….

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much sadia darl…

  3. Very nice. Keep writing. Waiting for next part

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks my dear rifa. .

  4. I want to say that its really a stunning ff….precap is soooo good because of Bihaans confession but she willnot ready to accept it.i wish she will realize her feelings very soon.GOOD LUCK FRIEND.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks my dear pooja DRL..

  5. Sulbi

    Vino darl…. great episode… waiting fr nxt part… thapki rejects his proposal am sad for bihaan… update soon dear… tc…

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you my dear sulbi…

  6. Nice episode

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks my dear anchel…

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