Crazy love of thahaan (part-89)

This part is starting from thapki and bihaan holds their hands. thapki cries. bihaan consoles her.
bihaan: Thapki don’t worry I will bring you out. I will find the real culprit.
thapki cries. bihaan holds her face from the out of jail gate. they looks at each other. bihaan gets teary eyes. suddenly one of the constable comes between them. he said, hello, mr.bihaan. your visiting time has finished now. you can go pls. thapki cries seeing bihaan.
Bihaan: thapki…don’t get worry. i am always with you.
Thapki cries and bihaan goes from there.

Sankara comes to her room. she sees the teddy bear and smiles. She goes and takes that teddy bear. she hugs and gets happy. She looks at shraddha photo in table. she takes that photo. she gets teary eyes. she cries and then she smiles. She says to shraddha’s photo graph, I am sorry di…I killed you for my bihaan only. you know I am very happy now. Because of Thapki has gone to jail. I know I tied rockey in bihaan’s hand. But I won’t leave him. He is for me only and he is not my own brother. Surely, I will marry him. she laughs. Bihaan and vasu hears everything. They gets shocked. They looks at each other shockingly.

Vasu: how dare she killed my bahu? I wonn’t leave her.
bihaan: (holds her hand) maa…Don’t worry We will take revenge on her. But not in this way.
Vasu: How to take revenge? she blamed my thapki.
Bihaan: (smiles and shows his mobile) In this way maa..

vasu: ( looks at his mobile and get surprised.) beta…When Did you take this? Fb shows bihaan and vasu sees sankara’s happiness. They followed her and bihaan thinks ” Her sister was died. but she was so happy. something is there behind of this. when they reaches her room he takes his mobile and switched on his mobile. He tooks vedio and he recoreded everything. Fb ends. Vasu and bihaan gets happy.
BIhaan: We will bring thapki back from jail.they smiles. vasu and bihaan goes from there.
Sankara calls to the police station to one of the police. She attends the call.
Sankara: Hello! I am sankara speaking.
the lady police: Yes mam…I am only tell me mam. you want any help?
sankara: It’s ok. how is that thapki?
The lady police: mam…she was crying.

Sankara: (gets happy) why?? you slapped her ah?
The lady police: no mam…I didn’t slap her.
Sankara: (gets angry) what??? Why I gave money to should torchure her.go and slap her hardly. And one thing you will get money for each slap. so go and slap her.
The lady police: (smiles) sure mam…Now i will do that. sankara ends the call and smiles. The lady police goes and opens the gate.she goes to thapki. The lady police looks around the police station. she sees everyone’s are busy and the inspector is not there in station. He was going somewhere. Thapki looks at her and gets scared. The lady police looks at her angrily. she comes to thapki. she holds thapki hand very tightly. Thapki gets irritated and cries.
The lady Police: Why are you crying? I didn’t start my investigation. tell me, why did you killed her?

Thapki: M…m…mam I didn’t kill her. pls leave me.
The lady police: Then How you things came in murder spot and your finger print is there. see..I don’t have time to argue. Just tell me the truth why did you kill shraddha?

thapki: m…m…mam. I didn’t kill her. ( the lady police gets angry.she slaps on thapki face very hardly. thapki screams and cries. She ask her to accept the murder. But thapki refuses so, the lady police holds thapki hair tightly. she drags thapki to the wall. she pushes thapki. thapki hits on the wall. she screams and cries. thapki touches her forehead.she sees the blood and gets shocked. She sees the blood on her mouth also. The lady police comes to thapki again. she goes about to slap her. But Bihaan and thapki comes to the police station. Thapki looks at bihaan and cries.The inspector comes to the police station. Bihaan comes to him.
Bihaan: Inspector sir…my wife is not a criminal. Pls leave her.
Inspec: Did you have a proof?

bihaan: yes sir. He takes his mobile and shows the vedio to the police. The inspector looks at the vedio and gets shocked. The lady police comes out of the jail room.
Inspector: Mr. bihaan this is very strong proof. it’s enough. We will arrest that sankara. ( The inspector ask to release thapki. One of the police opens the gate. Thapki comes from room. Bihaan and vasu looks at thapki. they gets shocked seeing her. Bihaan rushes to thapki. He hugs her tightly. They hugs at each other. Bihaan and thapki cries.(ranjhanaa plays….). Vasu cries seeing them. Bihaan seperates thapki. He looks at injury on her forehead and mouth. He holds her face.

Bihaan: (shockingly) Thapki…thapki…who slapped you like this?? (he takes his kerchief and wipes blood on her mouth and forehead. He gets angry on the inspector and goes near to him.
Bihaan: Inspector, Why did you slapped her like this? she is not a criminal. You gave time to proove na..?

inspect: (gets shocked seeing thapki) Mr.bihaan I didn’t give permission to investigate.( he turns to other police and asks angrily, who slapped mrs. thapki?) one of the police shows that lady police. Inspector called her and shouts her a lot. inspector asks apologies to bihaan.)
bihaan holds Thapki. They comes out from the police station. Thapki gets dizzyness slightly. She gets faints, She goes about to falls down. But bihaan holds her on his hand. vasu and bihaan gets shocked.

Bihaan: Thapki…thapki…Look at me. Nothing will happened for you. (vasu cries)
Bihaan lifts thapki on his arms and goes to the car. Vasu opens the car door. Bihaan takes thapki and makes her to sit on the car seat. Vasu goes inside of the car. bihaan drives the car. They reaches the hospital. Bihaan parks the car and lifts thapki on his arms. He rushes to the hospital.

Bihaan: doctor…pls check her.pls..
Doctor: dont’ worry. I will check. ( They takes thapki to inside of ward. Bihaan gets tensed. Vasu cries)
After few minutes the doctor comes to bihaan.
doctor: (smiles) congratualtion mr. Bihaan. You are going to becoming as papa again.
Bihaan gets shocked and surprised. vasu gets happy. bihaan and vasu gets happy to hear this good news.

Bihaan: thank you so much doctor. Can I see her?
Doctor: yeah…Of course bihaan.
vasu and bihaan goes to the room. they sees thapki. Bihaan gets happy seeing her. thapki cries happily. bihaan goes near to her and hugs her. bihaan and thapki cries happily. Bihaan kisses on thapki’s forehead. he holds her face. they looks at each other happily. They have an eyelock. (ranjhannaaaa plays…..)

Sankara escapes from the police. She sleeps on road with beggers. dhruv asks apologies to bihaan. Kushi gets happy. Bihaan lifts thapki and walks on steps.

Hai my dear friends…I hope you like this epidoes. Pls do comments. Day by day i am getting very less comments only. Pls just try to do comments. And I am very sorry for not replying for your comments dear. I don’t have a time to reply. I am really really sooooo sorry dear friends. Now also I am updating this episode during work only. I am so sorry. I Love you sooooooooooo much guys. i am going to reach 90th episodes because of your support only. Thanks a lotttt my dear friends.

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  2. Don’t tell me that sankar will back and make another problem

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  3. Amazing part dear. Your fan fiction really good and it is a relaxation.please continue writing. Waiting for next part. Take care dear.

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  9. Nice episode dear
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