Crazy love of thahaan (part-88)

This part is starting from vasu coming to kitchen. she gets angry. she sees, the food is still not preparing. she gets angry on sharddha. she tells, shraddha is very bad. she was not listening my speech. I should teach her lesson. she thinks to go to shraddha’s room. she goes to shraddha’s room. she open that room door angrily. she screamed very loudly seeing shraddha’s dead body. Thapki and Bihaan gets shocked to hear vasu’s voice.

bihaan: thapki…maa is shouting…come and let’s go to mom. nothing will happend for her.
bihaan holds thapki hands. they rushes to vasu. they reaches to shraddha’s room. they gets shocked. Everyone’s comes there and gets shocked seeing shraddha;s dead body.
suman and preethi gets shocked. they widen’s their mouth. bihaan and thapki widens their eyes seeing shraddha. sankara comes there. she acts infront of them.
sankara gets shocked seeing shraddha. dhruv comes there and gets shocked. he gets teary eyes. He goes near to sharddha’s dead body. he bends down his knees on floor near to her. He cries. Bauji called the police. after few minutes police arrives to panday’s house. they enters to room. The police enters to shraddha’s room. the looks at shraddha’s dead body.

They sees dhruv”s crying and they comes to dhruv.
Police: who saw this dead body first?
Bauji: (with sad) My wife saw this first.
Police: (comes to vasu) did you saw this first?
Vasu: (cries) Yes inspector. She didn’t prepare food. so i got angry. I came here to scold her. But I saw her here as dead body.( she hugs thapki and cries. thapki and everyone’s cries).
Police: Mr. Dhruv did you know. Is there any enemy for shraddha? or is there any problem for her?
Dhruv: no sir. she is very friendly and she don’t have any enemy .
Police: Ok. we will do the investigation and find the truth. But everyone should cooperate.
Everyone’s nodes at inspector.

At the same day evening, everyone’s did a funeral for shraddha. sankara cried heavily. dhruv cries and recalls about shraddha. Sakshi huga dhruv and cries. Bihaan get teary eyes and thapki cries. Bihaan holds thapki. Kushi cries. Police does a investigation about shraddha’s murder.

The next day morning, Police comes to Pandey’s house. everyone’s looks at police. They goes near to them.
Dhruv: inspector…did you found who killed my shraddha?
Police: Yes Mr.Dhruv, I found that criminal and that criminal is there in your family only.
Everyones gets shocked. sankara gets tensed. thapki, bihaan and everyone gets shocked.
Dhruv: what are you saying inspector? But my family members are very nice. surely they won’t do these kind of mistakes.
Police: No Mr. dhruv. but that criminal is your family member only.
Dhruv: Who is that? pls tell me.
Police: That culprit is non other than this family bahu Thapki only.
Dhruv gets shocked. thapki and bihaan gets shocked. everyones gets shocked.Sankara smiles. Fb shows Police found thapki necklace and her kerchief near to shraddha’s body. They confirmed thats thapki things and sankara goes to police station. She shows the vedio that thapki tells to shraddha, ‘i kill you’. Police inspector looks that vedio and gets shocked. They said thanks to sankara cooperating to found criminal. sankara gets happy and goes from there. Fb ends. The police shows the vedio to the entire family members. everyone’s watches that vedio and gets shocked. Thapki and bihaan gets shocked.

Police: Mrs. Thapki bihaan pandey… I am going to arrest you.( thapki and bihaan gets shocked)
Thapki: S…S…sir I didn’t do this murder. I said this on that day in angry. Otherwise I am not a enemy for her.
Police: If you want to tell anything you will tell to court.
The lady constable comes to arrests thapki. bihaan holds thapki’s hand. thapki looks at him.
Bihaan: inspector, surely my wife didn’t do this murder. She is not a criminal.
Police: Mr. bihaan we have a proof on her. So I should arrest her. If you feel she is not a criminal give me a proof. But now she has to come. Thapki cries seeing bihaan and kushi. bihaan cries and holds thapki hands. The police arrests thapki and they drags her with them. thapki and bihaan cries emotionally. Bihaan and thapki leaves their hands. kushi comes to bihaan. she hugs bihaan. they cries. vasu and everyone’s cries. sankara gets happy. Dhruv gets angry on Thapki.

He comes to Bihaan.
dhruv: Bihaan…I won’t leave thapki. because of she has killed my wife. she should get a punishment.
Bihaan: Bhaiya…But she is not a criminal.pls believe me.
Dhruv: Did you saw that vedio and that things. Theses things are showing surely thapki has killed her.
Bihaan: Bhai..pls don’t believe this.
Dhruv: I won’t thapki…( He tells angrily and goes. bihaan and kushi cries. Vasu cries and things, surely something is there in this murder. I know about thapki. She Won’t do like this. I willl find the truth.)

At the same day afternoon bihaan comes to police station. He ask police to see thapki. They allowed bihaan to see thapki. Bihaan comes to thapki. HE see her. she saw bihaan. she cries seeing him. they looks at each other. they cries. bihaan holds thapki hands tightly from out of jail gate. they hold their hands and looks at each other. they cries.
Bihaan: Thapki don’t worry. I will proove you are not a criminal. I will found that real criminal. I won’t leave you alone. I am alwasy with you. I know you are not a criminal.
Thapki; B….b…bihaan i am happy because you are believeing me.It’s enough for me.
bihaan holds thapki hands and kisses her hand. they gets teary eyes…they looks at each other. they have an eyelock. (ranjhanna plays…) they looks at each other sadly.

sankara looks at shraddha photograph and says, I am sorry di…I killed you for my bihaan only. bihaan and vasu gets shocked

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  1. Simrank

    Amazing epi i loved the way bihaan trusted her and precap is cool cnt wait update soon…plz tc lu vino.

  2. That was very sad and emotional nice precap evil sankar will be punished

  3. oh!!!!!! my goodness…..vino, congrats dear for the success of 90…..advance wishes…..what i say vino you are perfectly a spontaneous writer yaar……….take care keep smiling…….

  4. ghazab ? epi. very nice.

  5. Navami

    Hi vino….nice epi..egerly waiting for next…how bihan will trap evil sankar…iam waiting….keep writting tc….

  6. Juveria.ghalib

    Awesome episode vino enjoyed reading it n finally shraddha’s story ends here.n soon I think sankar a story will also end precap is amazing.update soon.

  7. Di really sorry for so late cmt..
    di I miss u so much…
    didi how r u nd how’s ur studies..
    MINDBLOWING episode..
    to shraddha to gae.. Mja aa gya…
    shraddha gae or ab shankar ki bari di such btao o to bohat der leg rha h kahi ab aap ff na khtem ker do, di esa hoaa to m aap s baat kese krogi..

    di thax for updating..
    I miss my mishiv..s [srarti] kushi too..
    so, eagrly wating for next next episode..
    take ur own time nd then post, v wait for u very patin…ly

    stay healthy..
    be happy..
    keep smiling..
    stay blessed always..
    be cofident..
    belife urself always..
    didi ur all readers always with u..
    didi I love u sososooo much..
    keep loving me..
    take care..

    “LOVE YOU”


  8. Nice part.the way bihaan trusted thapki is amazing. Waiting for next part.

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