Crazy love of thahaan (part-87)

This part is starting from thapki gains conscious. bihaan gets happy. they hugs at each other. sankara and shraddha gets angry.
suman: (to preethi) look at thapki and bihaan…they are very nice na..?
preethi: yes suman. you are right. they are awesome couple. they are like ram and seetha.

shraddha and sankara gets more angry. They goes from there.
Vasu: (to bihaan) bihaan beta…take thapki to room. she needs to take rest now.
bihaan: ok ma…(he holds thapki carefully. they walks to their room slowly. vasu looks at them. she gets happy seeing their true love and care for each other.

Bihaan and thapki reaches their room. he holds her and he makes her to sits on bed. she sits on bed and looks at bihaan. They looks at each other. They have an eye lock. (ranjhanaa plays….).
Bihaan: thapki you will take rest. I will come back within few minutes.
Thapki: O…o..ok bihaan.

he goes about from her.suddenly he gets stucks and turns at her. he sees thapki saree pallu was stuck in bihaan’s shirt button. thapki looks at him. he looks at thapki.
thapki: bi…bi…bihaan wait…I will take out this (she stands from bed. bihaan comes closes to her.she tries to take out her saree pallu from his shirt button, but she can’t able to remove this. Bihaan stares at her. he notices her cute movement while take out the saree pallu.then he stops her.).

Bihaan: Hello madam, wait wait…I will takeout this ok? I know you can’t do this.
thapki: wh…wh..what? I…i..i know how to take out this. i don’t want your help.(she pulls his shirt button. bihaan looks at her and smiles.
bihaan: Excuse me thapki madam…don’t spoil my shirt. If you do like this, then my shirt button will come out.ok? i will take out this.
thapki: n…n…no. I will do this. I can do.
Bihaan: no… I will do this. leave this…

thapki: n…n…no bihaan. I know how to take out this. leave me…(they get adamant and they fights at each other to remove that saree pallu from bihaan’s shirt. They holds at each other.they done a naughty fight.they pulls that saree and shirt at each other. Finally, bihaan pulls her saree pallu hardly. thapki’s saree comes in bihaan’s hand. she gets shy and turns from him. he looks at her. she smiles and bihaan comes to her with saree. he covered her in her saree. he smiles at her. she turns to him.they comes closes and he touches her face. she smiles and closes her eyes. he holds her lips.he comes closes to her face. she closes her eyes. he smiles. they gets close and bihaan keeps his hand on thapki’s hip. they looks at each other and smiles. they have an eye lock. (na…na…naaa… music plays…..)

sankara looks all this from window. she gets more angry. she goes from there.
sankara comes to shraddha and told about thapki and bihaan.
shraddha: don’t worry sankara…i will take care of everthing.
sankara: what you will take care di??? their relationship becoming very strong day by day…you are totally waste.
shraddha: (gets angry) shut up…i plans to kill thapki today for you only. but you are not understanding me.

(vasu hears everything and gets shocked. sankara goes from there angrily.vase hides suddenly. she comes to shraddha with anger.shraddha gets shocked seeing vasu.
shraddha: mummyji….you???come mummyji…you need any help?
vasu gets angry.she slaps shraddha hardly.shraddha gets shocked.
shraddha: mummyji….
vasu: (shouts) shhhhuuttt up….don’t tell anything. so… you tried to kill thapki right. see you are still there in house because you are my son dhurv’s wife. otherwise you and youe sister sankara are like a servant here. If you do mistake again like this, then I will throw you out of this house.(vasu goes from there angrily).

sankara takes knife in her hand. she tells, i am so sorry di…I am going to kill you for my bihaan only. I need him.its my another plan. but i didn’t discuss this to you. she laughs like a mad. sankara comes to shraddha’s room. shraddha looks at sankara.
sankara closes the door and put a lock.shraddha gets shocked.
sankara: ( comes closes to her) I am sorry di…(suddenly she takes knife and covers the handle with some kerchief and she stabs shraddha with knife.she screams.sankara cries seeing shraddha. shraddha tries to talk with sankara. but she can’t able to speak with her. shraddha died. sankara cries and takes thapki’s mobile.she kept there and goes from there secretly. she tells…this is thapki’s kerchief. this cloth has thapki’s finger print. so she will go to jail. she laughs tooo much in her room like mad.

thapki takes rest on bed. she sleeps.she wakesup from bed and she opens her eyes.she gets scared and screams. she sees a big worm on bed cloth. she screams heavily. he talks to someone in mobile.he heard her voice and bihaan rushes to room.he gets tensed. Bihaan enters to room.
Bihaan: thapki…thapki…what happened? are you alright?
thapki: bi…bi…bihaan…(she stands from bed and runs to him.she hugs him tightly).
bihaan: (he holds her tightly) thapki…what??
thapki: bi…bi…bihaan look at there.(she shows the bed.he sees big worm)
big worm bihaan. I am getting scared of that.
bihaan smiles at her. he goes to bed and takes that worm in stick. he throws that worm out from balcony.

bihaan: thapki…its very just worm.but you are getting scared for this an all.
thapki: wh…wh..who said i got scared.i am very brave girl.i didnt get scared.
bihaan: then why did you scream?
thapki: I…I…I just tried to sins a i just did practise for that.
bihaan: (laughs) dont lie…its song ah?? I know you got scared. then why did you tell me you are getting scrared of worm?
thapki: (she becomes speechless and she don’t know how to answer for this question) n…n…no I did’nt say like this. i think you gets scared thats why you are reacting like this.

bihaan: oh….madam is very brave.(he goes from there.suddenly he said…thapki…worm is there on your head.)
thapki gets scared.she screams and comes to bihaan.
thapki: bi…bi…bihaan pls take that worm from my head..pls pls…
bihaan: you are very brave mam…so you will take that.
thapki: bi…bi…bihaan pls dont play. Ijust lied to you.
bihaan smiles at her. he looks at her.they looks at each other.
bihaan: I know you thapki…See How i take out that truth from your mouth.
she looks at him and gets shy.she turns from him.bihaan pulls her suddenly.she falls on his chest.they looks at each other. bihaan and thapki gets smiles at each other.they have an eye lock. (ranjhanaa plays….)

Everyone’s gets shocked seeing shraddha’s dead body. Police comes and doing investigation about sharddha murder. sankara shows the vedio that she recorded thapki telling to shraddha, ‘i will kill you’.

hello guys,…pls don’t get angry on me about precap pls…some twists are these are the story line. I hope you like this. I love you all guys…

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  1. Awesome dear i love it if sankar kill sharddha i thapki pyar ki then bihu was alive stupid cvs??

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear Fatima…thank you so much darl. yes you are right.stupid CVS. tc

  2. Juveria.ghalib

    Amazing dear what a romantic scene I really loved it a lot n nice exit for shraddha hope it happens with sankar too..n don’t worry I know at last everything will be fine

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my darl juvi… thanks a lot for you. take care my dear…

  3. M bhi aap ko bhut bhut bhut pyaar eta eta sara pyaar kerti hoon didi..
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    or di thax for coming…
    I really miss u
    miss u so much didi..

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    don’t panic ki sab n chor dia(sandy, navmi, vinni nd rinku di) to m bhi ja rhi hoon..
    plz di esa mat kerna..
    di be confident, apne aap p bhrosa reko viswaas rko.. Aap bhut achi author writer ho..
    or phir di aap k readers to humesa aap k saath h..

    so eagrly wating for next scary episode..
    di please try to post soon..
    love u di love u sosoo much..
    plz take care..
    teek s khaana khana.. jyeda s jyeda pani pina or Swesth rhna..
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  5. Awesome part vino Keep writing. I have full faith on you.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello my dear Rifa darl…thanks a lot dear.thank you for trusting darl

  6. Gagaab epi dr…romantic scenes were soo sweet….how are u dr…?…
    Advance wishes for ur 90 th epi and i wish u compleate 100 epi very soon…it will be grt acchinvement… dr pls dont stop writtting…lv dr…take care keep smilling….

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello dear friend navami… I am fine
      how are you dear.yes…few only is there to complete 100th episode. I hope I will complete. thanks a lot my dearie. take care darl.

  7. your ff become more interested .very nice .let see how bihaan save thapki from sankar evil ? trap.few epi left to complete 100??? ??

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear afshan…thank a lot. yes…there is some twists
      I hope you will like dear.

  8. Alm.Abi

    hi vino dear… amazing ff buddy… finally one vamp z out now sankar left… just through her out immediately…gud twist n precap… waiting for nxt…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear alm.abi… thanks buddy.yes….you are right. surely Sankara will get a punishment. take care my dear.

  9. pooja prabha

    Vino…you just nailed it.what a interesting episode..precap is included with so much of suspense.good going,nice Sunday to you…

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      hai my dear pooja…. thanks a lot my darl. happy Sunday for you.I love you sooo much .take care my friend..

  10. Shibil

    Hi vino ….sorry dr i was not able to comment ur previous episodes…’s epi awesome one …..loved it so much …..thahaan scence are lovely……..if sharadha is died in original tpk means our bihaan would b alive know ….thanks dr ur ff gives some happiness to us ….do continuing ….About precap i think Sankara is going to fall in her own trap …..

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello my dear shibil, i miss you so much. thank you dear. don’t feel sorry pls darl. thanks a lot for your support. take care darling.

  11. Simrank

    Hi vinolin dr superb epi keep wrtng….update soon

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear simran…thank you my dear. tc

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