Crazy love of thahaan (part-86)

This part is starting from the next day morning vasu does aarthi.thapki and bihaan looks at each other.they smiles.kushi smiles.dhruv stands with sakshi.shraddha looks at them.she gets angry.
shraddha: how dare she standing with my husband.I want to kill her.(she goes about to slap sakshi.
sankara holds her hand)
Sankara: di…don’t go now.we are in puja.we will see her later.
shraddha nodes at her.vasu gives prasad to dhruv. he takes prasad.sakshi and dhruv takes blessings from vasu.thapki and bihaan gets blessings from vasu. vasu hugs thapki and bihaan.they smiles.vasu feeds laddoo to kushi. kushi eats and smiles at vasu. vasu looks at shraddha angrily.
vasu: what are you looking at me. go and arrange everything for breakfast.(suman and preethi looks at her and laughs)
shraddha gets angry.she nodes at vasu.she goes from there.

thapki stands near to bihaan.she serves food to bihaan.bihaan smiles at thapki. suddenly thapki gets hiccups.everyone’s looks at her.
bihaan: thapki…you are getting eat food now.I will serve food myself.
thapki: i… I…its OK bihaan.I will eat later.
bihaan: oh…I know you won’t listen me.wait…I will make you eat food.
(he stands from chair.he makes her to sit in chair.he takes his food plate.he feeds food to her from his plate. she gets cough. he makes her to drink water.she looks at him emotionally.bihaan looks at her.they looks at each other and smiles.they have an eye lock. (ranjhanaa… plays……..)
vasu, dhruv, kushi and everyone’s looks at them.they smiles.shraddha and Sankara gets angry.vasu coughs.then bihaan and thapki comes out from their eye lock.
bihaan: maa…thapki gets hiccups.that’s why I feeds food to her.
vasu: beta…no problem..I didn’t say can continue… (everyone’s smiles).
thapki and bihaan looks at each other.they eats food.bihaan keeps his hand on thapki lap slowly.she looks at him.they looks at each other.they smiles.Sankara gets angry.she goes from there.

bihaan comes to room.he sees thapki was arranging bed cover.
he comes to her.he takes that bed cover from her hand.he holds her hands tightly.
thapki:(shocked) bi… bi…bihaan what are you doing…?? leave my hand.
bihaan: thapki…wait…I want to say something important to you…
thapki: wh..wh…what you want to say.??
bihaan: (goes slowly to thapki face) I need a boy baby….kushi need a brother.shall we arrange for this?
thapki eyes become widen and looks at him.she gets shy.she turns from him.she goes about to run from him.bihaan holds her saree pallu.he smiles.she stucks and smiles.he comes infront of her.
bihaan realizes she was getting shy.he goes near to her.he holds her face.she smiles.he goes near to her face very closely about to kisses her.they have an eye lock (na….na…. naa plays.. ).suddenly kushi comes to room. bihaan and thapki seperates.
kushi: papa… mamma… bye I am going to school…bye…bye…
bihaan and thapki comes to Kushi. they hugs her and send her to school.

sakshi arranges her cloths to almari.thapki comes near to that room.she looks at sakshi.she goes to her.
sakshi: hai thapki…
thapki: h…h…hai sakshi… this room is comfortable for you na??
sakshi: I love this room.thank you so much thapki…(she hugs thapki.they smiles at each other.they becomes very close friends.) shraddha and sakshi looks at them.they gets shocked.they gets angry.
shraddha: I wanna kill both of them.
Sankara: you are right di.. first we will finish that thapki.then we will kill sakshi.
they gets angry seeing them.

at the same day evening, shraddha and Sankara plans to kill thapki.they kept big wooden box in garden.shraddha tells her plan to Sankara.she nodes at her. thapki hears ram pyaari screaming and she comes to cow shed.shraddha checks no one is there here. thapki comes to ram pyaari. Sankara cones behind of thapki.she beats thapki head in wooden stick.thapki screams.she gets faint.shraddha and Sankara arrives and lifts thapki.they kept thapki into wooden box.they sealed that wooden box.vasu comes there.
vasu: shraddha…..shraddha…
they gets shocked.vasu looks at them.
shraddha: mummyji….what mummyji.
vasu: why are you getting tension? why are you standing here in this time?
shraddha: mummyji…I felt sweating so I came here to get natural air…
vasu:(angrily) go and do kitchen work.
shraddha and Sankara goes from there.vasu didn’t notice thapki.she goes from there.

bihaan comes to room.he searches thapki.but he didn’t find thapki.
bihaan:(gets tensed)where she is gone??thapki…thapki….
(to vasu)maa… did you saw thapki?
vasu: no beta…I didn’t see her.I think she is there in kitchen.
bihaan runs to kitchen.he didn’t see her.he gets worried.he searches all over the rooms.but he can’t able to find her.

servent comes to garden and says, these are the things for poor children’s .we should lift these wooden boxes to carefully keep this thinks to truck.other servants are nodes at him.they lifts wooden boxes.they kept in truck. finally they lifts wooden box where thapki is there, and kept in truck. bihaan calls to thapki mobile number.but it was switched off. he gets tensed.shraddha and Sankara hides and saw bihaan.they gets happy.

bihaan comes to garden.he gets teary eyes.he looks at wooden boxes.he gets shocked.he sees thapki saree pallu out of wooden box.the truck goes about to start. he runs there and stops them.
he ask them to down that box.they kept down in garden.he tries to open that wooden box.but he can’t.
servent helps him to open that box. bihaan open the box.he gets shocked.thapki faints in box.
he screams… thapki…he lifts thapki from wooden box.he lifts her in his arms.he rushes inside to home.
bihaan: thapki…thapki…look at me..what happend to you..
everyone’s looks at them they gets shocked seeing thapki. shraddha and Sankara gets shocked.
bihaan makes her to lying on sofa.
he tries to wake her up. but still she gets unconscious. he gets teary eyes.he presses her heart to gain consciousness.she still in unconscious. he holds her nose.he keeps his mouth on her lips.he blows the air. Sankara gets stomach burning.everyone’s gets tensed.thapki gets conscious. she opens her eyes.bihan cries happily.he hugs her tightly.thapki cries.they hugs at each other.
(ranjhanaa plays….)

vasu slaps shraddha.shraddha died.Sankara smiles

I am so sad about tpk and manish leaving the show.guys….pls read ff.
if you want me to continue ff I will continue.or I will end this…I am so sad of manish.

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  1. Hello di,
    how r u nd ur studies or how’s ur busy work ?
    miss u so much di..
    di please please please please please plzzzzzzzzz…. Don’t stop writing I like ur ff very very very… much
    already v all thahaanins r very sad for Manish, or if u stop writing so v all…
    di oro ka to pta nahi lakin m bimar jerur ho jaoongi..
    di I love u sososooo much..
    so, pleasezzzzz 4 my sake continue this ff..
    take ur own time but please continue..
    it’s special request..

    di episode was SUPERB
    eagrly wating for see Shraddha death body..
    so, please try to post soon..

    di thanku so much 4 this SUPERB episode..

    or didi thanku thanku thanku thanku so much 4 coming..
    honstly di I really miss u miss u so much..
    love u..
    take care..

    1. Vinolin.d

      Hello my dear cute sis kudrat… i am fine. how are you?? everything is going good. yeah…i miss you soooooooooooooo much. I am also sad about manish relieving the show. I dont know this happend by cvs or his wish.I am really sad. i am not interested to see tpk. ok my dear. surely I will continue my story darling. I love you sooo sooo sooo much dear. thanks a lot for your lots of love dear. really I dont have any words to say about your love.thank you sooo much darl. take care.

  2. Di please continue the ff please already we are in very sad mood that manish is going out of the show .so please don’t stop your ff

    1. Vinolin.d

      Hai my dear varsha…how are you? ok dear.surely I will continue ff. me too sad my dear. thanks a lot for your lovely comment. Take care my dear.

  3. Shibil

    hi vino ….Nice one dr …..don’t end ur ff dr ..we love ur ff lot….ur ff will give some happiness to our thahaan fans from the recent sad news manish leaving the show …..
    waiting for precap…..take care dr

    1. Vinolin.d

      Hello my dear shibil…thank you so much darl. surely I wont finish my ff now. yes. me too sad. I will update the next part soon dear. take care.

  4. Anubhuti

    superb everyone is sad
    but. he did right after all how can he play father of 24 yr girl and that of jiggu no way

    support mni always

    1. Vinolin.d

      Hai my dear anu…thank you so much. yeah he did right. but we will miss him sooo much. the tpk will not going good without him.anyway I am getting happy about your insta account videos only. take care dear.

  5. Juveria.ghalib

    Superb episode dear.emotianal n romantic too.he kissed her infront of all.but for giving her was great.i thinks it’s again a plan of shradda n sanka.(precap)

    1. Vinolin.d

      Hai my dear juvi….thanks a lot my dear. take care

  6. pooja prabha

    Dear vino…I wish you have to continue this because when I read this I can get a special feeling its like a relief to me…so if you can I mean you are not engaged in a work…pls continue…
    Manish is leaving…so through this ff I wish to see him in a imaginary way…
    Take care…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear friend pooja…how are you? ok my dear i will continue my ff. yes you are right. I am also very sad about manish leaving the show. actually this leap is unnecessary now. its waste. within two month they are going to show again 15 yrs leap. its no need now. the writers are not good in tpk. so we have to bear all things.thanks a lot for you dear. take care my darl.

  7. very nice. you are right manish leaving TPK make me very upset not only me infact all manish fans. but you dont end this ff plzzzzz and thanks for likes my photos of bihaan in instagram.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear afshan….thank you so much. ok dear surely i wont end my ff now. take care.

  8. Thahaan romance again please

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai fatima…thank you dear. yeah..surely it will come. take care my dear.

  9. Very nice and please continue your fan fiction

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello rifa darl….thank you my dear.surely i will continue my ff. take care my dearie.

  10. KUDRAT

    Di mje aap ka private messagebnahi mil paya
    Vese aap n lika kya tha..

    Kese ho aap di ?

    1. Vinolin.d

      Hai my dear cute sis…how are you? i am fine. I have sent you private mge. i didnt get your mge my dear.take care my darl.

  11. hello di hw r u .di superb yr .take care .every one is sad becoz Mani leaving the show

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear reshal…i am fine . how are you? thanks a lot darl. yes…me too very sad. i am not interested to watch tpk now. actually i didnt expect this. its shocking news for me. always they are giving leap only. i hate it. take care my dear sis.

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